“Miss Yun, you’re finally here.”

Yun Feng smiled and looked at the man on Lan Yi’s back.
“I didn’t miss anything, did I?”

Ling chuckled.
“Miss Yun, you certainly didn’t miss anything.
The Summoners’ Convention won’t be held until a few days later.
You came back at the right time.”

Mu Canghai sized up Ling in front of him.
Even though he was very polite when he called Yun Feng Miss Yun, the friendliness in his words was real, as if he was very close to Yun Feng.

Ling glanced at Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai next to Yun Feng indifferently.
“Miss Yun, I must tell you a few things about why I asked you not to enter the city.”

Yun Feng nodded.
The Summoners’ Convention was a grand event, so it was natural that there were some rules.
Yun Feng asked Ling to continue.
Ling nodded with a smile.
“Miss Yun, the Summoners’ Convention hasn’t started yet.
I hope you can promise me a few things.”

Yun Feng raised her brows.
“Tell me.”

“First, Miss Yun, you must wear the Ring of Contract.
Thousand Peak City has already become a special area.
Only summoners and escorts can enter.
Don’t take off the Ring of Contract until the end of the Summoners’ Convention.”

Yun Feng nodded, and Ling continued, “Secondly, before the Summoners’ Convention begins, Miss Yun, try not to let your contracted Magic Beasts appear.” Ling looked at the giant griffin and the Fire Cloud Wolf in front of him.
“Miss Yun’s Magic Beasts are extraordinary.
If you’re too high-profile, you’ll inevitably get into trouble.
However, I believe that with Miss Yun’s ability, you won’t care even if there’s trouble.
After the convention begins, you certainly don’t have to worry about this problem.
Don’t worry and let the Magic Beasts appear.”

Yun Feng nodded.
The Summoners’ Convention was certainly different from the others.
Since the people who came were all summoners, they weren’t people to be trifled with.

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“Thirdly, Miss Yun, please don’t leave the Thousand Peak City during the convention.” Ling’s face became serious.
“The Summoning Union’s territory is only the Thousand Peak City.
If you leave this territory, the Summoning Union won’t care about anything that happens.”

Yun Feng understood that it was safe in this area, but outside of this area, nobody would be punished for anything like snatching Magic Beasts or malicious killing.

“Fourth, Miss Yun, please wear the badge of the Summoning Union.
It’ll save you some trouble.”

Yun Feng nodded.
She twisted her wrist gently and took out the four-star badge that had always been in the corner.
She casually put it on her chest.
Ling smiled when he saw that.
“Then please take back your contracted Magic Beasts, Miss Yun.
We should enter the city.”

Yun Feng and the others jumped off Lan Yi’s back.
A beam of green light enveloped the huge griffin and directly entered Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract.
Little Fire curled its lips unhappily.
“What a meddlesome rule!”

Ling chuckled.
“It’s just a few days.
Please bear with it.”

Little Fire grunted and directly turned into a beam of red light, entering the Ring of Contract.
Little Fire’s voice sounded in Yun Feng’s mind.
“Master, I really want to slap his face.”

He was certainly referring to Ling.
Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth and put on the green and red Rings of Contract.
She wasn’t a summoner who liked to wear the Rings of Contract, so she was often misunderstood in the past.
Yaoyao was very curious when she saw the rings on Yun Feng’s hand.
She reached her little hand out and was about to touch it.
When Ling saw Yaoyao, his eyes glittered.
“Miss Yun, there’s also this one.”

Meatball jumped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Of all the Magic Beasts, it was the only one who was fine.
With Meatball’s appearance as a Magic Pet, nobody would fight for it, especially a summoner who had high expectations for Magic Beasts.
Yun Feng touched Yaoyao’s head and whispered something to her as she nodded.
Then, Yun Feng directly sent Yaoyao into the Dragon Palace.

Seeing that all the Magic Beasts were put away, Ling nodded.
“Miss Yun, let’s go.”

Yun Feng nodded and followed Ling.
Qu Lanyi followed Yun Feng unhappily.
He had never liked this receptionist of the Summoning Union.
Ling slowed down slightly and walked to Yun Feng’s other side.
“Miss Yun, was that little girl the sea demon you won last time?”

Yun Feng nodded.
“That’s right.
It’s that sea demon.”

Ling glanced at the Rings of Contract on Yun Feng’s finger.
“Miss Yun, you still haven’t contracted it?”

“There are some reasons.
After all, she’s still young.
Forcefully contracting with her will hurt her.”

His thin glasses glittered.
“Miss Yun is indeed different.”

Yun Feng glanced at Ling, but he had already moved his gaze away.
He sped up a bit and walked in front of Yun Feng.
Yun Feng saw the green ring on Ling’s hand and had a thought in her mind.
She saw this ring the first time she saw him.
It looked very similar to her Ring of Contract, but Ling said that it was just something to attract attention.

Mu Canghai had been looking behind Ling silently with a thoughtful look.
The few of them soon approached the gate of the Thousand Peak City.
There were ten serious guards standing outside the tall city gate.
They were all at the peak of the Commander Level!

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With such a team here, it was obvious that the Summoning Union wasn’t easy to deal with.
When Ling walked to the front, a guard immediately came up to him.
It seemed that he wanted to check everyone’s identity carefully.
“Master Ling.” The guard shouted and Ling nodded.
“Miss Yun, routine inspections can’t be ignored.”

Yun Feng understood and showed her Rings of Contract.
The four-star badge on her chest was enough to explain everything.
When the guards saw the four-star badge on Yun Feng’s chest, they all looked respectful.
The four-star badge meant that this young girl in front of them was a Monarch Level summoner!

“These two are Miss Yun’s escorts.” After Ling said that, someone immediately came to register them.
Mu Canghai and Qu Lanyi’s names were both on the list.
It could be seen how strict this event was.
Only the escorts of summoners could enter.

“Miss Yun, please.” Ling smiled lightly and led Yun Feng inside.
At this moment, a panting voice came from behind.
Then, a figure rushed over in a sorry state.
It was a young man in his twenties.
The guards immediately rushed forward to stop him.

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