This time, Mei Bing came back with a few followers behind him.
The Young Ladies of the three newly risen families of the Fengyun Empire insisted on following him shamelessly.
Mei Bing had no choice but to bring these three Young Ladies and the few guards around them to Chunfeng Town.
After all, they were a newly risen family and their power base wasn’t stable.
The three Young Ladies certainly didn’t have the noble temperament they were born with and they weren’t knowledgeable enough.
After coming to Chunfeng Town, the three of them kept talking about the legendary Yun family.

“Mei Bing, can you take us to see the Yun family?”

“Right, right! Where’s the summoner of the Yun family? I really want to meet her!”

Mei Bing’s temples throbbed.
This wasn’t the first time he heard this.
As one of the three largest families in Chunfeng Town, the Mei family certainly wanted to get close to the Yun family.
However, they didn’t know that the Mei family and the Yun family didn’t have a deep relationship.

“Ladies, the Yun family isn’t something you can meet whenever you want,” replied Mei Bing angrily.
The three ladies were a bit upset after hearing that.
They thought that their current status was quite noble.
No matter how much people looked up to the Yun family, they still didn’t control the Fengyun Empire.

“The Yun family is indeed noble, but we’re not bad either.” The three ladies said in disdain.
Mei Bing couldn’t be bothered with these people, but he didn’t expect something else to happen before he could go to the Yun family.
“The Foggy Forest! We can go in here, right?”

Mei Bing was suddenly in a trance.
Many years ago, the arrogant Murong Ran also wanted to go to the Foggy Forest no matter what and he met Yun Feng from the Yun family there.
Usually, Mei Bing would reject such a request, but this time, for some reason, he looked at the three ladies.
“That’s a place where Magic Beasts run wild.
If you’re not afraid of death, bring more guards.
Don’t think too highly of yourself after entering.”

The three ladies were enraged.
They felt that Mei Bing was looking down on them.
They all snorted and said coldly, “With you here, Mei Bing, do we still need guards? Do you think you can’t protect us?”

Mei Bing’s face twitched.
Forget it.
There was no need to argue with this group of idiotic ladies.
They would naturally go back after walking around the periphery and seeing low-level Magic Beasts.
With this mentality of purely dealing with it, Mei Bing didn’t care.
He immediately led these three arrogant ladies into the Foggy Forest.

Unlike many years ago, Mei Bing was a level-5 warrior back then, and he was already a level-9 warrior right now.
The Magic Beasts in the periphery weren’t dangerous to him at all, so he led these three noisy Young Ladies into the Foggy Forest at ease.
He originally planned to fool them with a few low-level Magic Beasts, but he didn’t expect that he wouldn’t even see a single low-level Magic Beast.

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Mei Bing frowned suspiciously.
There wasn’t even one low-level Magic Beast.
How was that possible? Logically, there should be herbivores that didn’t attack, but none of them could be seen right now.

“Mei Bing, where are the Magic Beasts?”

“Yeah, why aren’t there any?”

The three ladies looked around.
The Foggy Forest was quiet and there wasn’t even a trace of a Magic Beast.
Mei Bing’s heart suddenly pounded.
Why did this scene look a bit familiar?

Suddenly, a powerful aura came from afar.
Mei Bing immediately tightened his body.
That was the aura of a level-9 Magic Beast! Battle energy immediately burst out of his body.
Seeing how vigilant Mei Bing was, the three ladies couldn’t help but feel nervous.
“Mei Bing, is it a Magic Beast?”

Mei Bing automatically blocked all the sounds and stared at the direction where the aura came from.
A level-9 Magic Beast appeared in the periphery? What exactly was going on? Mei Bing’s level-9 pressure spread out and the aura came straight at him.
Mei Bing flipped his hand and held a longsword tightly in his hand.
It seemed that a fierce battle was inevitable!

“Swish…” A black shadow flashed quickly in front of Mei Bing’s eyes.
Mei Bing’s pupils shrank fiercely and he couldn’t react in time.
The body of the level-9 Magic Beast flashed in front of Mei Bing quickly and disappeared in front of him, not even looking at him!

Mei Bing’s body, which was bursting with fighting energy, froze there.
He only found it a bit unbelievable.
That level-9 Magic Beast passed by just like that? Before Mei Bing could react, more and more auras suddenly came one after another.
Mei Bing’s face suddenly froze.
This was… the aura of a group of Magic Beasts! Their levels were so different!

“Swish! Swish! Swish!” Many black shadows flashed in front of Mei Bing’s eyes.
Level 8, level 7, level 6! There was even a level-1 rabbit hopping over!

“A Magic Beast! It’s a Magic Beast!”

The three ladies became excited when they saw the scene in front of them and they screamed loudly.
Mei Bing stood there with his brows furrowed tightly as he looked at the place where the group of Magic Beasts disappeared.
His mind kept churning.
A large group of Magic Beasts treated him and the three women like they were nothing.
This couldn’t be explained with common sense at all! Magic Beasts were brutal to begin with.
How could they pretend that they didn’t see humans when they met them? Especially such a large group!

Mei Bing stood there and pondered the movements of these Magic Beasts repeatedly.
Their levels were so different, but their destination was the same, as if… someone was calling them!

“They’re running! They’re running! Let’s follow them!” Seeing that some low-level Magic Beasts had run away, the three women certainly couldn’t let them go just like that.
They moved their bodies and the three of them chased after them.
Even though these noble ladies weren’t strong, they had some ability after all.
When Mei Bing saw the three of them chase after them like idiots, he also pondered in his mind.
Even though such behavior was inappropriate, such a strange scene made his heart itch and he wanted to find out the truth!

Mei Bing couldn’t speed up at all as he followed the three ladies.
Even though he was extremely anxious in his mind, there was nothing he could do.
If something happened to the three of them here, there would be endless trouble.
Mei Bing endured the anxiety in his mind and slowed down as he followed the route of the low-level Magic Beasts.
The three of them moved forward slowly.
Luckily, the Magic Beasts didn’t go into the Foggy Forest.
Mei Bing couldn’t help but feel relieved.
If they went inside, he wouldn’t follow them no matter how curious he was.

When they followed the traces of the low-level Magic Beasts and arrived, the few of them were shocked by the scene in front of their eyes.
The place where the three of them were standing was full of Magic Beasts! It was a huge mass and they were all here!

The three Young Ladies opened their mouths wide.
They had never seen such a large group of Magic Beasts before! Many of them looked extremely ferocious.
This was also the reason why the three Young Ladies didn’t dare to shout.
They just stood there silently and watched with their mouths agape.

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