“Light blade!” A dazzling light appeared in Qu Lanyi’s hand and turned into a sharp blade, slashing at the black shadow.
The black shadow screamed and was sent flying by the light blade.
The Magic Beasts were completely crazy.
The black shadows that were flying crazily in this direction were already extremely anxious.
Those bastards dared to attack!

The chaotic attack of more than twenty Magic Beasts made the sky in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range extremely chaotic.
Loud noises, explosions and the roars of the Magic Beasts complemented each other, making the other Magic Beasts that had been suppressed just then restless.
More and more figures had already gathered in the sky above and below this fierce battle! Pairs of eyes stared at the battle in the sky, and their auras were filled with uncontrollable excitement!

Yun Feng didn’t notice the movement below at this moment, but she also knew that it would be even worse if this continued!

“Let’s finish this quickly.” Qu Lanyi flashed to Yun Feng’s side and looked down solemnly.
“If we delay any longer, we’ll be facing a group of Magic Beasts.” Yun Feng suddenly glanced around with her black eyes.
Several auras had already gathered below at some point.
There were an astonishing number of them!

She gritted her teeth.
She must finish off the twenty or so Magic Beasts in one move, or there would be endless trouble in the future!

Qu Lanyi knew what Yun Feng was thinking.
“Just fuse the elements.
I’ll be with you!”

Yun Feng nodded.
Without hesitation, the three elements appeared in front of her eyes.
When Yun Feng was about to press them together fiercely, she suddenly saw a figure with her black eyes.
It was Mu Canghai, who had been motionless!

“What is he doing?” Qu Lanyi was also shocked to see Mu Canghai.
Yun Feng was about to rush over, but Qu Lanyi suddenly pulled her back.
Yaoyao, who was being protected in his arms, froze and her body couldn’t help but tremble slightly.
Yun Feng looked at Mu Canghai with her black eyes.
His tall and skinny body was floating in the air.
He slowly closed his eyes and caressed that gray pupil with his finger.
Then, he suddenly opened his eyes!

It changed.
The space around suddenly changed!

Yun Feng’s heart trembled.
This was… Yao Guang’s unbelievable control of space!

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“Roar…” “Roar!” The twenty or so Magic Beasts all struggled in pain in the air, as if they were tightly bound by an invisible force and couldn’t move! Little Fire looked at the state of the Magic Beasts in front of it in shock.
Meatball was also stunned.
Little Fire suddenly turned around and saw Mu Canghai standing in the air with that gray eye emitting a powerful and strange light!

They were torn apart instantly!

A rain of blood and the remains of meat fell from the sky.
The twenty or so Magic Beasts were completely torn apart at a visible speed and miserable cries resounded in the sky!

The black shadows that were rushing over suddenly stopped where they were.
They looked at the scene in the sky not far away in shock and their bodies couldn’t help but tremble slightly! That was, that was… It was completely silent.
Only the screams of the Magic Beasts before they died sounded in their ears, and it was suddenly quiet down in the sky above the fierce battle! All the Magic Beasts looked at the sky in fear and looked at the large amount of minced meat on the ground!

The blood didn’t stimulate the Magic Beasts to be even more restless.
It made them all hide!

Mu Canghai’s body that was floating in the air swayed slightly.
Seeing that, Yun Feng immediately rushed out.
Lan Yi quickly flew and caught Mu Canghai’s falling body steadily.
Qu Lanyi also rushed over to check Mu Canghai’s condition, but Mu Canghai shook his head and smiled lightly with sweat on his pale handsome face.
“I’m fine.
Senior Yao Guang’s ability is indeed powerful.
I just overused it.”

Yun Feng remained silent.
He had instantly tore apart more than twenty Magic Beasts and used his spatial ability.
Such a consumption was truly huge.
If it weren’t Yao Guang himself, nobody would be able to withstand it easily.
Looking at the quiet environment around, Yun Feng knew that the Magic Beasts wouldn’t dare to show up again.

The griffin flapped its huge wings fiercely and the Fire Cloud Wolf followed closely behind.
Red and green light flashed quickly in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, but no Magic Beasts dared to appear easily anymore!

Mu Canghai’s face was even paler.
This was the first time he used the ability given by Yao Guang like this.
Even though it was powerful, he was also much weaker.
Because Mu Canghai was different from other people, Qu Lanyi’s light elements didn’t work on him.
They could only help him recover on his own.
This also made Yun Feng realize that if Mu Canghai was injured, the water element and the light element would be useless on him, because he was a resurrected person.

Mu Canghai smiled.
He only said that Yun Feng shouldn’t worry too much.
It was normal for him to not know his limits when he used his ability for the first time.
He would definitely be more careful in the future.

Yun Feng nodded.
Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, reassured Yun Feng.
Although elements couldn’t heal him, it didn’t mean that other methods wouldn’t work.
Potions were a feasible method.
Even though Mu Canghai was a resurrected person, he still had a physical body.
The potions would certainly work on him.
Yun Feng was relieved after hearing that.
She was a pharmacist herself, so this was certainly not a problem.

After crossing the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, the few of them rushed all the way to the area of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
Ling had told Yun Feng that he was going to the Thousand Peak City of the Ancestral Forest Hall.

The journey was quite smooth.
With Lan Yi’s speed, everyone had already entered the Ancestral Forest Hall in a few days.
The Thousand Peak City was located in the north of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
Yun Feng had never heard of this city.
After all, she had only been to a few places in the Ancestral Forest Hall.

The sound of wind blew past her ears.
After a few days of recovery, Mu Canghai was a bit relieved.
Yun Feng stood on Lan Yi’s back and looked at the vague outline of the town in the distance.
She knew that that was the Thousand Peak City.
The Sound Transmission Jade in the space of the bracelet flashed again at this moment.
Yun Feng took it out and heard Ling’s voice.
“Miss Yun, where are you now?”

Qu Lanyi was very upset to hear Ling’s voice.
Yun Feng said, “I’m about to reach the Thousand Peak City.”

“Miss Yun, please stay where you are.
Don’t go into the city.
I’ll be right there.” The Sound Transmission Jade flashed a few times and cut off the connection.
Yun Feng was a bit suspicious.
Don’t go into the city? Even though she had doubts in her mind, Yun Feng still stopped where she was.
The griffin’s huge body stopped in the air.
There was also a large Fire Cloud Wolf on the side.
Both of the Magic Beasts were so outstanding.
Luckily, she hadn’t passed by anyone for a while, or they would have been amazed.

After waiting for a while, Yun Feng saw a person rushing over from the sky in the distance.
That person was dressed neatly and had a pair of golden glasses hanging on the bridge of his nose.
His gentle eyes were hidden behind the thin glasses.
Ling rushed to Yun Feng’s side and glanced over with a gentle gaze.

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