The master and disciple talked for a while longer and the day passed just like that.
Yun Feng planned to take Xia Qing out for a walk the next day to see what kind of distributions were in the Thousand Peak City and to understand the procedures of the Summoners’ Convention.

When night came, Yun Feng quietly sealed her space.
She had to be careful in Thousand Peak City.
After doing everything, Xia Qing was already asleep.
Yun Feng finally remembered that this girl didn’t seem to have said anything about Little Fire after she came out.
She couldn’t help but sigh.
It was good that Little Fire wasn’t with her, so that these two wouldn’t be awkward.
However, it would be a different story after the convention began.

The morning came as expected.
When Yun Feng opened her black eyes, she instantly noticed that there were subtle movements in many rooms on the fourth floor.
Those were the fluctuations of the space blockade being lifted.
Yun Feng slowly sat up from the bed and raised her arm to remove the space blockade.
This floor was indeed full of extraordinary people.

Xia Qing then got up in a daze and smiled at Yun Feng innocently.
Yun Feng walked to the window and looked at the Thousand Peak City that had just woken up in the sunlight outside with her black eyes.
The Summoners’ Convention this time would definitely not be peaceful.

Both of them washed up and pushed the door open.
The person in the opposite room did the same.
Yun Feng looked at the person who lived opposite her and thought it was a coincidence.
The other party was also startled when she saw Yun Feng.
Then, she smiled elegantly.
“So, we live opposite each other.”

Xia Qing looked at the elegant and noble woman in front of her curiously.
Even though she spoke very kindly, she had actually drawn a line.
Yun Feng smiled gently.
“It’s indeed a coincidence.” The woman in front of her was Yao Man, whom she had met yesterday.

There were also sounds in the two rooms next to Yun Feng’s.
Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai walked out respectively.
Xia Qing called out happily when she saw Qu Lanyi, while Qu Lanyi petted Xia Qing.
“Kid, you’ve improved a lot.”

Xia Qing chuckled and glanced at Mu Canghai, who seemed a bit cold on the side.
His different-colored eyes, in particular, made Xia Qing’s heart tremble.
Mu Canghai nodded at Xia Qing and didn’t say anything.

Meatball suddenly stretched on Yun Feng’s shoulder and yawned.
Its sharp teeth were faintly discernible.
Yao Man looked at Meatball and then at the Ring of Contract on Yun Feng’s hand.
“I’m going out today too.
Why don’t we go together?”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up.
“No, I still have something to do.”

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Yao Man remained calm.
“In that case, I’ll go first.”

Yao Man turned around and walked downstairs elegantly.
Her servants didn’t come to the fourth floor.
Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but sneer after watching Yao Man disappear.
“Look at her.”

Yun Feng held Xia Qing’s little hand and walked forward.
“Apart from everything else, she’s a lightning-element summoner and has the strength of the Monarch Level.
She’s indeed a genius.”

Mu Canghai’s eyebrows moved.
Speaking of geniuses, who could compare to Yun Feng?

“The lightning element?” Qu Lanyi snorted in disdain.
He flashed to Yun Feng’s side and lowered his handsome face quickly.
Yun Feng only felt a gentle kiss on her cheek.
“Even the lightning element genius can’t compare to my wife.” There was a gentle light in his charming eyes.
Qu Lanyi smiled gently and Xia Qing lowered her head with a smile.
Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder suddenly shivered and opened its mouth to bite!

Yun Feng suddenly grabbed Meatball’s tail and blushed.
Meatball struggled in Yun Feng’s hand.
“Nana, nana!” Yun Feng touched Meatball and looked up at Qu Lanyi.
This man was getting bolder, but what he said made her very happy.

Mu Canghai didn’t seem to see this scene and went downstairs alone.
Qu Lanyi burst into laughter and smiled provocatively at Meatball, before he went downstairs too.
Meatball struggled in Yun Feng’s grip, but it didn’t succeed.
In the end, it glanced at Yun Feng with resentment, which made Xia Qing smile.
This fluffy little thing next to her teacher was truly interesting!

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth helplessly as a glittering ultimate ore appeared in her hand.
The moment Meatball saw the ultimate ore, all its resentment and anger were gone! Yun Feng put the ultimate ore in front of Meatball.
Meatball opened its mouth and swallowed the ore completely.
Joyful cracking sounds came from its mouth.
Meatball returned to Yun Feng’s shoulder with a look of enjoyment.

Xia Qing was dumbfounded.
This little thing ate ores! And that ore should be of the highest quality! This made her teacher lose too much money!

Yun Feng watched Meatball enjoy itself and pulled Xia Qing downstairs.
The best way to deal with Meatball was ultimate ores.

“Master! It eats ultimate ores! This is too difficult for you!” Xia Qing’s disapproving voice sounded.
Meatball shouted in dissatisfaction.
Yun Feng smiled at her student.
She was the person who didn’t lack ultimate ores in the world.

She led Xia Qing to the main hall.
Even though it was early in the morning, there were already a lot of people in the main hall.
Seeing so many summoners suddenly appear, Xia Qing looked around excitedly.
All kinds of rings and summoners of all kinds of elements amazed Xia Qing.

Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai waited in the hall.
Their outstanding appearances attracted a lot of attention, but the aura around them made people afraid to get close.
Yun Feng looked at the various summoners in the hall.
There were indeed a lot of them, and their strength levels were different.
Among so many summoners, Yun Feng hadn’t found any light-element and dark-element summoners.
It seemed that the uniqueness of these two elements was extremely high.

“Miss Yun.” Yun Feng turned around and saw Ling, who was wearing a neat uniform, walking over with a faint smile.
When he saw Xia Qing next to Yun Feng, Ling chuckled and his notebook appeared again.
He opened it and wrote something on a certain page.
“Two-star badge, here.” Ling smiled gently and handed a two-star badge to Xia Qing, who took it happily.

After the notebook was closed, it disappeared again.
“Are you going out, Miss Yun?” Ling asked gently.
Yun Feng nodded.
“I’m going out for a walk.”

His slender fingers pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose.
“Miss Yun, do you need a guide? I’ll recommend myself.”

Yun Feng was startled.
As the receptionist of the Summoning Union, shouldn’t he be very busy? Especially at such a time, how would he have time to wander around with her? “No need.
You should have a lot of things to do.”

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