Yun Feng nodded.
Xia Qing certainly had to sign up.
It was undoubtedly a great opportunity to learn from other summoners.

“In the middle of the four arenas is the store area.
Miss Yun, you can go shopping there.
Some businessmen have spent a lot of money to squeeze in.
They must be carrying treasures with them.” Ling smiled lightly and Yun Feng nodded.
Those businessmen all wanted to come in.
After all, summoners were people who spent a lot.
They could afford expensive items.

“There’s another important part of the Convention, which is the Magic Beast Auction.
However, you don’t have to worry about the Magic Beasts you get this time, Miss Yun.
Even though the species is also very precious, it’s far from the sea demon Miss Yun won last time.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
The Magic Beast Auction… For her right now, the Magic Beast Auction was still very beneficial.
She wasn’t just a three-element summoner.
Her earth-element and lightning-element Magic Beasts were still empty at the moment!

“Got it.
You’re not telling Yao Man this news?” Yun Feng asked as Ling’s thin lips curled up.
“Miss Yao is very confident in her own ability.
I certainly didn’t have to do anything.”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth twitched.
Was Ling doing this on purpose? Ling smiled and saw the expression on Yun Feng’s face.
“Miss Yun, please be careful.
Goodbye.” He turned around calmly and neatly.
If it weren’t for those ambiguous words and gazes, it was really hard to imagine that Ling would be interested in Yun Feng.

“Humph!” Qu Lanyi grunted coldly and pulled Yun Feng gently with his big hand.
Yun Feng shook her head helplessly when she saw his unhappy look.
Meatball looked at Qu Lanyi’s movements with its big eyes and surprisingly didn’t do anything.
It sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder steadily.

“Master, can I sign up for the free arena?” Xia Qing looked at Yun Feng with anticipation on her face.
Yun Feng nodded.
“Of course you have to sign up.
I want to see how much you’ve grown.”

Xia Qing smiled happily.
Thinking that she was going to show Yun Feng what she had comprehended over the years on the ring, she couldn’t help but feel excited in her mind.
She wanted her teacher to feel proud! She wanted her teacher to know that she had been working hard!

Yun Feng certainly knew what Xia Qing was thinking in her mind and she felt gratified in her mind.
The few of them walked out of the Summoning Union’s reception building.
They only needed one look to truly feel that the atmosphere at this moment was very different from that a few days ago.

All kinds of summoners were walking on the street.
The rings on each of their hands were glittering with different colors.
Excitement and enthusiasm were blooming in each of their bodies.
Some Magic Beasts that had transformed into humans were even following the summoners.
Their strength was also varied.
Most of them were single-element summoners, but there were also double-element summoners who walked past.
Yun Feng had never seen anyone with more than two elements.

“They’re really… summoners…” Xia Qing looked at the sudden increase in number of people and her little face was even more excited.
So many summoners were gathered here and what she saw were professional figures that the world thought were mysterious and noble.
The blood in Xia Qing’s body was boiling.
She couldn’t wait to rush in immediately and enjoy this world formed by pure summoners.

Yun Feng looked at the sky.
It was still early, but she should finish the registration first before going somewhere else.
She walked down the stairs of the reception building with the excited Xia Qing.
The few of them had completely merged with the atmosphere.
The four-star badge on Yun Feng’s chest attracted a lot of attention.
Many summoners looked at her in surprise.
Yun Feng had gotten a four-star badge at such a young age.
It was impossible for them to not be surprised.

While being observed by others, Yun Feng also paid attention to these summoners.
They came from different regions and the difference in their age was quite huge.
The difference in their strength was also very huge.
Even though the Summoners’ Convention had already started and they could summon their contracted Magic Beasts at will, few summoners did so.
They were all cautious.
If they wanted to show off their Magic Beasts and power, they should go to the free arena.

Many summoners passed by along the way.
Some summoners wore the star badge of the Summoning Union on their chests, and some didn’t.
There were also a lot of summoners who weren’t registered in the Summoning Union.
Even though they could get a series of privileges from the Summoning Union, summoners were a special profession after all.
There were also a lot of people who didn’t like to be restrained and had weird personalities.

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Yun Feng met a lot of summoners along the way.
Half of them wore their star badges.
It seemed that as Ling said, only a part of the summoners were registered in the Summoning Union.
This continent was too vast.
Even the Summoning Union couldn’t rope all the summoners in.

“It’s you!” With a shout, Yun Feng and the others stopped.
They were the three summoners from the East Continent Yun Feng met a few days ago and the three warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team following behind.

Qu Lanyi immediately understood when he saw the badges on the chests of the three warriors.
He glanced at the three young people who came over with his black eyes.
They were summoners from the East Continent? How rare.

At first, Jia Qingyu didn’t want Mu Shaohua to stop Yun Feng, but after seeing Qu Lanyi, she immediately blushed and became embarrassed.
When she saw Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng holding hands, Jia Qingyu’s face immediately darkened.

Mu Shaohua, who was quite mature, walked over and smiled at Yun Feng.
The girl with plaits also walked over.
When she saw Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai, she couldn’t help but blush.
The auras of the two handsome men were too strong, which made the girl blush.

Mu Shaohua glanced at the four-star badge on Yun Feng’s chest and saw the two-star badge on Xia Qing’s chest next to Yun Feng.
He chuckled.
“We haven’t thanked you for helping us a few days ago.
What a coincidence to meet you again.”

Yun Feng glanced at Mu Shaohua without batting an eyelid.
How would she not know what he was thinking? Jia Qingyu walked over and glared at Yun Feng fiercely.
“Why are you thanking her? We didn’t ask for her help.”

Mu Shaohua’s face froze.
Qian Shaoyao smiled in embarrassment and quickly pulled Jia Qingyu aside.
“Stop talking.”

Qu Lanyi put his finger on Yun Feng’s and rubbed it slowly.
He slowly lowered his handsome face to Yun Feng’s ear, looking very intimate.
A trace of fire couldn’t help but appear in Jia Qingyu’s eyes.
Qu Lanyi glanced at her in disdain.
“If you want to thank me, say it quickly.”

Mu Shaohua was startled and a bit embarrassed.
He originally wanted to use this opportunity to get closer to Yun Feng.
After all, the few of them were truly uneasy here.
They were unfamiliar with the place and there were also many powerful people.
If anything happened, they would have a problem protecting themselves.

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