Yun Feng easily felt the commotion below and couldn’t help but smile wryly.
If possible, she didn’t want to go through this place every time, but the East Continent and the West Continent were separated by the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
She must go through here.

Lan Yi immediately sped up and wanted to pass through the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range in the shortest time possible.
Mu Canghai, who was passing through the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range for the first time, was a bit shocked at the reaction below.
The Magic Beasts were so restless as if a delicious meal had come out of nowhere.
Those rather repressed roars hid a sense of enthusiasm for plundering!

“This is…” Mu Canghai looked at Yun Feng.
She made these Magic Beasts so crazy!

Meatball, who was sitting on Little Fire’s head, roared.
Yun Feng smiled wryly.
Qu Lanyi looked around vigilantly.
“I’m already used to it.” Yun Feng chuckled.
“You’ll get used to it.” She would definitely return to the East Continent again.
She would familiarize herself with the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range sooner or later.

Mu Canghai’s expression was a bit stiff.
Somewhere in the dense forest below suddenly shook and a few black shadows had already jumped up in an instant! “Roar…” The roars of wild beasts echoed in the air and a few black shadows pounced at Yun Feng crazily.
Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes and immediately flipped her hand as scorching fire elements appeared on it!

“Fire Arrow!”

Lan Yi’s body suddenly lowered and dodged the attacks of the few black shadows.
Yun Feng quickly waved her Fire Arrow and the few black shadows in the sky instantly dispersed to avoid Yun Feng’s fire-element attack.
Qu Lanyi on the side suddenly sneered and raised his arm.
“Light Hammer!”

“Bang!” A dazzling light suddenly appeared behind the few black shadows.
In a blink, a giant hammer with layers of glittering light smashed down! Two black shadows were smashed down from the sky by the heavy hammer and fell to the ground.
The other few dodged it narrowly and didn’t dare to get close easily anymore.

Little Fire flashed back to Yun Feng’s side.
Lan Yi stopped in the air and flapped its wings, making eagle-like sounds deep in its throat, while Little Fire gnashed its teeth and roared.
A few black shadows completely stood in front of Yun Feng and the others, confronting them.

“Roar…” A roar suddenly came from the depths of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range with layers of pressure.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were no strangers to it.
It was the voice that helped them twice.
The voice suppressed the restlessness of these Magic Beasts, but not this time!

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The few Magic Beasts that were blocking the way in the air all shivered when they heard the voice, but they didn’t leave and still stood there.
Yun Feng’s heart couldn’t help but sink when she saw this scene.
It seemed that that person couldn’t suppress the restlessness of these Magic Beasts anymore!

The few Magic Beasts in the air suddenly raised their heads and roared.
Yun Feng felt that the restlessness below was rising again, even more violent than before!

“Oh no!” As soon as Qu Lanyi said that, a loud noise came from the dense forest below.
Another dozen black shadows jumped out from below and surrounded Yun Feng and the others!

A certain someone in the depths noticed this phenomenon and his face couldn’t help but darken! These Magic Beasts didn’t listen to his order! He immediately turned into a black shadow and rushed towards Yun Feng from the depths at a high speed.
He couldn’t help but feel uneasy in his mind.
He could suppress them a bit at first, but that little madam crossed this place again and again.
The Magic Beasts were already provoked by her.
It was already dangerous last time, and this time, he really couldn’t suppress himself anymore!

The black shadow rushed towards Yun Feng at an extremely high speed.
He only felt that things were very tricky.
That lord had already returned to the Foggy Forest.
It would be fine if that lord was here, but if something really happened to this madam here… The black shadow couldn’t help but turn pale and he sped up even more.
If something happened to this madam here, he wouldn’t have to live anymore.

“Roar…” That roar with pressure came out of the black shadow’s mouth just then.
Bastards, behave yourselves!

Hearing the earth-shattering roar, the Magic Beasts surrounding Yun Feng were all quite fearful.
It was obvious that they were worried, but they weren’t willing to give up on Yun Feng easily.
They only surrounded her and didn’t do anything.
However, their eyes burst out with extremely scorching light when they looked at Yun Feng.

Mu Canghai looked at the Magic Beasts around him with a cold face and clenched his fists.
Yun Feng also quieted down when the Magic Beasts didn’t move.
The strength of the Magic Beasts in front of her wasn’t low, but their number was the greatest threat for Yun Feng!

“Why don’t I know that I’m a delicious meal in the eyes of the Magic Beasts?” Yun Feng felt the burning eyes of the Magic Beasts and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Qu Lanyi raised the corners of his mouth.
“It seems that the commotion last time has already reached the limit.
You’re not a delicious meal.
You’re just teasing them.”

“Nana!” Meatball arched its body and roared furiously.
Little Fire and Lan Yi both looked at the Magic Beasts in front of them fiercely.
Both of them let out suppressed beast roars.
Their emotions would be completely ignited if they were even slightly upset!

“Roar…” Finally, the Magic Beasts couldn’t hold back anymore and reached their limit.
One of them raised its head and roared as it rushed over quickly.
Little Fire also roared fiercely and went forward.
The sharp claws of the two Magic Beasts collided, emitting strong anger and blood thirst!

This sudden situation completely ignited the scene.
All the Magic Beasts that were still watching just then all moved and pounced on Yun Feng without caring about their lives.
Yun Feng held Yaoyao in her arms firmly and quickly flipped her hand.
She held the Monarch Level wand in her hand and pointed at the group of Magic Beasts in front of her with coldness in her black eyes.

“Earth Shield!” The huge Earth Shield immediately enveloped all the space around Lan Yi.
The group of Magic Beasts that pounced on her was blocked by the Earth Shield that suddenly appeared and they immediately bounced away.
Yun Feng put Yaoyao down and immediately jumped into the sky, looking down from above.
Her black eyes were cold as she spun the wand in her hand gently.

“Thunder!” Her red lips opened slightly and purple lightning elements suddenly appeared in the air.
“Zi, zi, zi.” This suppressed sound came out of the mouth of the silver snake.
Then, thunderbolts struck and rumbled!

The lightning snakes danced around and landed on the Magic Beasts crazily.
The roars of the Magic Beasts became louder and the scene became even more chaotic!

“Crack, crack!” Cracks suddenly appeared on the surface of the earth element.
Qu Lanyi narrowed his black eyes and pulled Yaoyao into his arms.
The next second, the Earth Shield shattered and a black shadow rushed in with a roar!

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