Chapter 85: The Discipline Head of Masang (1)

Murong Ran showed an arrogant look on her lowered face.
She was one of the top three descendants of the Murong family, except for her brother, Murong Yuntian, whom she couldn’t catch up with.

“You have great ability, but a poor temperament.
It isn’t good behavior to slander others for cheating.”

What the man said made Murong Ran’s expression change.
She wanted to justify herself, but she couldn’t say anything either.
Glancing at the floating magic stones in front of Yun Sheng, Murong Ran gritted her teeth so hard they rattled.

Who helped the Yun family?

The man didn’t say much.
He slowly walked away and asked the candidates to keep going.
The crowd watching outside started booing loudly.
Apparently, they despised Murong Ran for slandering the others for no reason.
Murong Ran had strong ability, but it didn’t mean that she could slander people for cheating!

Some escorts from the Murong family in the crowd also looked ashamed.
They had no idea what was going on with their Young Lady.
Under all kinds of inexplicable gazes, Murong Ran’s face kept flushing.
She had undoubtedly embarrassed herself.
She embarrassed herself on such an important occasion!

Yun Sheng, it’s all your fault! If it weren’t for someone helping the Yun family, Yun Sheng would have been kicked out already and I wouldn’t have said something like that accidentally, let alone been so embarrassed!

Murong Ran was quite shameless.
The Murong family was the one who rigged the exam and tried to set the Yun family up.
And now, she was blaming the Yun family instead.

Murong Ran glared at Yun Sheng with resentment.
It was alright.
Even if he passed the exam, then what? Wouldn’t there be a chance for her to teach him a lesson after they were admitted to Masang School of Magic? Even if that person could help the Yun family now, what could he do when they were at Masang School of Magic? He might be able to help them this time, but not forever.
Thinking of this, Murong Ran gradually felt better.
She started thinking about how she could make Yun Sheng more embarrassed in the future.

The man with grey hair checked the time.
“Alright, candidates, time’s up.
If you don’t meet the requirement, don’t get discouraged.
Masang School of Magic welcomes you to join us again next year!”

As the man yelled, the candidates stopped what they were doing.
Most kids had already fulfilled the requirements, but there were still a few of them standing there with a discouraged look.
Apparently, they didn’t pass the exam.

The three magic teachers went forward to jot down the level of the candidates, so they could come up with the ranking conveniently.
“We’ll announce the results of all the candidates tomorrow.
The exam has ended!”

The crowd of people who came to watch the exam applauded enthusiastically and then gradually left.
Yun Sheng only felt like his forehead was covered with a layer of cold sweat.
The Murong family rigged the exam this time.
If it weren’t for Yun Feng, he would probably have failed.

When Yun Sheng saw Yun Feng stand outside smiling sweetly at him, he also gave a beaming smile and immediately walked over there.

“Yun Sheng, wait!” A voice stopped Yun Sheng.
Yun Sheng looked back and saw the man with grey hair, who rebuked Murong Ran just then, coming towards him.

Yun Sheng bowed very politely, “Sir.”

The man nodded as he sized Yun Sheng up, looking very satisfied.
This made Yun Sheng’s heart pound.
“You performed pretty well in the exam this time.”

Yun Sheng smiled and didn’t say anything.
He slowly walked outside with this teacher.
The man kept talking, while Yun Sheng also replied to him respectfully.
Seeing the backs of these two people who left together, those three magic teachers found it a bit unbelievable.

“Did you see that? Our Discipline Head is palling up with a kid who still hasn’t been admitted yet!”

“Oh God… When have we ever seen him smile like that…”

“We must have mistaken him.
We must have mistaken him…”

The three teachers looked at one another, while Yun Sheng also had a lot of doubts in his mind.
He could see that the strength of this man next to him was unpredictable.
When he scolded Murong Ran, he was also surrounded by fierce momentum.
How would such a teacher want to be so close to him? Why…

When Yun Sheng walked to Yun Feng, he immediately understood why this teacher was so friendly to him.

“Is this little girl your sister?” The man gazed at Yun Feng as the scorching fire in his eyes burnt again.
While he was sizing Yun Feng up, the man slowly released his mental strength to detect Yun Feng’s strength.
The result made his heart shake once again.
The feeling he had when they fought just then was indeed right.
This little girl was indeed more powerful than he was!

Yun Feng also let him detect her strength generously.
This man helped her brother just now.
It was just that his unusually scorching gaze was a little unbearable, so Yun Feng moved behind Yun Sheng’s body slightly.

“Haha, little girl, how old are you this year?” The man looked at Yun Feng with a smile, looking very kind.
Yun Feng glanced at him indifferently and didn’t say anything.

“Feng is nine this year.
She doesn’t like to talk to strangers.
I hope you don’t mind.” Yun Sheng replied gently as he held Yun Feng’s hand with his big hand.
He thought her sister was a little uncomfortable.

Nine?! The man was shocked.
The heat in his eyes increased by another level.
She reached the final stage of level 6 at the age of 9 and was even a mage! Wonderful, wonderful!

The man rubbed his hands and bent his body slightly.
He stared at Yun Feng firmly with a smile, like she was a piece of tender fresh meat.
“Little girl, I’m the Discipline Head of Masang School of Magic.
You can call me Ted.”

After hearing that, Yun Sheng was a bit dumbfounded.
The Discipline Head of Masang School of Magic? The Discipline Head let his sister call his name directly? However, thinking of Yun Feng’s strength, Yun Sheng also understood why.

Ted.” Yun Feng said.
She couldn’t act too arrogantly.
After all, her brother was going to study in that school.
If he had the protection of the Discipline Head, Murong Ran wouldn’t be able to make any trouble.

Hearing Yun Feng call him Mr.
Ted, he became more delighted.
It was truly the right decision to come to Park City this time.
He really found an earth-shattering genius.
Even the principal’s aptitude couldn’t compare to that of this girl… Tut-tut, she was a treasure, truly a treasure!

“Alright, kid, since you’ve called me Mr.
Ted, you’ll have to sign up for the admission exam of Masang School of Magic.” Ted said with a smile.
Yun Feng and Yun Sheng were both a bit speechless.
She had to study at your school just because she called him Mr.
Ted? Wasn’t he too savage? Luckily, Yun Feng was going anyway, so it didn’t matter.

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