The heartbeat in Qu Lanyi’s chest came crazily.
Yun Feng lay in his arms quietly.
Qu Lanyi’s heavy breathing sounded softly.
His long eyelashes trembled and he slowly opened his eyes.
The redness was fading bit by bit.

“Qu Lanyi?” Yun Feng wanted to look up at him, but Qu Lanyi pressed her back to his chest.
“What’s wrong?” The man’s hoarse voice came from his chest, sounding muffled.
Yun Feng shook her head and wanted to look up again, but he didn’t stop her this time.
Qu Lanyi’s warm and scorching black eyes were looking at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng’s face, which had finally cooled down, instantly heated up again.

Qu Lanyi chuckled and kissed Yun Feng gently, holding her in his arms again.
“My wife is shy.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but roll her eyes, but she didn’t refute him.
She only mumbled softly, “Pervert.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled again after hearing that and held Yun Feng even more tightly.
“Is my wife still cold? If she’s still cold, I’ll immediately warm her up.” Yun Feng was like a rabbit that had its hair pricked when she heard this.
She immediately retreated from Qu Lanyi’s arms.
Qu Lanyi didn’t stop her this time.
Yun Feng ran out with a red face and her ears were completely red.

After the door was closed, Qu Lanyi fell on the bed exhaustedly.
His breathing became heavier and heavier.
He grabbed his clothes with his slender hand and pulled them hard, revealing a large part of his chest.
His black eyes had already turned pure red, as if they had been stained with blood!

Listening to the continuous roars in the blood in his body, Qu Lanyi grabbed the white jade pendant on his chest tightly and slowly touched the patterns on the back of the white jade pendant.
“Are you… unable to hold back anymore?”

When Yun Feng returned to her room, her face was still a bit red and her heart was pounding.
Thinking of the temperature that was as high as a soldering iron on Qu Lanyi’s body just then, her little face couldn’t help but flush a bit again.
She then realized that Meatball was no longer on her shoulder, or it wouldn’t have let Qu Lanyi get close to her like that.

Yun Feng closed her eyes and soon found Meatball in her bracelet.
Its fluffy body was curled up and it was holding a few ultimate ores in its arms.
Next to it was the small mountain of ultimate ores that had been eaten last time.
Yun Feng opened her eyes and Meatball’s body appeared in front of her.
Meatball opened its eyes, looking a bit drowsy.

“What’s wrong with you recently?” Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit worried.
Meatball had been sleeping a lot recently.
Even when it sat on her shoulder, it looked drowsy.
Meatball wasn’t like this in the past.
This was the first time such a situation happened after it followed Yun Feng for so long.
Yun Feng was a bit worried that something might happen.

Meatball tried to open its eyes and glanced at Yun Feng.
It rubbed its head against Yun Feng’s hand and yawned, showing its sharp teeth.
It was obvious that it still wanted to sleep, but Yun Feng was here.
Meatball held on and looked quite listless.

Yun Feng observed carefully for a while and touched Meatball’s body with her hand.
Meatball cried out comfortably and threw away the ultimate ores in its arms.
It jumped into Yun Feng’s arms and showed its fluffy little claws, holding Yun Feng’s clothes tightly.
Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
Was this a hug?

“It’s great that you’re fine.
I was worried.” Yun Feng whispered gently.
Meatball rubbed its little head again and a glint of light flashed through its slightly opened black eyes.
Then, it raised its little head.
“Nana, nana.” Yun Feng thought for a while.
“You want to sleep?”

Meatball lowered its little ears and looked extremely disappointed.
Its fluffy tail swept Yun Feng’s cheeks and its little body flashed, entering Yun Feng’s bracelet.
Yun Feng looked at the few ultimate ores Meatball threw aside and shook her head with a helpless smile.
She would just let that little thing do whatever it wanted.

Xia Qing came back in the afternoon.
When she came back, she rushed to Yun Feng excitedly and told her everything she found out outside.
Yun Feng looked at Xia Qing’s slightly red cheeks and the tiny beads of sweat at the tip of her nose and couldn’t help but feel warm in her heart.

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“Master, summoners aren’t the only ones who came to the convention this time.
I heard that the Masters of the three halls are here too.
The Summoning Union even invited some guests!”

Yun Feng nodded without batting an eyelid after hearing that.
The three Hall Masters would definitely come.
It would be wrong if they didn’t come to such a gathering, especially when there were summoners everywhere.
However, the Summoning Union even specially invited some people.
Who were these people?

“I wonder who the Summoning Union invited…” Xia Qing frowned and thought for a moment.
Then, her eyes brightened! “Master, are you participating in the Magic Beast Auction?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“I think so.” Even though Ling said that there was no need for her to go, wouldn’t it be too boring if she didn’t go there? Besides, if there were any earth or lightning Magic Beasts, she could just take them.
Yun Feng had never met the two types of Magic Beasts she liked, or her spots wouldn’t still be empty.

“Yes! I just don’t know when it’ll be held.” Xia Qing nodded.
Then, she thought of something.
“Master… Will that man…” Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened slightly as she touched Xia Qing’s little head.
“Qingqing, you don’t have to worry about that.
That man can’t do anything to me.”

Xia Qing was still very worried.
She stared at Yun Feng with her big eyes.
“I don’t want anything to happen to you.
I don’t want to see anyone hurt you!”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Nothing will happen to me.”

Xia Qing’s eyes glittered fiercely a few times.
In the end, she only grunted softly.
Yun Feng curled her lips and smiled.
She glanced at the Flower Eagle that had been hiding in the room and didn’t move.
With this Flower Eagle by Xia Qing’s side, Yun Feng was finally relieved.

It was already late at night when Mu Canghai came back.
Yun Feng noticed a trace of unusual flow in the air in her sleep and her black eyes suddenly opened.
She knew that Mu Canghai must be back.
Yun Feng was silent for a while as she glanced at the quiet night sky outside.
In the end, she slowly closed her eyes again.

The second day came as expected.
The first day of the convention didn’t have any real content, but it was completely different today.
All the names registered on the first day were messed up and divided into four groups, challenging each other on the rings in the four corners.
When Yun Feng appeared in the Summoning Union’s main hall, she saw Ling again, looking elegant.

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