After the two elders left, the matter spread like wildfire again.
Yun Feng’s two contracted Magic Beasts showed up for the first time, which aroused everyone’s curiosity again.
Even the teachers of the pharmaceutical school couldn’t hide the curiosity in their minds.
Magic Beasts weren’t rare, but Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beasts were different!

As time went by, Little Fire’s patience was almost worn out.
Even Lan Yi, who had a good temper, was about to break down.
There were always students who came to watch over them here and they were smart enough to come in groups.
Even if the teachers of the pharmaceutical school warned them, these students were still fearless and wanted to find out the truth.
Lan Yi and Little Fire were like animals in a zoo, being visited by people.

“I can’t stand it anymore! How dare these humans insult me like this!” Little Fire finally stood up angrily one day.
Its sharp claws left deep marks on the ground and its wolf eyes were full of deep anger.
Lan Yi looked at Little Fire with a wry smile.
Should he say that those humans were truly stupid? They threw all kinds of food in.
What was even more outrageous was… they threw a bone in.

“What do they take me for? A kitten or a dog! They won’t learn a lesson if I don’t tear someone apart!” Little Fire roared furiously.
As Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beast, as a high-level mutated Magic Beast, Little Fire had never been looked down on like this! It was fine if you threw food in, but you threw a bone in! If I don’t show my power, they’ll really treat me like a sick cat!

Lan Yi’s handsome face twitched.
Looking at all kinds of food on the ground, he was also very angry in his mind.
They were really treated as domestic pets.
Food? If they were really hungry, he would directly start with these humans! Although he was angry, Lan Yi didn’t forget to remain calm in front of Little Fire.

“Brother Fire, don’t take it to heart.
Those humans have never seen a high-level Magic Beast, so it’s understandable that they did that.
Brother Fire, don’t do anything, or you’ll cause trouble for Master.” Lan Yi remained extremely calm, comforting Little Fire and himself at the same time.

Little Fire spat out a ball of fire angrily and directly burnt all the offending food on the ground, as well as the unusually disturbing bones! This fire didn’t only burn the food, but also some decorations in the director’s office.

“Fuck, if any human dares to throw anything in again, I don’t care!”

“Brother Fire, you have to calm down.”

“Calm down? I can’t calm down! I’m going to tear these idiots apart! How dare they insult me like this!”

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“Brother Fire, calm down.
As long as we hold on for a while longer…”

At this moment, the door was opened again.
A head poked in carefully.
When it saw Lan Yi and Little Fire, its eyes brightened.
Then, it seemed that someone was going to continue throwing food in.
Little Fire was about to slap it with its claw, when a strong wind blew and the door of the director’s office was directly blown away!

The few students outside were so scared that their faces turned pale.
They were all holding all kinds of food in their hands and looking at the handsome man with a cold face in fear.
Lan Yi’s cold voice came.
“If you dare to come near here again, don’t blame us for being rude, humans!”

This “humans” made the students outside the door realize something.
They scrambled and ran away quickly.
Little Fire glanced at Lan Yi with its wolf eyes.
Hm! What a pretentious guy!

After Lan Yi, who had a good temper, flew into a rage, the students of the pharmaceutical school finally calmed down.
Lan Yi and Little Fire also took a breather.
And in a blink, the time limit of eight months suddenly approached!

The passage of time was so quiet that people forgot such a silent but important thing.
The two Magic Beasts had been guarding the door of the secret room in the director’s office.
The door of the director’s office had already disappeared.
No student dared to come again.
The two Magic Beasts were alone for a while, while the three people in the secret room were still immersed in the process of creating the Fusion Fluid.
In just eight months, Yun Feng had already become more and more familiar with the configuration of traditional pharmaceuticals.
Seeing Yun Feng’s rapid improvement, the director was both shocked and proud.

In terms of the excellence of the students, who could compare to Yun Feng? The director thought delightedly.
Even if there would be talented people in the future, Yun Feng wouldn’t be inferior to them.
The director concluded that miracles would happen to Yun Feng and she had astonishing talent.

With Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi’s help, they had refined the Fusion Fluid a total of five times in eight months.
As time approached, the three of them became a bit heavy-hearted when the fifth refinement failed.
Qu Lanyi looked at the burnt liquid in the director’s hand and said solemnly, “There’s still half a month to go until the eight months’ limit.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She only had half a month left for Yao Guang’s agreement.
Thinking of what Yao Guang said five years ago, Yun Feng looked a bit gloomy.
The director didn’t know why Yun Feng had to make the Fusion Fluid in eight months, but he failed again.

Eight months was too short a time for any Grandmaster-level pharmacist to make the Fusion Fluid.
Even the pharmacists who were even better than the director couldn’t guarantee it.

The director looked at Yun Feng regretfully.

Yun Feng shook her head and chuckled at the director, handing him another set of herbs she had prepared.
The director was stunned.
Yun Feng said, “Please refine it again, director.
If you fail this time, I won’t force you.”

The director took it and nodded.
Yun Feng stepped aside and watched the director begin to fuse and refine.
Qu Lanyi also stopped grinding.
If the director failed again this time, the five years would be up.
By then…

“What will you do if you fail?” Qu Lanyi stood next to Yun Feng and asked in a low voice.

Yun Feng watched the director’s movements with her black eyes and slowly turned around.
“It doesn’t matter even if I fail.
What we agreed on back then was only Senior Yao Guang’s freedom.
Even if Senior Yao Guang is free, he still has to help me resurrect Mu Canghai.
There’s enough time for the director to make the Fusion Fluid.”

Qu Lanyi suddenly frowned.
“About Yao Guang, why do I feel that he has other thoughts about you?”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“Senior Yao Guang is quite angry with me.
Perhaps he’ll attack me when he gets his freedom.”

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