As the new king of the merfolk, Si Wen should be quick and ruthless when it came to Yun Feng’s problem.
However, he had helped Yun Feng several times.
Even though he was in the dark, it was obvious that he wasn’t blinded.
He was grateful for Yun Feng’s care for Yaoyao.
Among the merfolk, Si Wen was the only one who could make Yun Feng look at him in a different light.
She could have released her human aura and messed things up fiercely before she left, but Yun Feng dispelled the thought.
Wasn’t this undoubtedly causing trouble for Si Wen? Yaoyao left the Endless Sea with her and she owed it to Si Wen.

The few of them broke out of the sea.
Some bright water drops flew around under the sunlight with spots of light.
Some fish living in the sea jumped out of the sea in shock.
After they rushed out of the sea, they flew into the sky, creating a tiny rainbow.

Yun Feng took a few deep breaths.
The human air made her feel at ease.
The warm sunlight hit her face and made her feel very comfortable.
Ever since Yaoyao left the sea, her body had automatically transformed into a human being.
The little girl leaned her body in Yun Feng’s arms and smiled sweetly at Yun Feng.

“It’s time to go back.
The Fusion Fluid should be made.” Yun Feng whispered.
Back then, the director of the Pharmaceutical Institute promised Yun Feng that he would give it to her in about three years.
Yun Feng gave him another year, so the Fusion Fluid should be fine.
If there were no accidents, it should have already been made.
She told the director of the Pharmaceutical Institute to send the Fusion Fluid to the Yun family on the East Continent if he succeeded.
It should have already been sent there.

The few of them didn’t stop at all and directly rushed towards the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, drawing another bright line in the sky.
The kid on the ground, who was looking up at the sky, pointed at the sky excitedly.
“Look! There’s a shooting star in broad daylight!”

The old man next to him knocked the kid hard.
“What shooting star? Don’t you want to become a powerhouse? That’s the shadow of a powerhouse in the sky!”

The child immediately looked at the bright line that had already disappeared in the sky with glittering stars in his eyes and excitement surged in his heart.
If he became such a powerhouse, he could fly across the sky very handsomely!

Yun Feng rushed all the way.
She was even faster when she reached the peak of the Monarch Level.
Crossing the West Continent was a few days shorter than when she came.
After another month, Yun Feng and the others finally arrived at the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range without stopping.
On the way, Yun Feng finally let Little Fire out.
Naturally, it was upset when it first came out.
After all, Yun Feng didn’t let it come out after it roared for a long time in the Endless Sea.
Little Fire showed its dissatisfaction and followed Yun Feng obediently.

Now, the five of them had finally arrived at the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
After crossing this mountain range, they would reach the East Continent! It had already been three months since they came out of the Endless Sea.
There was only nine months until the five-year deadline of Yao Guang.
Yun Feng only hoped that she could get the Fusion Fluid successfully.
However, the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range was a checkpoint that was stuck here.

“Let’s go.” Yun Feng stood in the sky.
The aura of the peak of the Monarch Level didn’t suppress her at all and spread out fiercely.
Little Fire and Lan Yi didn’t hide their auras at all, and neither did Qu Lanyi.
With four people at the peak of the Monarch Level traveling together, most rational people or Magic Beasts would take a detour, but it was hard to say about the guys living in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.

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The four of them were surrounded by the powerful pressure of the peak of the Monarch Level.
They entered the sky above the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.
As soon as they stepped in, they were like a stone thrown into a deep pool, causing a thousand waves!

“Roar…” Furious roars came abruptly and a brutal and ferocious aura came right at them.
The Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range was stirred because of Yun Feng’s arrival! Little Fire roared furiously and Lan Yi also let out a loud eagle cry, but it couldn’t suppress these Magic Beasts that were ready to move and were about to appear from the depths at all!

Somewhere deep in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, the middle-aged man with a face full of vicissitudes of life was stunned when he detected Yun Feng’s aura.
Then, the sudden movement of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range made his entire body tense! His body immediately darted out and he raised his head.
The roar of a wild beast tore through the air and spread throughout the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes when she heard the roar.
She felt that the restless aura was suppressed a little, but only a little.
“Let’s go!” Someone shouted! Yun Feng whispered to a certain direction, “Thank you!” The few of them immediately flashed and moved forward quickly.

The middle-aged man stood there and wiped the sweat on his face hard.
“That human has reached that level.
It’s only been three years.
This speed is too…”

A chuckle came from behind him.
The middle-aged man immediately turned around nervously and lowered his head respectfully at the old man who appeared out of nowhere.
“Sir.” The sweat on his face couldn’t help but drop.
He only felt worried in his mind.
With Sir here, those Magic Beasts couldn’t hold back anymore.
If that little girl crossed a few more times, the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range might riot! Which human dared to cross it once, twice, many times?

There was a faint smile on the old man’s face as his clear and wise eyes glittered.
“Thank you.
This girl has indeed caused trouble.”

The middle-aged man jumped again.
“It’s what I should do, sir!” A few drops of sweat fell from his cheeks again.

The old man chuckled and sat on a bamboo chair.
The bamboo chair shook slightly a few times and the old man slowly closed his eyes.
Seeing the old man’s expression, the middle-aged man immediately left silently.
He only hoped that Yun Feng wouldn’t cross again in his mind.

The old man narrowed his eyes casually.
Sunlight shone through the tree.
From afar, he looked like an ordinary old man sunbathing.
However, the black shadow on the old man’s body had a different outline.
The body of the black shadow was unusually huge.
Just looking at the shadow gave people a sense of pressure.
The old man kept a smile at the corners of his mouth.
As the bamboo chair swayed, he whispered softly, “The peak of the Monarch Level… This girl didn’t let me down.
Ah Jin, maybe the next time you see her, we won’t know who will win.”

With someone’s help, Yun Feng crossed the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range relatively smoothly.
There were still a few fearless Magic Beasts that came out to provoke her, but they were all dealt with by Little Fire and Lan Yi.
Those low-level Magic Beasts all hid in their shells and didn’t even have the courage to stick their heads out.
After a few small fights, Yun Feng finally stepped on the land of the East Continent.

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