Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
“I’m fine.”

Qu Lanyi’s face darkened.
He sat next to Yun Feng and held her in his arms.
Yun Feng was about to struggle, when Qu Lanyi pressed her hand hard.
“The dark elements have been eliminated.
I won’t use light elements again.”

Yun Feng took a deep breath.
The moment Yun Feng fought with the man in the robe, the man grabbed Yun Feng’s mental strength in the air and sent dark elements into Yun Feng’s body.
If Qu Lanyi weren’t here, Yun Feng would probably have had to deal with this problem with a lot more trouble.

Qu Lanyi’s warm body enveloped her entire body.
Yun Feng only felt warm and comfortable.
She couldn’t help but relax in his arms.
The two of them hugged each other quietly.
Yun Feng’s slightly cold body also slowly warmed up.
Neither of them said anything.
Only their shallow breaths rose and fell.

“Did that disgusting guy change your mind?” Qu Lanyi put his warm hand on Yun Feng’s waist and rubbed it carefully.
Yun Feng was silent for a while before she said, “Yes, I’ve seen the patterns on his robe before.”

Qu Lanyi frowned slightly and tightened his grip on Yun Feng.
“Yes? Where?”

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened fiercely as she briefly explained the situation that night.
Even though there were only a few words, Qu Lanyi could already picture it.
He couldn’t help but hold the person in his arms even tighter.
Yun Feng slowly whispered, “If I’m right, that person must be related to the black-robed man back then! I must… take back the ancestor’s soul!” The girl’s teeth collided fiercely.
Qu Lanyi put his chin on Yun Feng’s shoulder and pulled her into his arms.

“Since that disgusting guy signed up, we’ll definitely meet him on the ring.
It’s a pity that I’m not qualified to sign up, or else…” There were spots of redness in the depths of Qu Lanyi’s black eyes that were about to appear again.
Yun Feng’s voice made the redness disappear instantly.

“I’m not worried that I won’t be able to meet him.
I’m worried that the purpose of that person coming to the convention this time isn’t simple.”

“You mean his purpose… It’s possible that…”

Yun Feng nodded solemnly.
“Although Ling didn’t say it clearly, he has already revealed that the convention this time isn’t simple.
I suspect that person came for the qualification.”

“Those who are qualified are definitely not ordinary people.
Why did the Summoning Union gather these people?” Qu Lanyi frowned and whispered.
Yun Feng curled her lips and smiled.
“I’m not interested in the purpose of the alliance, but it’s fine as long as it doesn’t get in my way.”

“Fengfeng, that guy has the dark element.
You must be careful!”

Yun Feng smiled.
There was no fear or even panic at all.
There was only complete excitement and suppressed anger! “That’s great.
I’ve never fought with a dark summoner before.
Isn’t this a great opportunity?”

Qu Lanyi shook his head helplessly and hugged the person in his arms fiercely.
Her reckless personality hadn’t changed at all.
She wouldn’t let go of anyone who crossed her bottom line.
He just didn’t know if he was one of her bottom lines.

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Thinking of Mu Canghai, who suddenly left, Yun Feng frowned again.
Qu Lanyi gently touched her with his finger and loosened her frown.
“I know you’re thinking about Mu Canghai.
You should have some confidence in him.”

“No, I’m not suspecting anything.
I’m afraid he’ll go after that person secretly.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“Do you think he’s still a kid? He knows his limits and won’t be reckless.
Do you think everyone is as reckless as you?”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but refute a bit angrily after hearing this.
“Reckless? How exactly am I reckless?”

Qu Lanyi chuckled.
Yun Feng’s chest trembled from behind.
The man held her even tighter.
Qu Lanyi buried his handsome face in Yun Feng’s tender neck.
His warm breath sprayed on Yun Feng’s skin, making Yun Feng, who was still talking about business just then, suddenly shy.

“Qu… Qu Lanyi…” Yun Feng stammered.
Her face slowly flushed.
The man behind her held her tightly.
His warm breath slid across her skin like the wind, making Yun Feng feel itchy.
“Let go.” Yun Feng struggled a few times.
Qu Lanyi raised the corners of his mouth and tightened his arms.

No? Yun Feng blushed again when she heard this shameless reply.
“I said let go!” As if she was enraged, Yun Feng tried to break free.
Qu Lanyi’s black eyes suddenly darkened.
He wrapped his arms firmly and lowered his head to Yun Feng’s ear.
“I said I’m not letting go.”

The temperature in the air suddenly rose by a few degrees.
Yun Feng heard Qu Lanyi’s slightly hoarse voice.
The man’s aura completely enveloped her from head to toe.
This was the smell that belonged to Qu Lanyi, a smell that was full of temptation and charm.

“Qu Lan, Qu Lanyi…” Yun Feng was a bit panicked.
The two of them had been so intimate before, but the atmosphere was completely different at this moment.
Yun Feng suddenly realized that time had passed.
She and he had already passed the age of innocence.
To be more precise, she was a woman now, and he was a man.

“Fengfeng…” An alluring and hoarse voice sounded in her ears.
Qu Lanyi’s soft lips rubbed against the skin on the back of Yun Feng’s neck gently.
Feeling the smoothness and softness of the person in her arms, Yun Feng blushed and didn’t know how to react.

His warm hand slowly turned Yun Feng’s red face around.
At this moment, Yun Feng’s black eyes were covered in mist, hiding a hint of shyness and helplessness.
Yun Feng, who had always been domineering, was in such a posture at this moment that Qu Lanyi couldn’t suppress himself anymore.

He pressed his hot lips down and grabbed the back of Yun Feng’s head with one hand, swallowing her entire breath.
Yun Feng’s head was completely in chaos at this moment.
Apart from the scorching heat on her mouth and the breath of the man holding her, she couldn’t think of anything else, as if she and he were the only ones left in the world.
His warm hand slowly climbed onto her cheek and covered her eyes.
Yun Feng grabbed Qu Lanyi’s clothes tightly and felt his increasing passion.
She only felt like she couldn’t breathe.

Finally, the man’s lips left hers.
Yun Feng breathed heavily, and her eyes were still covered by his hand.
Yun Feng reached out and pushed him away, but Qu Lanyi suddenly pulled her into his arms.
He pressed her hot face against his equally hot chest and listened to their racing hearts.

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