However, Yun Feng wasn’t satisfied with just this.
Three-element mages were indeed good, but there was an even more tempting profession waiting for Yun Qingchen.

“Aunt, do you have one?” Little Qingchen looked at Yun Feng eagerly with his glittering eyes.
Yun Feng chuckled and casually showed him the earth element.
Little Qingchen was extremely happy to see that.
Qu Lanyi was also slightly surprised to see Yun Qingchen’s talent.
He didn’t expect this kid to have such talent.

Little Fire and Lan Yi, on the other hand, seemed to be prepared.
Their master was already so extraordinary.
There was nothing surprising about Yun Qingchen, who had been transformed by the Body-Tempering Source Fluid.

“Brother, Xiaojin, I’ll take Qingchen away for a while.” Yun Feng picked Yun Qingchen up with a smile.
Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin couldn’t help but feel extremely excited in their minds after hearing that.
“Feng, you mean…” Yun Sheng looked at Yun Feng excitedly.
Yun Feng chuckled as Little Qingchen stuck her head out in her arms.
“Auntie, where are we going?”

Yun Feng reached out and squeezed Little Qingchen’s cheeks.
“Let’s go somewhere fun.”

“Sure!” Yun Qingchen was even more excited at the mention of fun.
Yun Feng took Yun Qingchen out and instantly soared into the sky, disappearing.
Qu Lanyi looked at the sky thoughtfully, thinking about something.
Mu Xiaojin was quite excited.
“Is it really possible for Qingchen?”

Yun Sheng held Mu Xiaojin in his arms gently.
He wasn’t very sure, but he was looking forward to it.
“I hope so.”

Little Fire and Lan Yi looked at each other.
Both of them had a conclusion in their minds.
Meatball, who was sitting on Little Fire’s head, made a few sounds.
After hearing that, Little Fire smiled evilly.
“No matter how talented that kid is, she can’t compare to Master.
I know that very well.”

Lan Yi chuckled.
That’s right.
Even if Yun Qingchen was really a summoner and had such enviable talent, he couldn’t compare to Yun Feng.

They flew in the air.
Little Qingchen wasn’t afraid at all and he looked around excitedly.
Yun Feng held him tight to prevent him from falling down accidentally.
After a while, the two of them arrived at a place.
This was none other than the Foggy Forest next to Chunfeng Town.

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Yun Feng stood above the Foggy Forest with Little Qingchen in her arms.
Little Qingchen was very confused when he found that Yun Feng wasn’t flying anymore.
“Auntie, why aren’t you flying anymore?”

Yun Feng chuckled and landed in the Foggy Forest from the sky with Little Qingchen in her arms.
The two of them were at the border between the outermost area of the Foggy Forest and the central area.
When Yun Feng landed, this place was completely silent, as if there was no life here.

Yun Feng noticed the silence around and couldn’t help but smile.
All the Magic Beasts shrank after detecting her aura and didn’t even have the courage to vent their anger.
Her aura at the peak of the Monarch Level must’ve frightened these Magic Beasts quite a bit.

They were indeed frightened.
There weren’t even any Magic Beasts above level 7 in this area.
With the arrival of a powerhouse at the peak of the Monarch Level, this group of Magic Beasts even wanted to die.
They all hid in their nests carefully and couldn’t understand why Yun Feng came here.

“Aunt, where are we?” Little Qingchen looked around curiously.
There was nothing here.
Why did his aunt bring him here?

Yun Feng’s face darkened and her red lips opened, but her voice came out.
“All Magic Beasts below level 9, come out.
Don’t let me find you.”

The clear voice spread throughout the Foggy Forest.
The bodies of all the Magic Beasts trembled, as if a demonic sound entered their minds.
The Magic Beasts around level 9 were all shocked.
What was she doing? They had to go out below level 9? Was she going on a killing spree? Why would such a powerhouse kill them? For fun?

Little Qingchen didn’t know what Yun Feng was going to do at first.
He waited in Yun Feng’s arms for a while in boredom and finally noticed something strange.
The bushes next to Yun Feng kept rustling, while Yun Feng stood there and waited silently.
More and more noises gathered around Yun Feng, and more and more auras gathered around Yun Feng.
All the Magic Beasts below level 9 in the Foggy Forest walked out of their nests and ran in Yun Feng’s direction!

A large number of Magic Beasts in the Foggy Forest were mobilized.
Some auras living deep in the Foggy Forest didn’t do anything after hearing Yun Feng’s voice.
They only discussed a few words together and came to a conclusion.
As long as she didn’t disturb them, she could do whatever she wanted.

The Foggy Forest was a place where Magic Beasts appeared at all times.
Many mercenaries and adventurers had always been trying their luck here.
Of course, there were also some descendants of nobles who came here to kill time and show off that I was someone who had seen Magic Beasts fight with Magic Beasts.
Back then, when Yun Feng first entered the Foggy Forest, she met Mei Bing and Murong Ran.
At that time, Murong Ran was a delicate Young Lady and her strength was only two levels higher than Yun Feng’s.
However, they couldn’t be compared at all right now.

Back then, Mei Bing could be said to be one of the best among his peers.
Right now, Mei Bing was also the pillar of the Mei family.
However, Mei Bing, who was already twenty-five years old, still hadn’t married and had children yet.
The leader of the Mei family, Mei Ran, wasn’t surprised.
His grandson was very outstanding, so he certainly wasn’t in a hurry.
Besides, he still had to focus on his cultivation.
It wouldn’t be too late to talk about liking her when he met a girl he liked.
In short, everything was up to Mei Bing.

Mei Bing had already reached level 9 at the age of 25, which allowed him to still be in the lead among the younger generation of the Fengyun Empire.
Even though he couldn’t compare to Murong Yuntian, Ze Ran who became famous later, and Yun Sheng from the Yun family, he was undoubtedly the leader compared to the others.

He, who held an important position in the Fengyun Empire, was certainly the first candidate of marriage for many families.
Mei Bing looked very gentle.
With his fair, clean face and pretty good strength, he was also someone that thousands of girls admired in their hearts.
Yun Sheng of the Yun family was originally a popular lover, but after he married Mu Xiaojin, the two of them were very loving.
The girls knew that Yun Sheng wouldn’t give them a chance at all, and neither did Murong Yuntian.
As for Ze Ran, he was so far away that they couldn’t even see him.
Only Mei Bing could be around.

Mei Bing worked in the capital of the Fengyun Empire, but he would return to Chunfeng Town for a few days every quarter.
And these few days, a few noble ladies shamelessly insisted on following him.
Mei Bing was too embarrassed to reject them.
These ladies had a high status.
The Fengyun Empire wasn’t ruled by the royal family right now.
It was controlled by the two families.
It was a unique existence on the East Continent.
If it weren’t for the Yun family, the families would probably have already fought.

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