Chapter 83: Yun Feng on the Move (2)

The three of them all looked over with more or less a bit of anticipation.
After all, the Yun family, which once had a summoner, had a very rich background, so this kid should have pretty good talent…

Once they saw him, their hearts immediately turned cold.
None of the magic stones in front of Yun Sheng was lifted.
The man in the blue robe shook his head with a hint of pity in his eyes.
“This boy can’t.
If he passes the exam, he’ll be a student of the Water Faculty.
What a shame…”

If there was someone among the mages who could truly become a summoner, Yun Sheng would be the most possible one.
After all, the Yun family had a summoner before and Yun Sheng had certainly inherited the power of the Yun family, so he should be the one with the greatest hope.
And yet, Yun Sheng was only an ordinary child who couldn’t even lift a level-1 magic stone in the eyes of these teachers right now.

“What are you talking about?” A man wearing a green robe and had slightly grey hair came over.
His footsteps were steady and there were waves of faint mental strength exuding around his body, which were used to monitor the performance of each candidate.

The other teachers also greeted and talked to him.
The few chatting teachers didn’t notice that a beautiful girl was closing her eyes quietly among the constantly cheering crowd outside of the isolated area separated by the level-6 magic barrer and that a wave of mental strength was surging out of her body like a tide.

For Yun Feng who was at the final stage of level 6, it wasn’t difficult to penetrate the mid-level 6 magic barrier.
Her mental strength formed a huge invisible hand and reached swiftly towards the mid-level 6 magic barrier.
In just a blink, Yun Feng’s mental strength had passed through it without any hindrance, rushing towards Yun Sheng’s direction!

The expression of that level-6 mage who was talking softly immediately changed right after the intrusion of Yun Feng’s mental strength.
A clear vibration came from the magic barrier he set up.
The mental strength of a mage broke in!

The eyes of the man with grey hair abruptly glittered and his mental strength also burst out quickly from his body, forming an invisible leather whip which went in the direction of Yun Feng’s large mental strength hand.
He was trying to restrain Yun Feng’s mental strength with his own power!

However, who was Yun Feng? Besides, her strength had already surpassed this man’s.
The whip wouldn’t be able to tie the hand up.
The huge hand flipped abruptly in the air and flashed towards the whip fiercely!

What? The man was frightened.
His mental strength lost to his opponent! How was that possible? Apart from the teachers at Masang School of Magic, he had never heard of any other level-6 mages in the Karan Empire! Where did this person come from? And why did the person break through the barrier?

“Teachers, we have a problem.” Once the man spoke, the other three level-5 mages were startled in their minds.
They immediately prepared themselves for battle.
If something could go wrong even in front of a level-6 mage, it meant that the strength of the other party must be higher than level 6!

The mental strength of the level-6 mage finally got rid of the restraint of Yun Feng’s large hand and immediately scanned the area outside of the barrier.
Under the detection of his level-6 mental strength, Yun Feng was like an elegant crane standing among a flock of chickens, appearing in front of the level-6 mage.

The man’s pupils greatly shrank.
He only felt like he was being punched hard in his heart, making him a little dizzy.
That little girl, how was that possible…

Level 6, and even stronger than him, so the final stage of level 6? How old… was that kid? She should be under the age of registration.
Younger than 12? Having the strength of the final stage of level 6 before the age of 12, what kind of a genius was she?

The man’s eyes gradually became hot as he looked at Yun Feng, as if two real flames were forming inside.
The man was so excited that his body shook a bit.
He stared at Yun Feng with his eyes firmly.
All the talented students at Masang School of Magic in the last few centuries weren’t even worth mentioning in front of this kid! Murong Ran, who stood out this year, completely lost her glory as the top candidate.
Speaking of genius, this kid before his eyes was the real genius!

The man quickly retrieved his mental strength and slowly looked away from Yun Feng’s little face after glancing at her a few more times with his burning gaze.
The three level-5 mages were waiting seriously right now.
They were all ready to make a move anytime.

“Are we going to take that person down together?”

The fat man in the yellow robe said as his eyes watched the surrounding vigilantly.
The person who was able to break through the level-6 magic barrier and mess with the magic exam must be a mage that had at least level 6! Even though almost 90% of the mages in the Karan Empire gathered at Masang School of Magic, they couldn’t rule out the possibility that some individual mages liked to practice alone.
If there was truly a loner, what was his purpose?

The other two teachers also nodded after hearing that.
They could definitely take that person down with the power of the four of them.
However, the man with grey hair chuckled, which made the three teachers a bit confused.

“Everything’s fine, teachers.
I might have made some mistakes,” The man with grey hair glanced at the few teachers and said softly.
The teachers who were prepared to attack were all shocked.

Some mistakes? Everything was fine? What… was going on? Could a level-6 mage make mistakes as well? The magic barrier was intruded by someone.
Could this be mistaken?

The three teachers looked at one another.
The man with grey hair nodded as he walked away with a leisurely pace and continued to supervise the exam.
Those three teachers stood there and gazed at each other, mumbling in their minds, “What the hell?”

Yun Feng, who was standing outside of the magic barrier, was looking a little serious right now.
Although she won against the man who fought with her just then, it wasn’t easy.
When the two of them fought, the impact produced by the clash of their mental strength made Yun Feng’s entire mental space shake.
This was a situation that had never happened before.

“The strength of the mid-stage of level 6…” Yun Feng murmured.
She was at the final stage of level 6, so a mid-level 6 mage would have comparable performance when they fought.
If it weren’t that her mental strength was unusually strong, it would probably not be so easy for her to win.
The difference between the mid-stage and final stage within one level wasn’t very obvious.
If she wanted to widen the gap, she could only work on the so-called weapons.

Yun Feng noticed that the man had already retrieved his mental strength.
Even though she had no idea why he ignored her, there was no time for her to think about this right now.

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