Chapter 84: Yun Feng on the Move (3)

Yun Feng’s mental strength turned into a huge invisible hand and went straight in the direction of Yun Sheng, enveloping the level-1 magic stone in front of him quickly.
Once it touched the magic stone, Yun Feng’s face completely darkened.

This so-called level-1 magic stone contained magic elements of level 5! The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up coldly.
What a Murong family! They indeed left no leeway when doing things! How would the level-2 Yun Sheng be able to lift a magic stone with magic elements of level 5 successfully? However, the Murong family’s plan was destined to be just wishful thinking.

A level-5 magic stone might be a high level for someone else, but it was nothing in Yun Feng’s eyes.
She lifted the magic stone easily with her level-6 mental strength.
When Yun Sheng, who was frowning tightly and looking worse, saw that the level-1 magic stone in front of him was lifted all of a sudden, he was so shocked that his jaw dropped!

He looked outside subconsciously and saw the gaze of his precious sister, as expected.
Yun Sheng was grateful and felt a little embarrassed in his mind at the same time.
Even though he didn’t know what went wrong, he knew that he would probably be kicked out if Yun Feng didn’t help him.

Suddenly, something seemed to come to his mind.
Yun Sheng instantly looked around vigilantly and found that nobody noticed anything strange.
He was relieved, and at the same time, his heart was full of shock and pride.
His precious sister was truly powerful.
She would definitely have a promising future on her path of development!

Yun Sheng thought no one knew about this, but it in fact wasn’t true.
The man with grey hair had been paying close attention to Yun Feng’s mental strength.
He didn’t stop her just then because he wanted to see what this little girl was going to do.
When he saw Yun Feng help Yun Sheng, he was slightly startled.

“That kid…” The man found Yun Sheng’s name among the dozens of registered names on the candidate list in his hands.
“Yun Sheng, he’s from the Yun family.
So, is that little girl from the Yun family as well? The Yun family never uses this kind of unjust means.
Why would this girl…”

The man pondered for a while and used his mental strength to detect the stone Yun Feng lifted skeptically.
Once his mental strength touched the stone, the man’s face completely darkened.
“How can the admission exam of Masang School of Magic be rigged by someone? Hm!” The man slowly glanced over the crowd outside of the magic barrier and already had some ideas in his mind.

“No wonder the little girl did that.
I can’t blame her…”

The level-1 magic stone in front of Yun Sheng was already lifted, so he certainly had to lift the level-2 magic stone.
Candidates of the admission exam this time didn’t simply have to pass the exam, they would also be ranked.
Everyone hoped that they could be ranked in the front.
Not as hard as lifting the level-1 magic stone, Yun Sheng lifted the level-2 magic stone successfully and easily.
Thinking of this, the Murong family didn’t really make meticulous preparation.
After all, the magic stone they switched was just a level-5 magic stone.
Even if the Murong family racked their brains, they wouldn’t have thought that Yun Feng would be a mage whose strength had already reached such a terrifying level.

Apart from the man with grey hair, there was another person in the venue who was also paying attention to Yun Sheng secretly, which was Murong Ran.
After she lifted the level-3 magic stone successfully, enthusiastic cheers burst out of the crowd.
She knew that the first place would undoubtedly belong to her.
When Murong Ran saw how frustrated Yun Sheng was just now, she burst into laughter at the bottom of her mind.
Yun Feng, I’ll make you crazy.
Your brother is a loser who’ll be expelled from Masang School of Magic.
Let’s see what you’re going to do!

After Murong Ran lifted the level-3 magic stone successfully, she glanced at Yun Sheng with arrogance in her eyes.
She originally wanted to see Yun Sheng’s embarrassed look, but when she saw the two magic stones floating in front of Yun Sheng, she immediately widened her black eyes!

It was lifted… This… This was impossible!

Murong Ran suffered a huge blow after seeing the sight before her eyes and she was at a loss.
The only thing she could think of was that she couldn’t let Yun Sheng pass the exam! She immediately pointed at Yun Sheng and shouted, “He’s cheating!”

The constantly cheering crowd instantly went into silence.
What Murong Ran shouted kept resounding in people’s ears.
All the candidates couldn’t help stopping what they were doing to look in Yun Sheng’s direction where Murong Ran was pointing.
Yun Sheng looked slightly nervous.
After that, he seemed to have understood something and calmed himself.

Cheating? Cheating during the admission exam of Masang School of Magic? When candidates were found cheating, they would lose their eligibility to apply forever, so nobody would think of cheating even if they couldn’t pass the exam.
If they failed, they could try again next year.
And yet, they would suffer a great loss if they lost the eligibility to sign up forever.

Seeing the furious look on Murong Ran’s face, a glint of light flashed through the eyes of the man with grey hair.
He slowly came over and stood in front of Murong Ran.
Murong Ran’s aggressive look completely vanished before the man.
A kind of frightening fierceness covered Murong Ran like a small mountain, making her a bit uncomfortable.

“You said he’s cheating, but do you have proof?”

What the man said made everyone hold their breath and wait.
She must have solid evidence when she said someone was cheating.
Yun Feng stood there and watched Murong Ran’s face turn red and pale as a sarcastic smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.
Murong Ran, you’re the one who shot yourself in the foot.

Murong Ran stood there and was so regretful that she wanted to bite her tongue.
She was too reckless just then.
And now, she sent herself into a situation where there was no turning back.
Murong Ran and the Murong family were the ones who knew most clearly whether Yun Sheng cheated or not.
It was easy to prove this.
That level-1 magic stone was the evidence!

If she showed them the evidence, they would know that someone had done something on the stone.
And if they continued the investigation, they would be led to the Murong family.
Rigging the admission exam of Masang School of Magic, even the Murong family didn’t know how much anger they would provoke.
And now, Murong Ran could only gnash her teeth tight and say softly to the man in front of her, “I… I don’t have proof…”

Yun Sheng stood there and looked at Murong Ran’s eyes, which were full of anger.
He finally realized that someone switched his level-1 magic stone.
No wonder he couldn’t lift it.
It turned out the Murong family was behind all this.

He could certainly tell the teachers that there was something wrong with his magic stone at this moment, but that would expose Yun Feng’s strength.
After pondering for a while, Yun Sheng thought he should just pretend that everything happened naturally.

The man with grey hair looked at Murong Ran as he pondered in his mind.
“Murong Ran, the ability of a level-3 mage.
That’s indeed pretty good.”

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