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“Get out!” Seeing that Lan Ling still hadn’t moved, Lan Yi couldn’t help but shout.
Couldn’t she see that Brother Fire was already on the verge of an outburst? Lan Ling suddenly whimpered and turned around to run.
She staggered and almost fell again.
Lan Yi thought for a moment and shouted loudly, “In eight months, please tell all the students of the pharmaceutical school that they can’t step in here.”

Lan Ling’s body trembled abruptly.
Not everyone could come here.
Only she, as the director’s personal disciple, and the teachers could come here.
Normal students didn’t dare to disturb the director.
Lan Ling’s mind was in chaos after hearing what Lan Yi said.
What was going on? Where was the teacher? And who were that Magic Beast and that man? Had the teacher… already died?

This was the first time Lan Ling had encountered a real Magic Beast, and it had a bad temper like Little Fire.
Naturally, she was so frightened that her rationality had already flown out of her brain.
She could only let the terrifying imagination corrode her.
In the end, there was only one thought in Lan Ling’s mind.
She had to save her teacher.
She had to save her teacher no matter what!

Lan Yi felt that something was wrong as he watched Lan Ling run away in panic, but he didn’t chase after her.
He only hoped that nobody would disturb her again.
Little Fire glanced at Lan Yi in dissatisfaction, complaining about why it let that human leave just like that.
Lan Yi smiled wryly.
If Little Fire really did something, the Pharmaceutical Institute would probably be in chaos.

In an instant, the news that a Magic Beast and an unknown man appeared in the director’s office spread throughout the pharmaceutical school again.
All the teachers and students who didn’t know the truth were shocked! The director was missing! A Magic Beast and a mysterious man appeared in the office.
What did this mean?

All the students and teachers of the pharmaceutical school were panicked.
The area where the director’s office was located immediately became a forbidden area.
The teachers, who were completely panicked, immediately went to the Pharmacists’ Union for help, hoping that the director would be fine.
The students only calmed down after the teachers comforted them.
After the initial panic, there was a burst of strong excitement.
The students of the pharmaceutical school had never seen a real Magic Beast.
After being scared, their strong curiosity took over.

However, the director and Yun Feng, who had entered the secret room to refine medicines, didn’t know what kind of commotion Little Fire and Lan Yi’s appearance caused and what kind of situation they would face after they came out of seclusion.

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi pushed the door open and entered the pharmaceutical room of the director’s office.
Yun Feng wasn’t unfamiliar with most of the materials in front of her, but when she saw the various potions displayed on the huge shelves around her, she couldn’t help but exclaim.
As expected of the director of the Pharmaceutical Institute, his strength should be comparable to that of the elders of the Pharmacists’ Union.

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi both looked at the potions in surprise.
It was hard to imagine how many of them there were.
Yun Feng was no stranger to some of the potions.
The labels under the potions also appeared in her master’s notes.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but admire a few of them.

“Kid.” The director couldn’t help but feel like a spring breeze when he saw the admiration in Yun Feng’s eyes.
After all, it was already a kind of success to be able to make such an outstanding student admire him, especially someone like Yun Feng, who could only be described as a genius.

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