Chapter 82: Yun Feng on the Move (1)

Yun Feng slowly raised the corners of her mouth.
That smile carried a hint of ridicule, as if she was saying, “The Murong family only knows such small tricks.
That’s truly not up to standard.”

Murong Ran couldn’t help but feel enraged when she saw that.
Even though she was very certain that she’d get the first place in the admission exam this time, she always felt oppressed when she was facing Yun Feng, making her upset, very upset.

Yun Feng turned her gaze back and saw that her brother was already shrouded in gloominess.
He must be extremely anxious in his mind at this moment.
If he couldn’t lift the level-1 magic stone, it meant that he couldn’t pass this exam.
If her brother didn’t pass this exam, he might never be able to recover from this setback forever!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes slightly.
If she was right, the Murong family should have done something to this magic stone.
Yun Feng didn’t know by what means exactly they did it to the magic stone, but she was 100% sure that the magic stone in front of Yun Sheng wasn’t a level-1 magic stone, but had a level higher than Yun Sheng’s!

Yun Sheng was at level 2.
How could he possibly lift a magic stone that was higher than level 2? If he couldn’t lift it, he certainly wouldn’t make it through the exam.
And yet, who would know that the magic stone Yun Sheng was trying to lift wasn’t a level-1 stone?

Right now, her brother definitely wouldn’t be able to lift it.
No matter how hard he tried, the result would be the same.
Seeing her brother become more and more anxious and gloomy, the anger in Yun Feng’s mind slowly rose.
What a Murong family! What a tactic!

With the separation of such a level-6 magic barrier, it was impossible for her to assist him on the side.
A level-6 magic barrier.
There were not more than thirty level-6 mages in the entire Karan Empire, let alone in this small Park City!

The Murong family had made quite a meticulous plan.
They thought about all the factors.
Yun Sheng’s strength wasn’t strong enough.
So, how would it be possible for the Yun family to help him from the outside even if they found something wrong?

Looking at Murong Ran’s complacent smile, she certainly understood how confident the Murong family was and how certain they were that Yun Sheng would be kicked out this time.
However, even though the Murong family had racked their brains and made thousands of calculations, they had never thought that Yun Feng would be a mage at the final stage of level 6!

Yun Feng pondered carefully for a while.
Her mental strength could indeed go through this transparent barrer with her strength at the final stage of level 6, but the barrer was mid-level 6 magic.
Once her mental strength ran through it, it would catch the attention of that level-6 mage.
However, she couldn’t think so much anymore under the current situation.
Her brother was being set up.
Even if she would be discovered, she also had to help her brother pass this exam!

As for the Murong family, she had already noted down this score!

There was a clamor of voices on Liberty Square.
There were cheers all over the sky and wave after wave of applause came constantly.
People’s faces were full of excitement.
Every one of them stared at the candidates participating in the exam, looking forward to their performances.

Inside the transparent magic barriers,the few inspectors sent by Masang School of Magic also gathered around for discussion.
They observed the situation of this year’s admission exam as they exchanged their thoughts with one another.

“The level of mages is getting worse year after year.
There are very few talents…” A middle-aged man in a green robe said softly as he glanced around and looked at the performance of the candidates this year.

“With the physique of the people on the East Continent, what kind of magic talents do you want? You must be joking.
It’s already nice for us to have mages!” A fat man in a yellow robe said.
The smile on his face was very endearing.

“In my opinion only Murong Ran from that Murong family can be regarded as a talent this year.
There are too few, too few talented mages…” The man in a blue robe looked in the direction of Murong Ran with a slightly gratified look.
After all, she was the only person among the candidates this year who had the strength of level 3 at the age of 12.

“Hey, Murong Ran is an earth mage.
She belongs to my faculty.” The fat man immediately said with a smile.
The man in a blue robe heaved a sigh and replied speechlessly, “Alright, alright, she belongs to the Earth Faculty.
How many years has it been since our school had a double-element mage?”

The few of them went into silence with a little desolation on their faces.
Mages had truly been going downhill these several years.
Let alone the decrease in the number of magic talents every year, there hadn’t even been a double-element mage for a few centuries.
Not only in the Karan Empire, the same happened to the other three empires on the East Continent.

However, there were a dozen geniuses at the School of the God of War every year.
Each of them had astonishing and impressive talents.
Compared to them, those mages who were regarded as geniuses would also be embarrassed.

“I was just thinking why the name, Murong Ran, sounded so familiar.
It turns out she’s from the Murong family.
You know that kid, Murong Yuntian, right?” The man in a green robe said.
The other two men also nodded.
Murong Yuntian was a famous name.
He was one of the top students at the School of the God of War.

“Murong Yuntian, Murong Ran… They’re both from the Murong family.
The Murong family will surely have great success in the future.” The man in the blue robe said after pondering for a while.
Murong Yuntian was one of the most outstanding students at the School of the God of War.
After he graduated, he would definitely be put in an important position by the royal family of the Karan Empire.
And Murong Ran was the top new student this year.
The achievement she got with her status as a mage wouldn’t be less than that of Murong Yuntian.
A warrior and a mage, the Murong family kind of had everything.

“If the Murong family has a summoner, they’ll probably jump to the top.” Once the fat man in a yellow robe said this, the other two men immediately burst into laughter.

“A summoner? It’s been a few centuries, but there still hasn’t been one in the Karan Empire.
The royal family even wants to find some at school? They’re truly dreaming.”

“Haha, how would a summoner appear so easily? The one from the Yun family was the only one…”

The man in the green robe suddenly thought of something.
“There seems to be a kid with the surname ‘Yun’ among the candidates this year…”

“Seriously? If he’s really from the Yun family, I’ll truly look forward to it!” The man in the yellow robe looked around for the kid with the surname “Yun” with a smile.

“Let me see.
Yun, Yun… There, Yun Sheng, from Chunfeng Town.
He’s indeed from that Yun family!” The man in the green robe held the list in his hands and finally found Yun Sheng’s name.
Following the number on the list, he also found Yun Sheng’s position very easily.

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