Mei Bing was also dumbfounded.
It was as if all the Magic Beasts in the Foggy Forest had rushed over.
He had never seen such a lineup before! It was a black mass and there were all levels 1 to 9! What made Mei Bing even more surprised was that these Magic Beasts all stopped somewhere ahead, even those level-9 Magic Beasts!

Mei Bing looked ahead firmly with his black eyes and his body suddenly flashed forward.
He didn’t care about the three women behind him who were still frozen.
When he moved forward a distance, he finally saw what was going on clearly!

All the Magic Beasts formed a circle and spread out layer by layer.
There were no less than a hundred of them as far as the eye could see.
All the Magic Beasts were unusually obedient.
All of them were looking at the girl standing in the center of the circle.
Mei Bing looked at the girl’s slim body and beautiful face.
His black eyes widened.
That was… Yun Feng!

At this moment, Yun Feng was standing in the center of the circle with Yun Qingchen in her arms.
She looked at the Magic Beasts that were rushing here one after another with her black eyes.
The Magic Beasts that came were all very obedient, whether they were level-9 or level-1.
They all looked like they were letting Yun Feng deal with them.
This was the absolute suppression of the difference in strength! If Yun Feng were at the Commander Level, these Magic Beasts probably wouldn’t be like this.
However, she had already reached the peak of the Monarch Level right now.
How would these Magic Beasts dare to not listen?

Seeing so many Magic Beasts around his aunt, Little Qingchen was a bit uneasy at first, but the smile on Yun Feng’s face touched him.
Yun Qingchen also became bolder.
He looked at these Magic Beasts with his eyes rolling curiously.

When most of the Magic Beasts had arrived, Yun Feng smiled and squeezed Yun Qingchen’s little face.
She asked with a smile, “Qingchen, are you scared?”

Yun Qingchen shook his head.
“If you’re not afraid, Aunt, I’m not afraid either!”

Yun Feng was very happy after hearing that, but these Magic Beasts sighed in their minds.
How would this little madam be afraid of them? It was great that they weren’t afraid of her.

“Qingchen, close your eyes.” Yun Feng coaxed him gently.
Yun Qingchen obediently closed his eyes.
Yun Feng’s mental strength slowly penetrated Yun Qingchen’s body and guided him to the next step.
“Tell me what you saw.”

Yun Qingchen closed his eyes and pursed his lips, looking very serious.
Yun Feng waited patiently.
Yun Qingchen suddenly opened his eyes, which were full of excitement.
“Aunt! I see so many beautiful things!”

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Yun Feng chuckled.
Why did this kid open his eyes? But it didn’t matter.
It was enough that he could see.

As a summoner, the first ability was to be able to sense the elements on the Magic Beasts.
Yun Qingchen had undoubtedly done that.

“What are the most beautiful colors?” Yun Feng asked softly.
Yun Qingchen was only three years old right now and had never practiced systematically at all.
When Yun Qingchen was born, Yun Feng knew after probing that the mental strength in this child’s body was also very strong.
His cultivation speed would also be very fast.

Little Qingchen obediently closed his eyes again and didn’t open them this time.
He extended his little finger and pointed in a direction.
That was a level-4 Magic Beast.
The level-4 Magic Beast that was pointed at suddenly shivered and couldn’t help but take half a step back.
The other Magic Beasts all looked over curiously.
Was it the first one to be attacked?

Yun Feng nodded and touched Yun Qingchen’s head.
“Alright, open your eyes.”

Yun Qingchen immediately opened his eyes and wiggled his little body.
“Aunt, why can I see it? Can Mother and Father see it too? I like these beautiful things!”

Yun Feng chuckled and pinched her nephew’s cheek.
“Only you and I can see it.”

Yun Qingchen tilted his head with curiosity in his eyes.
“Why can only my aunt and I see it?”

Yun Feng smiled and looked at her nephew’s equally clear eyes with her clear black eyes.
“Because we’re summoners.”

Yun Qingchen blinked his big eyes a few times, as if he didn’t quite understand what a summoner was.
Yun Feng was immediately delighted to see Yun Qingchen’s confused expression.
Yun Qingchen, who was three years old, was already at level 4.
Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin would be both shocked when they knew this.
Even Yun Feng didn’t have a starting point as high as Little Qingchen.

Even though the starting point was very high, Yun Feng didn’t want Yun Qingchen to improve his strength too quickly.
His foundation must be stable.
Only then could she go further on the road of cultivation.
Yun Feng looked at Yun Qingchen deeply.
This child had been a genius since he was born, but his mind might develop into something else because of his unique talent.
This was also what Yun Feng was most worried about.

The Yun family already had such a status on the East Continent, so Yun Qingchen certainly received a lot of attention.
If he had lived in other people’s adulation and praise since he was young, coupled with such outstanding talent, he would inevitably become an arrogant person.
Yun Feng had seen quite a lot of such people.

However, Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin certainly knew that they wouldn’t raise their son like that.
The Yun family had always been low-profile and cautious.
Yun Qingchen was much more mature than other children.
Perhaps Yun Feng had already overcome her worries.

“Aunt?” Yun Qingchen couldn’t help but ask in confusion when he saw Yun Feng looking at him without saying anything.
Yun Feng smiled.
“Tell me, what kind of person are you going to be in the future?”

Little Qingchen pondered carefully for a while with a serious expression on his little face.
He looked cute no matter how she looked at him.
After waiting for a while, Yun Feng saw her nephew raise his little head and shout quite loudly, “I want to be an indomitable man! Protect my mother, protect my aunt, protect my father, protect my grandfather, protect the Yun family!”

Yun Feng smiled happily.
That’s right.
The children of the Yun family had such drive, such pride, and an absolutely protective attitude towards the bloodline of the family!

The Magic Beasts around couldn’t help but roll their eyes.
What exactly were they here for? To watch this human powerhouse talk to this kid? They were sitting here like a group of idiots.
They really had no idea what this human powerhouse was thinking!

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Yun Feng glanced at the Magic Beasts around and said casually, “You can go now.” She only called them here to test if Yun Qingchen had the potential to become a summoner and to confirm Yun Qingchen’s current strength.

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