Xia Qing suddenly stopped.
Mu Shaohua and Qian Shaoyao walked over.
Jia Qingyu whispered something again and stood far away without moving.
Xia Qing turned around.
“What can I do for you?”

Qian Shaoyao was a bit hurt.
She had almost no friends of her age.
Xia Qing was the first person of her age she got along with so well.
She thought they were already friends, but Xia Qing already started to hate her because of Jia Qingyu.

“Xia Qing, what Jia Qingyu said only represents her stance.
Even though we came from the same place as her, we’re different from her,” said Mu Shaohua.
He smiled at Xia Qing.
“We’re very envious that you have such an outstanding teacher.”

Qian Shaoyao nodded.
What she said resolved the hostility in Xia Qing’s heart.
Jia Qingyu was completely annoying, but Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua didn’t seem to be that annoying.
Xia Qing slowly put on a smile.
Qian Shaoyao immediately held Xia Qing’s hand happily when she saw that, and Xia Qing didn’t shake her off.

“Then, are we still friends?” asked Qian Shaoyao happily.
Xia Qing nodded.
She was still willing to be friends with the two of them.
Mu Shaohua smiled happily when he saw that.
If they weren’t in an unfamiliar place, Mu Shaohua wouldn’t have bothered to talk to Jia Qingyu at all.

“Xia Qing, let me tell you! The most powerful summoner in our place is here too!” said Qian Shaoyao happily.
Mu Shaohua also nodded.
Xia Qing found their expressions funny.
“That’s very good! I want to see the most powerful summoner too!”

“Hehe, I wonder who’s stronger between her and your teacher.” What Qian Shaoyao said made Xia Qing snort.
“Of course, my teacher is stronger.”

Mu Shaohua burst into laughter.
“This summoner is very powerful.
Everyone knows her.
I heard that she’s quite strong too.”

Xia Qing didn’t think much of it.
In her mind, Yun Feng was the most powerful! Until now, no one had been able to defeat her teacher! Seeing that Xia Qing didn’t believe her, Qian Shaoyao said anxiously, “I’m serious.
That summoner is really strong!”

“Didn’t you see the suspicion on her face? She thinks her teacher is the best!” Jia Qingyu walked over again.
What she said made Xia Qing’s face turn cold again.
Seeing Xia Qing’s expression, Jia Qingyu said even more provocatively, “If your teacher is really so strong, we’ll let them compete and find out! When your teacher loses, don’t be too sad!”

Xia Qing looked at Jia Qingyu coldly.
It was easy for her to squeeze her to death with her current strength, but Yun Feng told Xia Qing that it would damage the dignity of the strong if she attacked the weak.
Even though Xia Qing didn’t say she was a powerhouse, she didn’t care to do this to Jia Qingyu.
However, if she met her on the ring, she certainly wouldn’t show mercy.

“My teacher won’t lose.” Xia Qing looked determined.
Jia Qingyu burst into laughter.
“Then let them compete! That summoner’s name is Yun Feng.
Ask your teacher not to find the wrong person!”

“Jia Qingyu, are you done?” Mu Shaohua roared angrily.
What Jia Qingyu wanted to say was very straightforward.
Qian Shaoyao looked at Xia Qing awkwardly, but saw a weird expression on Xia Qing’s face.
Xia Qing glanced at the three people in front of her with a complicated expression.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Jia Qingyu was very uncomfortable being stared at.

“Yun Feng?” Xia Qing repeated.
Both Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua nodded.
“That summoner is indeed called Yun Feng, but don’t mind her.
Your teacher…”

Xia Qing waved her hand and stopped Mu Shaohua.
Her expression was still very strange.
“You don’t know my master’s name?”

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Both Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua were stunned.
They certainly didn’t know her teacher’s name and had forgotten to ask.
Jia Qingyu grunted in disdain.
“Why should we know your teacher’s name?”

Xia Qing glanced at them again and chuckled.
“My teacher’s name is Yun Feng.”

“What?” Qian Shaoyao’s eyes widened.
Mu Shaohua was stunned too, and so was Jia Qingyu.
She opened her mouth but couldn’t say anything.
Yun Feng! Her teacher’s name was Yun Feng! Perhaps the person they met was… Yun Feng!

“Same name! They must have the same name!” Jia Qingyu shouted in embarrassment.
Xia Qing looked at her coldly.
“Think whatever you want.
Don’t let me hear anything that belittles my teacher again.” Xia Qing suddenly raised her arm, and a ball of green light flew out of the Ring of Contract on her finger.
When the light faded, a beautiful woman stood next to Xia Qing.

The three of them looked at the Flower Eagle next to Xia Qing in shock.
When Mu Shaohua saw the Flower Eagle’s eyes, his body trembled fiercely.
“Don’t look into its eyes!” Mu Shaohua roared.
Jia Qingyu finally looked away with a slightly pale face.

Xia Qing slowly raised the corners of her mouth and looked at Jia Qingyu with her black eyes.
“Jia Qingyu, I look forward to meeting you in the arena.”

That smile was contrary to Xia Qing’s pure nature.
She had the potential of a little devil, which made Jia Qingyu inexplicably scared.
Her contracted Magic Beast looked very powerful, and her… Jia Qingyu couldn’t help but hold the Ring of Contract on her finger and couldn’t say anything.

Xia Qing turned around and the Flower Eagle glanced at the three of them coldly.
Qian Shaoyao said timidly, “Xia Qing…”

“I have something to do.
I’ll go first.” After saying that, Xia Qing made a hand gesture at the Flower Eagle.
Xia Qing and the Flower Eagle had already left the spot and disappeared in front of them at an extremely fast speed, leaving the three dumbfounded people standing there.

“Master.” The Flower Eagle followed Xia Qing.
It knew the whole story and knew what Xia Qing was thinking.
It couldn’t help but feel a bit worried.

“I know what you want to say.
Even though I can’t help my teacher with anything right now…” Xia Qing clenched her fists fiercely as determination flashed in her eyes again.
“However, there’s always something I can do for her!”

The Flower Eagle’s alluring face was suddenly startled.
Then, warmth gradually appeared in its beautiful eyes.
“Yes, Master.”

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi returned to the reception building of the Summoning Union.
Qu Lanyi protected Yun Feng carefully along the way.
They didn’t enter the main hall of the reception building, but entered through the window on the fourth floor.
After entering the room, Qu Lanyi quickly put Yun Feng on the bed and held her slightly cold hand with a warm hand.
“Are you feeling better?”

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