Yun Feng laughed heartily.
Her laughter spread throughout the territory of the merfolk and then suddenly disappeared! Not long after Yun Feng and the others disappeared, a few figures sped over from different directions! Si Wen arrived first.
When he saw the destructive black hole on the ground clearly, he slowly narrowed his dark blue eyes.

“That human is indeed alive! She was indeed hiding here!” Cang Lin rushed over while panting.
Looking at the deep hole Yun Feng created when she escaped, he said furiously.
He only hated himself for coming too late.
If he had come here earlier, he wouldn’t have let that human escape!

“Really…” Zi Xuan looked at the huge hole on the ground and didn’t know what to say.
The hole was so big and deep that Zi Xuan couldn’t imagine where Yun Feng came from.
A human could hide underground for three years? That was too unbelievable!

“The bounty is still here.
Uncle Cang Lin, don’t worry,” said Si Wen indifferently.
He was also surprised that Yun Feng had stayed in the Endless Sea for three years.
He was even more surprised that he didn’t find her! How exactly did she do it? How did she hide from him, Zi Xuan and Cang Lin for three years?

Cang Lin wanted to say something else, but he shut his mouth angrily in the end.
Brutality flashed through his eyes.
He had been frustrated during the three years.
It was precisely because he knew that Yun Feng was alive and still in the Endless Sea and he couldn’t find her that he almost went crazy.
However, even though he didn’t catch Yun Feng this time, he knew that Yun Feng would definitely leave the Endless Sea for the human continent this time.
This would make things easier.

Zi Xuan looked at the extremely deep black hole on the ground and clicked his tongue.
“How exactly did that human open the path… Your Majesty, why don’t we go down and investigate?”

Si Wen looked at the deep, bottomless hole and nodded.
The three of them flashed and entered the hole Yun Feng made.
There was no telling how the core members of the merfolk would react when they saw the empty hall.

A few bright beams of light flashed across the sky above the Endless Ocean like shooting stars, flashing quickly in the sky above the merfolk’s territory, leaving a long trace and the clear and bright laughter of a girl! This laughter spread out, making the merfolk’s territory restless and crazy!

“It’s that human!” The hunting order of the merfolk had always existed.
All the merfolk in the merfolk territory thought that Yun Feng had already left the Endless Sea.
They had never thought that she would still be in the Endless Sea three years later!

“Chase!” The scattered guards and patrol soldiers of the merfolk all swarmed up and chased after the few bright beams of light in the sky.
They all looked shocked.
Where exactly did this human come from?

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The bounty order of the merfolk didn’t mention Yun Feng’s name, because after a series of things happened, Si Wen found that he didn’t know Yun Feng’s name at all.
He only heard Yaoyao call that human Xiao Feng occasionally.
Si Wen didn’t mention it.
The bounty order only described Yun Feng’s appearance, but Yun Feng made such a huge commotion, so the possibility of her not being discovered was very low.

The few beams of light flashed quickly and went straight to the edge of the Endless Sea.
Although the merfolk were a distance away from the Endless Sea, they weren’t in the depths of the Endless Sea.
It could be said that they were in the outermost area of the Endless Sea.
A large number of merfolk soldiers chased them from all directions and finally gathered together, forming a rather huge commotion.

The few beams of light shot straight ahead.
The mass of people chased after her relentlessly.
They couldn’t catch up with her.
After all, Yun Feng’s current level was at the peak of the Monarch Level! It was impossible for these soldiers to catch up with her!

One was running and the other was chasing.
Yun Feng looked back slightly at the large group of black shadows behind her and smiled in disdain.
Qu Lanyi also snorted coldly.
“Should we slow down and tease them?”

Yaoyao didn’t say anything in Yun Feng’s arms, but her big eyes were full of dissatisfaction and resentment as she looked at the merfolk behind her.
Yun Feng was the most important person in Yaoyao’s heart! Yun Feng chuckled.
“There’s no need to waste time on them.
If you want to chase after them, just let them!” Her body flashed forward again and she instantly flashed a few hundred meters away.
Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi also smiled.
Indeed, if she wanted to chase after them, she should!

Yun Feng and the others rushed ahead without any distractions, but the merfolk chasing them behind were miserable.
Some soldiers couldn’t help but stop while panting.
“What kind of speed is that? It’s too fast!”

“We can’t keep up at all!”

The soldiers behind him immediately shouted when they saw someone stop.
“Why are you stopping? Hurry up and chase after her! It’s the emperor’s order.
We must catch the humans and bring them back!”

The soldiers, who had stopped panting, looked at each other and saw the sorrow in their hearts.
They could only brace themselves and chase after them again.
It was already difficult to catch up with them, let alone catching them back! Only Elder Zi Xuan and Elder Cang Lin could do it.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to do anything!

Such a huge chase crossed the merfolk’s territory.
Yun Feng rushed out in a straight line and the large group of people behind pressed over like a black mass, scaring many residents in the merfolk’s territory.
They thought something big had happened.
When they found out that such a large group of people was chasing that human, the residents in the merfolk’s territory all sighed in their minds.
This human was really something.
They couldn’t even catch her despite having such a large group of people!

After almost a month of chasing, Yun Feng didn’t stop at all and her speed had always been at that level.
However, the main group of merfolk couldn’t take it anymore.
One group stopped and another group followed.
Yun Feng was at that horizon that could be seen from afar.
She was right in front of them, but she was getting further and further away.

Such a huge chase made the merfolk panic.
The patrolling soldiers all joined the pursuit.
And the three sneaky humans Yun Feng met when she first entered the Endless Sea came to the Endless Sea again three years later.
The three brothers were heartbroken for a long time when Yun Feng looted the formula of the Transformation Potion three years ago.
After lying low for three years, they finally produced three bottles of Transformation Potion and quickly came in without fearing death to take some treasures.

The three of them slowly approached along the same route as before, but to their surprise, there were no patrolling soldiers anymore! When they came here in the past, even though it was the border area of the merfolk, they could still see traces of patrolling soldiers.
This time, there wasn’t a single one! This made these three people, who had been acting carefully, become bold.

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