“I’m a summoner! Look, my Ring of Contract!” The young man immediately showed his ring and looked at the city gate of the Thousand Peak City behind him with a yearning look.
The guards glanced at the ring on the young man’s hand and didn’t let him go.
“Please summon your contracted Magic Beast.”

The young man was stunned.
The guards looked at the young man coldly.
“Summon your contracted Magic Beast!”

The young man couldn’t help but look nervous.
He immediately looked at Yun Feng, who was about to enter the city.
“Wait! Why didn’t you ask her to do that? Why did you treat her differently?”

The guards didn’t change their expression and ignored what the young man said at all.
However, Yun Feng turned around when she heard his noisy voice.
The young man immediately shouted when he saw Yun Feng, “You didn’t ask her to do this.
Why do you want me to do this?”

Yun Feng raised her brows.
Why was she caught in trouble wherever she went? Ling smiled at Yun Feng and walked over.
“Sir, that lady registered with the Summoning Union.
What about you? What’s your name? Did you register?” Ling’s smile made the young man suddenly feel embarrassed.
Looking at the notebook that suddenly appeared in Ling’s hand, the young man stammered, “I… I didn’t register.”

Ling’s eyes glittered.
“In that case, it’s not too late to register now.
Please summon your Magic Beast.
I want to check it.”

The young man grunted.
A beam of light flashed and an earthy yellow lizard appeared on the ground.
Ling glanced at it and the guard on the side suddenly jumped out, slashing at the lizard with the long knife in his hand! Before the young man could react, the body of the lizard had already been cut off by the long knife and it fell on the ground.

“You…” The young man was so shocked by this sudden scene that he didn’t know what to do.
Ling’s face turned cold as he looked at the ring on the young man’s hand.
“It couldn’t even dodge a normal attack.
Are you really a summoner?”

The young man’s face suddenly turned pale.
Ling closed the notebook in his hand and a glint flashed through his glasses.
“Tamers aren’t qualified to come here.
You can leave.”

“I… I… Just let me in! I really want to take a look!” The young man couldn’t help but feel anxious when he saw that his identity was exposed.
The two guards immediately stopped him.
Ling turned around with a faint smile on his elegant face again as he walked to Yun Feng.
“Miss Yun, we can go now.”

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Yun Feng glanced at the young man who was stopped outside.
Ling noticed Yun Feng’s gaze and chuckled.
“Miss Yun, you don’t have to worry about it.
The Summoners’ Convention is so grand that many people want to come, but they don’t understand one thing.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She glanced at the side of Ling’s handsome face and coldness suddenly seeped out of the corners of his mouth, which had always been gentle and smiling.
“Not everyone is qualified to step into this world.”

Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai both looked gloomy.
The coldness that Ling emitted just then made their hearts palpitate.
Then, as if nothing happened, Ling turned around and smiled gently at Yun Feng.
“Miss Yun, Ling isn’t a summoner.
Do you despise me?”

Yun Feng was startled.
“Of course not.”

Ling chuckled.
“In that case, I’m relieved.”

Yun Feng only felt a bit awkward in her mind.
She soon came to the closed gate of the Thousand Peak City.
As the gate was slowly opened, an old aura mixed in the air and spread out.
Yun Feng seemed to be able to imagine the long history and influence of this event.
She could imagine what kind of anticipation this event that was held regularly carried.

Ling stood in front of the open door and lowered his body slightly.
He slowly raised his arm and a beam of sunlight shone down, making Yun Feng narrow her eyes slightly.

“Miss Yun, welcome to the Thousand Peak City and the Summoners’ Convention.”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up and her steps were very firm.
After walking through this giant door, what greeted her was a meeting that belonged to the summoners themselves, the world of the summoners!

Thousand Peak City, as the venue of the Summoners’ Convention this time, had already become a forbidden area that outsiders couldn’t enter.
Only summoners and summoners’ accompanying personnel could enter.
Then, there were the staff of the Summoning Union.
It was impossible for outsiders to sneak into Thousand Peak City.
The Summoning Union wasn’t easy to deal with.

All the natives in the Thousand Peak City also moved out of the city.
During the Summoners’ Convention, only one kind of people could be active in the city, summoners!

After entering the Thousand Peak City, Yun Feng felt a rather oppressive atmosphere.
People walked on the streets from time to time.
Everyone certainly had a Ring of Contract that symbolized their identity.
It was the first time Yun Feng saw so many summoners.
It seemed that all the summoners in the world were gathered here.
She thought there were very few professions, but there were so many of them like bamboo shoots after the rain.

“Miss Yun, don’t be surprised.
The number of summoners isn’t as small as you think.
They’re just rarer than other professions.
The vastness of this continent makes them look even fewer.”

That was indeed the case.
There might be a lot of summoners, but the population of the continent was too huge, which led to the rarity of such a profession.
However, there would be more of them after they gathered, especially for such a convention.

“Are all summoners registered in the Summoning Union?” Yun Feng asked as she watched.
There was a huge age gap between summoners.
She saw some young people, but she had never seen a summoner younger than her.

Ling smiled helplessly.
“Of course not.
The Summoning Union only registers a part of the West Continent.
Many summoners don’t want to be restrained like this.
They like to enjoy a free life.
There are many lone wolves among the summoners.”

Yun Feng clicked her tongue.
It turned out that only a small part of the summoners were registered.
The lineup of summoners was quite spectacular.
This Summoners’ Convention would certainly attract many loners.
“Miss Yun, I remember that the little girl who followed you last time is called Xia Qing.
She’s also a summoner, right?”

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Yun Feng chuckled.
Xia Qing was her student.
She certainly couldn’t miss such a grand event.
“Yes, she’ll come after everything is settled.”

Ling smiled and didn’t say anything else.
He continued walking forward with Yun Feng.
Under Ling’s lead, they walked a long distance and seemed to have reached the end of the other side of the Thousand Peak City.
Finally, Ling stopped.
In front of him was another area that was sealed off.
It seemed to be more heavily guarded than the gate.
This should be the resting area where the summoners gathered.
However, was it necessary to be so vigilant in the Thousand Peak City?

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