Yun Feng came back to herself.
“As expected of the director.”

The director chuckled.
“It’s just my research over the years.” The director walked to the desk where potions were made.
There were a lot of equipment on it.
Yun Feng walked over.
“What can I do to help? Just tell me.
I’ll do my best.”

The director nodded.
“Kid, you’ll definitely be able to help, but I must say in advance that your method won’t work.”

Yun Feng was stunned, and so was Qu Lanyi.
“Are you saying that Fengfeng’s unique way of making medicine isn’t good?”

The director nodded with a serious look.
“Your way of making medicine is different.
I don’t understand the principle behind it, but I can see that it is another way, and the speed and effect are astonishing.
However, it’s absolutely impossible for me to help you make a Master-Level potion like the Fusion Fluid.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit heavy after hearing this.
What else could she do if she couldn’t help with her pharmaceutical method? Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder also felt Yun Feng’s frustration and it rubbed its body against Yun Feng’s cheek.
The director couldn’t help but smile when he saw Yun Feng’s expression.
“Kid, even though you can’t help me in this form, but… you can use another form, not your alternative pharmaceutical method, but the traditional and standard pharmaceutical method.”

Yun Feng looked up and met the director’s gaze.
Was he talking about… the normal manufacturing process? But she didn’t know how to do that!

“Haha!” The director smiled affectionately when he saw Yun Feng.
“I know that even though you’re talented in pharmaceuticals, you’re just a beginner who doesn’t know anything.
Nobody will believe it if I tell them.
The person who can make a high-level three-star perfect-quality potion hasn’t even done the simplest grinding.” The director’s tone was full of frustration when he said this.
It was hard to say if this student was a genius or an idiot.

“Are you going to ask Fengfeng to make…” Qu Lanyi subconsciously glanced at the tools on the table.
The director nodded with a smile.
“The success rate of gathering fluids is very low.
Although the herbs required aren’t very rare, there are a lot of types.
The process of making potions is quite complicated, especially for high-level potions.
It takes a longer time to make them.” The director looked at Yun Feng kindly.
“Kid, do you know what steps take the most time?”

Yun Feng was stunned for a moment.
Then, she fell into deep thought and finally raised her black eyes.
“I think it should be grinding and configuration.”

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The director nodded approvingly.
You’re quite right to say that.
You don’t know anything about pharmaceuticals.
There are more than a few hundred sets of herbs needed for the solution.
It’s quite a waste of time to grind these herbs and distribute them precisely.
I’ve only made them ten times in three years.
Most of my time was spent on these two processes.”

Yun Feng finally understood now.
It turned out that normal potion makers spent most of their time on the first two steps, while the real fusion time was the shortest.
If she could greatly reduce the time consumed for the first two steps, the number of times she could make potions would increase and the success rate would also increase!

“I understand!” Yun Feng nodded.
The director chuckled.
“Kid, even though your method is pretty good, it won’t hurt to learn more.” What the director said was quite meaningful.
Yun Feng immediately understood the meaning and knew that the director was trying to help her.

“Don’t worry, director.
I understand.”

The director nodded.
“Very good.
Let’s begin now.”

Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng had never thought that helping the director would be a normal way.
Naturally, they weren’t worried about the consumption of mental strength.
Qu Lanyi naturally joined them.
The director didn’t mind.
He personally taught the two of them how the first step of grinding was.

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi skipped the most basic theory courses of the pharmacists and directly started working.
Most pharmacists could only work after they passed the theory test.
There was also danger in concocting potions.
If they were careless, the consequences would be fatal.

The so-called grinding was to crush the entire herb and find the most essential part of the herb and remove the dross.
It was a process of extracting the essence.

After hearing the director’s explanation and demonstration, Yun Feng automatically compared the grinding with her own way of making medicine.
Even though her way was different, it was similar to the normal way of making medicine.
According to Yun Feng’s interpretation, the grinding was to find the elements emitted by the herbs! Yun Feng’s explanation was quite accurate.
The so-called essence of the herbs was the part where the herbs gathered elemental force! Realizing that she could explain the traditional way with her own explanation and that there was no mistake, Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile.

Next was the second step, configuration.
The so-called configuration was to configure the ground essence according to the most precise calculations.
The configuration could be said to be the most important step before fusion.
If there was a mistake in the configuration, the fusion was destined to fail.
So, configuration was more important than fusion.
It was the most important part of the pharmaceutical process.

The pharmacists did all this with a rational and rigorous attitude through careful weighing and calculation.
However, the director was certainly familiar with the configuration.
Only such an expert could be so proficient and could take out the required amount precisely without counting.

The director explained patiently and demonstrated in person.
Qu Lanyi frowned.
This was the first time he and Fengfeng had come into contact with this.
They felt like they were being forced to do something they didn’t know.
What they were going to make right now wasn’t an ordinary potion, but a master-level potion! After explaining, the director knew that it was a bit too much.
These two kids were real beginners.
It was truly too much to ask a beginner to make a solution on their first try!

“I’ll finish the configuration work.
Just grind them,” said the director.
Qu Lanyi nodded, but Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She certainly had her own thoughts.
She was still immersed in the understanding of the configuration and automatically explained it with her own theory.

Configuration was to perfectly match the essence of all kinds of herbs, which meant that the various elements would be divided according to appropriate and accurate portions, so that each element would be suppressed by the other and reach a balanced state! Thinking of this, a glint of light suddenly flashed through Yun Feng’s black eyes.
Wasn’t there such a process in her unique pharmaceutical method? She had just completely combined the configuration and fusion into one step, and traditional pharmacists separated them!

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