Many summoners showed their Rings of Contract rather ostentatiously.
The rings of all colors competed with each other.
The patterns on the rings were certainly different.
Yun Feng glanced at them briefly.
The strongest people around her were only at the Commander Level.

Naturally, Yun Feng wouldn’t underestimate anyone.
Even a weak opponent could become stronger and burst out.
Yun Feng wouldn’t underestimate them.
She only observed what was around her.
She didn’t know who signed up for Region A and she didn’t know which area Yao Man was in.

While Yun Feng was thinking, she heard a familiar voice.
“Yun Feng, are you also in Region A?”

Yun Feng turned around.
“Yes, what a coincidence.” The person in front of her was Yao Man.
She was wearing clothes that made it easier for her to move, which accentuated her curvy body and made her face look noble.
Yao Man was also standing behind like Yun Feng.
These two people were the most indifferent in Region A.

Yao Man from the Thousand Snow Hall should have some relationship with the Hall Master.
Ling revealed a lot of information last time.
Yun Feng knew that Yao Man, who had always been noble and elegant, despised her in her mind.
If she weren’t at the Monarch Level, Miss Yao probably wouldn’t have talked to her.

Yun Feng didn’t care about this.
The two of them stood behind just like that.
Her black eyes were as calm as water, but there was a hint of mockery in them.
After waiting for a while, the people in front seemed to be a bit stirred.
Yun Feng knew that the arena battle was about to begin.

As expected, someone got on the ring and said something.
After a while, the battle in Region A had already begun.
There were already summoners who couldn’t wait to get on it at the beginning.
The audience also burst into cheers.

Yao Man turned her head slightly and saw Yun Feng’s calm expression that didn’t apply to anyone else.
“Yun Feng, aren’t you going to the ring?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“There’s no rush.
You’re not hasty either, are you?”

Yao Man turned around and looked at the people on the ring mockingly.
“They’re just clowns.”

Yun Feng didn’t answer.
What she said was a bit too much.
Even if they were weak, they had their own goals and dreams, but they were worthless in Yao Man’s mouth and she even called them clowns.
Yun Feng mumbled to herself that she wasn’t the same as her after all.

“Clowns? Are you talking about yourself?” The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth also curled up mockingly, but this ridicule was directed at Yao Man.
Yao Man was stunned and was immediately a bit angry.
“Hm! What’s wrong with what I said? These people will go down sooner or later.”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“Don’t underestimate anyone, or you’ll regret it.”

Yao Man was stunned and looked at Yun Feng thoughtfully.
Yun Feng, on the other hand, stared at the ring in front of her.
The battle on the ring had already begun.
The moment the Magic Beasts appeared, the audience was stirred! Hearing the commotion of the crowd, Yao Man sneered and also looked at the ring.
“I want to see who can make me regret!”

Winning forty rounds in a row seemed easy, but it was actually difficult.
The difficulty was that they had to win consecutively.
To win forty consecutive times, the opponents they encountered were naturally different.
No matter how lucky they were, they couldn’t guarantee that the strength of these forty people they encountered was lower than theirs, unless there was a huge difference in strength.

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Even though the difference in strength was huge, the amount of mental strength consumed to win forty battles in a row could be imagined.
Under the premise of consuming such a huge amount of mental strength, people who could win forty times in a row weren’t ordinary people.
Those who could persist forty times were already figures among the elites.

The battle in Region A was in full swing.
Many kinds of Magic Beasts appeared.
There were all kinds of Magic Beasts, including some precious ones.
When these precious ones appeared, they would definitely cause a commotion in the crowd and attract the envy of most summoners!

Yun Feng stood at the back quietly and watched people keep coming down and going up the ring.
There were only fifteen consecutive victories so far.
Forty… This number was indeed a bit difficult.
After observing for a long time, Yun Feng didn’t find the man in the hood yesterday, nor did she see the three brats of the East Continent.
They should be in different areas.
She only hoped that the man in the hood wasn’t in the same area as Qingqing.
Thinking of this, Yun Feng’s face couldn’t help but darken.

There were judges of the Summoning Union next to the rings in every region.
If you were eliminated, your name would be removed, which meant that you were eliminated.
Yun Feng had been standing at the back quietly, as if she didn’t want to go on stage.
Yao Man could still calm down at first, but she couldn’t anymore in the end.
Those who were eliminated couldn’t go on stage again, which meant that the number of people participating in the arena was constantly decreasing! If there were less than forty people on the stage, they would also be eliminated!

Yun Feng looked calm, but Yao Man was a bit impatient.
At this moment, a part of the number of people signing up for the competition had already decreased, and the winning streak on the ring was the highest record at the moment.
When another summoner was eliminated, the person on the ring was obviously arrogant.

“Who else is dissatisfied? Come on up!” His roar caused another commotion.
The Magic Beast next to the man also roared loudly, adding to his momentum.
Yun Feng glanced at the man.
The early stage of the Monarch Level.
This was the highest strength of the contestant on the stage right now.
He had already won twenty-five times in a row.
He was quite capable.
Yao Man was already impatient.
Hearing this obvious provocation, the fire in her heart immediately burst out.
She also had the desire to show her strength in her mind.
Her body immediately flashed and she had already jumped on the stage.

Seeing Yao Man’s movement, Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile sarcastically.
She continued to stand quietly and looked at the stage with her black eyes.
Yao Man floated onto the stage.
Her graceful body and beautiful face immediately attracted a lot of attention.
Even the man who spoke just then couldn’t help but feel startled and looked at her in a daze.

Yao Man was enraged.
How dare this man look at her with such an obscene gaze! “Arrogant person!” Yao Man shouted angrily.
The purple ring on her finger suddenly flashed with purple light.
The man on the ring couldn’t help but feel startled.
Purple… Lightning summoner!

The crowd was stirred again.
After so many matches, most summoners were of the fire, wind, earth and water elements.
There was no double-element summoner.
Yao Man was the first lightning element summoner.
This was the current situation in Region A.

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