Yun Feng didn’t know if the explanation she gave was right, but she was thrilled in her mind.
She would know if it was right after trying it once!

Seeing the excitement in Yun Feng’s eyes, the director was very comforted in his mind.
He didn’t want the student he was so proud of to be mistaken for a fool in terms of common sense of potions.
He hoped that this student could become a genius in every aspect.
He asked Yun Feng to use such a traditional method on purpose, so that Yun Feng could learn the traditional way of making potions.
He was also determined in his mind that Yun Feng would definitely get something with her talent.

The director’s hope wouldn’t be dashed.
Yun Feng had indeed realized something.
Between tradition and her own method, she had already found something in common and also built a bridge between the two of them! There were similarities between the two of them.
Yun Feng’s understanding made these two methods that seemed completely different stand perfectly together!

The time of seclusion to make the medicine began.
It was a huge challenge for anyone to make the solution in eight months.
Qu Lanyi focused on his grinding work.
He had to admit that even though he wasn’t an ordinary person, he wasn’t very talented in making medicine.
Qu Lanyi was already tired from just grinding, but Yun Feng was faster than him.
Yun Feng could easily find the essence of the herbs with her understanding, which made Qu Lanyi exclaim at the difference.

Yun Feng’s method only applied to her.
After all, with Meatball’s help, she was much more sensitive to elements, but not Qu Lanyi.
Even though Yun Feng explained the principle to him, Qu Lanyi didn’t improve at all.
Meatball sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder and cried happily when it saw how anxious Qu Lanyi was.
Disdain and ridicule appeared on its cute little face.

Qu Lanyi secretly suppressed the anger in his heart.
He was truly not good at making medicines!

The first batch of herbs for the fusion solution was finally prepared a month later.
The director also began the fusion and refinement process, while Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi continued grinding.
A few hundred batches of herbs weren’t a small number.
The director had already taken a lot of them from the pharmaceutical warehouse and even piled them into a small mountain.
However, Yun Feng knew that they could only be used for no more than ten attempts.

The process of making the solution was indeed complicated.
Yun Feng realized this deeply.
She couldn’t touch a potion of the Master Level at all right now.
Even if she could, her success rate might not be higher than that of the director.
The success rate of making the Fusion Fluid was also notoriously low.

Naturally, the first batch failed just like that.
The three of them weren’t discouraged.
Instead, they seized the time to continue the refinement process.
With Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi’s help, the grinding process was shortened by a lot.
The director had to prepare the ingredients alone and couldn’t take care of everything.
Yun Feng looked at the busy director and finally decided that she could try.

“Meatball.” Yun Feng called softly.
Meatball immediately closed its big eyes and stood up on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Yun Feng also slowly closed her black eyes.
Her entire mind had already sunk into darkness.
Seeing Yun Feng doing that, Qu Lanyi didn’t interrupt.
She certainly had to try everything, right?

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After Yun Feng closed her eyes, light of elements suddenly flashed in the dark world.
Yun Feng couldn’t be more familiar with these elements.
Thinking about the configuration the director taught her, Yun Feng’s mental strength slowly penetrated into these elements.
Her red lips curled up and her mental strength had already moved!

It was as if she was putting up a puzzle or playing a game.
Yun Feng filtered out the different elements she saw and her mental strength carefully fixed each element together.
Gradually, the elements were divided into different categories by Yun Feng’s mental strength and the attraction and rejection of each element were extremely clear to Yun Feng.
With her perception of the elements, Yun Feng began to deal with them evenly for the first time!

She moved carefully and controlled the elements.
Finally, after a while, Yun Feng looked at her masterpiece in satisfaction.
Every element was next to each other in a wonderful balance.
A sense of harmony rose from the bottom of Yun Feng’s heart.
She knew that she had succeeded.

Yun Feng suddenly opened her black eyes and looked at the essence of the herbs that had been ground on the table.
Her eyes were full of confidence.
Meatball also opened its eyes and cried softly.
Yun Feng began to move.
The few hundred sets of herbs were scattered and simplified in Yun Feng’s hands, until they were all combined.

At this moment, the director heaved a helpless sigh.
He had failed again.
Looking at the charred solution, the director was very helpless in his mind.
The success rate of the solution was too low.
Was it really possible to make it in eight months? He was about to prepare another batch of herbs, when Yun Feng handed him one.

The director looked at the prepared herbs in Yun Feng’s hand curiously.
After taking them and observing them, he was extremely shocked in his mind! This was… a rather perfect configuration! Even though it was still a bit inferior to his own configuration, there was just a tiny difference!

The director glanced at Yun Feng.
This kid… had already prepared it without any calculations or weighing? The reason why he didn’t need to calculate and weighing was because of his experience, but this kid didn’t have any experience at all!

The director’s eyes glittered a few times and the smile in his mind became bigger and bigger.
This kid was indeed surprising! She was indeed an absolute genius in the field of pharmaceuticals!

The director went to refine the herbs Yun Feng made with a smile.
He was obviously in a much better mood.
Yun Feng turned around and saw Qu Lanyi’s teasing gaze.
Qu Lanyi walked over and said in a low voice, “Didn’t you see? That old man is so proud that his tail is about to rise to the sky.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but laugh.
In the end, she glared at Qu Lanyi, who shrugged and continued with his grinding.
Yun Feng looked at the director, who was focused on making the solution, with gratitude in her mind.
If it weren’t for the director, she wouldn’t have been able to find the Fusion Fluid.
If she could help, she would certainly do her best!

The three people in the secret room were already getting better, but they didn’t know that it was completely chaotic outside.

“Hey, you’re Yun Feng’s Magic Beast, right?” At the door of the director’s office, Yan Xiaoshi, Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui stood by the door.
The three of them were all squeezed near the door.
They couldn’t stand still, but they didn’t dare to walk in.
The reason was that the Fire Cloud Wolf inside looked extremely ferocious.

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