For Shang Rui, Yun Feng was a shining signpost on the road ahead.
She was chasing after her wholeheartedly with a lot of people.

“Of course.
She’s a genius!” Yan Xiaoshi chuckled.
“What level do you think she’s at now in the field of medicine?”

Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui both pondered seriously.
With Yun Feng’s talent, it was hard to say.
Yan Xiaoshi supported the back of his head with his arm and looked out of the window as he said softly, “I guess she should be a one-star master.”

Shang Rui and Xia Jingyi were more or less shocked after hearing that.
A one-star master.
Even though Yun Feng created an advanced three-star potion back then, it didn’t mean that she was at the advanced three-star level.
Such an unbelievable manufacturing method couldn’t measure her strength at all! However, it was very possible for her to become a one-star master.
With her talent, it was natural for her to reach the master level!

“One-star master.
I think so too.” Xia Jingyi nodded with a hint of yearning on his face.
He was still at the advanced two-star level at the moment.
Even though he had made some progress, the extent was limited.
Thinking of his improvement in the past three years, compared to Yun Feng, he was simply ashamed of his inferiority.

Shang Rui nodded.
One-star Master.
She didn’t know when she would be able to break through this level.
Thinking of Yun Feng’s age, Shang Rui smiled.
Why was the Fengyun Empire more powerful on the East Continent? The other three empires were afraid of the Fengyun Empire because of Yun Feng from the Yun family.

A person protected an empire and a territory.
What kind of influence was that?

Yun Feng was already such a person at a similar age, and she was just a descendant of the Shang family, a mid-level three-star potion maker from the Pharmaceutical Institute.

“Ah! Yun Feng! I really want to see you! You won’t die if you come back when you have time!” Yan Xiaoshi roared indignantly.
Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui both smiled.
They had the same thought in their minds.
Yun Feng, I really want to see you again.

The three of them discussed in the resting room of the Fengyun Empire.
The person they were talking about had already arrived in the sky above the pharmaceutical school at this moment.
There was a girl standing in the night sky with her black hair fluttering slowly behind her.
Looking at the familiar school building under her feet, Yun Feng smiled gently.
She should talk about the past when she had time.
Her body flashed in the sky and Yun Feng’s body immediately disappeared from the sky.

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In the director’s office of the pharmaceutical school, the director of the pharmaceutical school was sitting there with a frown.
In the dead of night, this old man still refused to sleep.
The wrinkles on his face had increased a lot in the past three years.
There was a piece of paper on the table.
There were a few words on it that were the main reason why the director was so upset.

“director.” A clear call sounded in the quiet room.
The director, who was sitting in deep thought and frowning, was shocked.
He suddenly raised his black eyes and saw a person slowly walking out of the empty place.
There was already a mature aura on her face and the aura around her body was completely different.
The director was startled.
“Yun Feng?”

“director, it’s been a long time.” Yun Feng chuckled.
Her strength had reached the peak of the Monarch Level, so her momentum was certainly different.
Yun Feng was a powerhouse at this moment.
She wasn’t inferior to the director of the Pharmaceutical Institute, who was a big shot in the pharmaceutical world.

The director of the Pharmaceutical Institute saw that Yun Feng’s expression was very strange and the expression on his face changed again and again.
He couldn’t help but glance at the piece of paper on the table.
The director suddenly sighed.
“You’re here for that bottle of Fusion Fluid, right?”

Yun Feng nodded.
This fusion liquid was what she agreed with the director on back then.
Three years had already passed.
Perhaps the director didn’t succeed?

“Ah! The matter of the Fusion Fluid is a bit complicated.
I successfully made the Fusion Fluid in three years and specially entrusted someone to escort it to the Yun family.” The director had been frowning.
Yun Feng was puzzled in her mind after hearing this.
If that was the case, why didn’t the Yun family receive any news? Perhaps… A glint of darkness flashed in Yun Feng’s eyes.

The director sighed again.
“There was a problem during the escort.
A group of people came from somewhere and took the Fusion Fluid.”

“They took it?” Yun Feng whispered to herself.
Meatball on her shoulder narrowed its eyes slightly with a thoughtful expression.

“That’s right.
The Fusion Fluid was taken away by this group of people.
When I heard the news, I immediately sent someone to the Mercenary Union to ask for it, hoping to get it back, but unfortunately.” The director shook his head.
“That group of people is too weird and mysterious.
I’ve been secretly asking the Mercenary Union to investigate, but there’s no result at all.
They’ve evaporated since then and never appeared again.”

Yun Feng frowned hard.
A group of people suddenly appeared and took the Fusion Fluid, then suddenly evaporated without leaving any clues? For some reason, a figure flashed through Yun Feng’s mind.
That snake-like body, the creepy man who created the Helian family back then!

The slightly green evil eyes and the black robe with dark patterns all over his body.
Thinking of this man, Yun Feng couldn’t help but think of the pain deep in her heart, the ancestor’s soul that was forcibly taken away from her body!

Yun Feng’s face suddenly darkened.
The director couldn’t help but feel shocked in his mind when he saw this.
He thought Yun Feng was angry about this matter.
“Kid, if I had been a bit more cautious about this matter, perhaps there wouldn’t have been any mistakes.”

Yun Feng’s expression finally eased up.
Meatball on her shoulder rubbed against Yun Feng’s cheek gently and Yun Feng smiled lightly.
“You don’t have to do this, director.
Things happened too suddenly.
Nobody expected it.
I was also at fault in this matter.
If I didn’t ask you to send the potion to the Yun family, I could’ve come and fetched it.”

The director couldn’t help but feel comforted in his mind.
This kid still wanted to take the blame.
Seriously… “Kid, if you’re not in a hurry, you can wait a while longer.”

Yun Feng frowned.
Should she wait? “Do you have the confidence to finish it in eight months?” There was only less than nine months left for her and Yao Guang’s five-year agreement.
Eight months was already the limit Yun Feng could wait.

“Eight months?” The director couldn’t help but smile wryly.
“Kid, do you know how long it took me to make it successfully? You asked me to finish it in eight months.
You think too highly of me.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
The director pondered for a while and fixed his eyes on Yun Feng.
“But there are other ways.
Even though eight months is too rushed, it’s not impossible.”

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