Jia Qingyu grunted again with a rather disdainful look.
Qian Shaoyao touched her long braid.
“Indeed, so we have to be more careful.
The difference in strength between the West Continent and the East Continent is truly astonishing.”

“Luckily, the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range is between us, or the East Continent wouldn’t exist.” Mu Shaohua looked rather gloomy.
“The woman who reminded us just then seems even stronger.
She doesn’t seem much older than us.”

The long-haired Qian Shaoyao agreed with him and there was a lot of yearning in her eyes.
“That’s the so-called genius among geniuses…”

Mu Shaohua and Qian Shaoyao looked at each other.
They had a high status in their respective countries, but they felt like they couldn’t lift their heads here, especially in front of Yun Feng.
They were nothing.
The three warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team listened quietly.
They were expressionless, but there was a hint of pride in their eyes.
They were talking about their Young Lady! Of course, their Young Lady was impressive! Who dared to compete with their Young Lady?

“What genius among geniuses?” Jia Qingyu was very upset when she thought of Yun Feng’s superior look.
She immediately said in disdain, “If the West Continent is so full of talents, she might not be the top one!”

The three warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team all frowned and looked at her with coldness in their eyes.
Jia Qingyu shivered for some reason.
Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua didn’t refute her this time.
Both of them pondered carefully.
“Which one of them do you think is stronger, Yun Feng from the Yun family on the East Continent or that person just then?” asked Qian Shaoyao suddenly.
Mu Shaohua was stunned for a moment.
Then, he shook his head.
“I’m afraid they’re on par.”

The three warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team were about to burst into laughter.
What was there to compare? They were obviously the same person!

“That Yun Feng should be coming too, right? After all, this convention is so rare.
Wouldn’t it be a shame if she misses it?” Speaking of Yun Feng, there was yearning in Qian Shaoyao’s eyes again.
Yun Feng, the summoner of the Yun family, was already a legendary existence on the East Continent.
She had already been famous on the East Continent since many years ago.
She would probably be even more monstrous now.

“Who knows? Yun Feng from the Yun family can be said to be unpredictable.
If she really comes, we might not be able to recognize her.” Mu Shaohua was quite regretful.
He had no idea that he had already met Yun Feng.

“Yun Feng, Yun Feng, Yun Feng! Why is everyone talking about her? Didn’t she just contract with a few powerful Magic Beasts? What’s so great about that?” Jia Qingyu suddenly exploded.
Qian Shaoyao looked at her in surprise.
After a while, she realized that the Cashya Empire and Yun Feng had a history and she looked a bit embarrassed.

Mu Shaohua said coldly, “Everyone knows that the shameless summoner of the Cashya Empire died in Yun Feng’s hands.
If he hadn’t stolen Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beast, if he hadn’t done something so unscrupulous and even used Yun Feng’s friends to threaten her, Yun Feng wouldn’t have turned the world upside down.”

Jia Qingyu blushed.
She was a member of the Cashya Royal Family! Hearing that, she couldn’t help but feel enraged! “If it weren’t for Yun Feng, Lord Carson wouldn’t have died.
If it weren’t for her…”

“If Carson didn’t provoke Yun Feng, why would Yun Feng attack the Cashya Empire? Why didn’t she do anything to Ovey or Shengyao?”

Jia Qingyu suddenly raised her head.
“Don’t just stand here and talk! Everyone knows that Muqing of Ovey and Xiaoxiao of Shengyao are quite close to Yun Feng! Stop pretending that you’re innocent!”

Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua both smiled helplessly in their minds.
They were close? She was truly wrong.
Yun Feng, Muqing and Xiaoxiao were only close enough to know each other’s names.
“Hm! I think some people are just jealous and helpless.
They can only feel better when they defame others.”

Qian Shaoyao quickly pulled Mu Shaohua and asked him to stop talking.
Jia Qingyu was so angry that her face turned pale.
Mu Shaohua snorted in disdain.
“Let me be blunt.
Don’t think that I’m with you during the convention.
If you cause trouble, deal with it yourself.” Mu Shaohua turned around and was about to go back to his room.
Jia Qingyu suddenly roared, “Just wait! I’ll surpass Yun Feng sooner or later! By then, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

What she said only made Mu Shaohua laugh in disdain.
He slowly turned around and sized up Jia Qingyu.
“Alright, then I’ll wait to see how you surpass Yun Feng and teach me a lesson.” He turned around and entered the room.
Qian Shaoyao couldn’t help but sigh.
Surpass Yun Feng? With her, Jia Qingyu? That was a good dream.
Qian Shaoyao looked at Jia Qingyu.
“I advise you not to say that again.” Qian Shaoyao also turned around and entered her room, leaving Jia Qingyu with a dark and pale face.

She was mocked by the two of them.
Although what she said just then was indeed a bit exaggerated, she had always had such a goal in her mind! If she surpassed Yun Feng, she would step on the Yun family’s head fiercely! She would take revenge for the Cashya Royal Family!

The three warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team stood there with a cold face.
If it weren’t that they were hired, they would have already taught this arrogant Jia Qingyu a lesson.
She wanted to surpass their Young Lady with her mediocre strength.
What a fool’s dream! Besides, she looked dissatisfied with their Young Lady.
This Jia Qingyu didn’t have any good intentions towards their Young Lady.
If their Young Lady didn’t remind her, she would probably be mocked by those people outside!

The three warriors secretly made a decision in their minds.
If she was rude to Yun Feng at all, they wouldn’t care if they were hired or not.
They would teach her a lesson first! In the minds of the warriors of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, Yun Feng was superior!

Two days passed quickly.
When the sun shone in the morning again, the atmosphere in the Thousand Peak City was suddenly completely different from before.
Yun Feng stood in front of the window and looked at the dazzling light of the morning sun with glitters in her black eyes.
The Summoners’ Convention finally began at this moment!

The morning sunlight shone on the Thousand Peak City.
The moment the sunlight appeared, the originally comfortable city suddenly became hot.
Yun Feng walked away from the window and smiled at the excited Xia Qing on the side.
“Let’s go.
The convention has finally begun.” Xia Qing nodded excitedly.
The Summoners’ Convention finally began at this moment.
The gala of summoners had truly begun!

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