There was a smile in Yun Feng’s eyes.
At this moment, a person slowly walked over from the registration line ahead of her.
This person was wearing very strange clothes.
His entire body was wrapped in a dark robe and the hood of his clothes covered half of his face, revealing only his lips and a sharp chin.
There were many people in Thousand Peak City who were wearing strange clothes, so this outfit didn’t attract much attention.

The person in the long robe slowly walked over.
Yun Feng was very uncomfortable when she saw this person.
She pulled Xia Qing over a bit imperceptibly and her mental strength had already spread out slowly from her body.
Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai immediately noticed that something was wrong with Yun Feng.
Their eyes also locked onto this strange person in an instant.

“What’s wrong with this guy?” Qu Lanyi watched the man in a robe approach with a cold face.
Mu Canghai’s muscles were tight all over his body.
He looked at the man in the robe who was getting closer and closer with a gloomy face and said slowly, “I feel very uncomfortable…”

“That’s right.
The closer he gets, the more uncomfortable I am.” Qu Lanyi frowned.
The light elements had already appeared in his palm.
Seeing that something was wrong with Yun Feng, Xia Qing couldn’t help but feel stunned.
“Master, what exactly…” Before Xia Qing could finish, Yun Feng’s black eyes suddenly darkened and the mental strength that had already spread out suddenly surged out, turning into a long whip that swung at the long-robed figure!


There was a muffled sound in the air.
The man in the robe raised his arm, revealing a large part of his pale skin.
His hand grabbed something invisible in the air firmly.
It was the whip formed by Yun Feng’s mental strength! Yun Feng’s face was cold, but the man in the robe didn’t let go at all.
His exposed lips slowly curled up and a wicked smile spread.

“Let go!” Qu Lanyi waved his hand and the light elements roared.
The person who was holding Yun Feng’s mental strength tightly suddenly let go of her.
He swept his robe and blocked Qu Lanyi’s light elements outside.
This sudden change alarmed many people and many people glanced over in an instant.

The corners of the long-robed figure’s mouth were still rippling with that evil smile.
His exposed arm retracted into the robe again and he slowly turned around.
Yun Feng felt a cold but scorching gaze coming from behind the hood, locking straight on her body.

“Stay away from her.” Qu Lanyi protected Yun Feng’s body in his arms, and his handsome face completely darkened.
Mu Canghai’s body froze on the side as he stared at the person in the robe.
If he wasn’t wrong, that was… the dark element! This guy was a dark summoner!

“You’re indeed my sworn enemy.” A feminine voice came from those moving lips.
Yun Feng only felt a layer of goosebumps all over her body and an indescribable sense of evil rose from the bottom of her heart.
Qu Lanyi’s black eyes shrank abruptly.
Drops of redness, like blood, seeped out of the depths of his black eyes.

“Oh?” Yun Feng only saw that the lips kept moving.
There seemed to be a trace of confusion in that feminine voice.
Then, an evil smile appeared again.
The person in the robe slowly turned around.
The robe on his body was lifted up in an arc and a strange pattern suddenly appeared.
Yun Feng’s pupils shrank fiercely! The sorrow and anger hidden in her heart suddenly erupted!

That silent and violent night, her ancestor’s soul was taken away from her body by the evil man who made people uncomfortable.
The pattern on his clothes were exactly the same!

The figure in the long robe slowly disappeared in the distance.
The summoners around also stirred.
The redness deep in Qu Lanyi’s black eyes suddenly disappeared and turned into pure black.
Sensing that the person in his arms pushed him away, monstrous anger surged in his clear black eyes at this moment!


Yun Feng clenched her fists so hard that the veins on the back of her hands bulged! She looked at the long line waiting to sign up in front of her with her black eyes.
Her heart was burning with anger that she wanted to vent! She gritted her teeth and tasted blood.
“I think I’ve changed my mind!”

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The appearance and departure of the man in the robe made the scene a bit chaotic.
Many summoners looked at Yun Feng.
The battle of mental strength just then happened in a blink.
Xia Qing looked at her teacher’s restrained and furious expression and couldn’t help but reach out to hold Yun Feng’s fist worriedly.
She then found that her teacher’s hand was trembling gently.

“Master…” Xia Qing called softly.
This was the first time she had seen Yun Feng like this.
It was the first time she saw Yun Feng almost lose control of her emotions.
Xia Qing couldn’t help but feel anxious.
Yun Feng slowly let go of her hand and smiled at Xia Qing.
She touched her soft hair with her hand and Xia Qing finally let go slowly.
She watched Qu Lanyi pull Yun Feng into his arms gently.
Brother Lanyi was the only person who could calm her down.

“What? That guy…” A soft murmur came.
Xia Qing glanced over like a sharp sword.
The person who spoke was Jia Qingyu, who was pale at this moment.
Sensing Xia Qing’s gaze, Jia Qingyu only felt her heart tighten and she didn’t dare to say another word.

The long queue finally moved forward.
Yun Feng was gently held by Qu Lanyi as she walked forward.
Mu Canghai followed her silently.
Xia Qing finally looked away and followed Yun Feng.
However, Jia Qingyu, Qu Lanyi and Mu Shaohua didn’t move for a long time.
The three of them stood there in a daze with pale faces.

The battle just then made the three summoners, who were much weaker than Yun Feng, feel a clear emotion.
This emotion kept emerging from the bottom of their hearts like little insects endlessly and finally occupied their entire chests! Fear! An extremely clear fear!

“Did you see what happened just then?” Mu Shaohua tried to calm his voice, but he failed.
Even though he tried to remain calm, it was useless.
His voice was still shaking.

“How could we? That’s… a battle between masters.” Qian Shaoyao said with a pale face and sounded like she was exhausted.

Jia Qingyu bit her lips hard.
Her entire body was shaking.
If she were to face that man in the long robe, she would probably be squeezed to death in an instant!

“You three, move forward quickly!” The person in the queue behind shouted in dissatisfaction.
The three of them finally remembered to move forward in a hurry.
Qian Shaoyao stared at Yun Feng’s back with her big eyes and couldn’t help but mutter, “I’m like an ant in front of that robed person, right?”

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