Right, Yun Feng had reached the peak of the Monarch Level in two years!

The peak of the Monarch Level was only one step away from the supreme Lord Level, but the distance needed to take this step was huge and long.
Looking at the two continents in the east and west, there were only a few people who had reached the Lord Level.
How many powerhouses had lingered in the peak of the Monarch Level for hundreds of years and still couldn’t take this step? Yun Feng had already reached the peak of the Monarch Level at the age of twenty.
With her age and talent, many of the older generation were ashamed.

Now that Yun Feng was twenty, she was no longer the innocent little girl she used to be.
The already beautiful Yun Feng became more dazzling after the passage of time, like a pearl that would become more detailed and bright after time.
Yun Feng was one of them.

Her childishness was gone from her facial features.
The combination of heroic spirit and gentleness gave her a temperament that was different from others.
Her mind was calm and generous, which also made Yun Feng’s facial features exude a reassuring look at all times, as if everything would be solved with her here.

The girl was also taller.
Compared to a few years ago, Yun Feng had grown half a head taller.
Yun Feng was originally very happy, but when she saw Qu Lanyi, she knew that her growth was just a little.
She didn’t know if it was because of the passage of time or the increase in her strength, but Qu Lanyi’s appearance seemed extremely contradictory.
His short hair had already grown slightly and covered his ears, making his facial features even more handsome.
Those beautiful eyes carried an intoxicating temperament.
His fair face and tall body made the girl’s heart race.

Yun Feng stood up from the ground, and so did Qu Lanyi.
In comparison, Yun Feng suddenly found that Qu Lanyi had grown a lot taller, as if he had broken out of the cocoon in an instant.
She had only reached his shoulder so far.
Logically, Qu Lanyi was only half a head taller than her when she first entered the Masang School of Magic.

Seeing Yun Feng staring at her, Qu Lanyi curled his lips and smiled.
The smile on his perfect facial features made people’s hearts race.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but blush and curse in her mind, “What a handsome man.”

“Fengfeng, you’re looking at me so attentively.
Do you find your husband charming?” Qu Lanyi winked.
Meatball bared its teeth at him.
“Nana!” Then, it turned its head to the side in disdain.
Yun Feng rolled her eyes at him, but her cheeks were slightly red.
Qu Lanyi didn’t miss Yun Feng’s blushing cheeks.
He chuckled in a good mood and ignored Meatball’s disdain.

“Speaking of which, your strength seems to be quite interesting.” Yun Feng sized up Qu Lanyi from head to toe and slowly narrowed her black eyes.
She had had an inexplicable feeling since the beginning that Qu Lanyi’s strength seemed to be under his control.
For example, she had broken through the peak of the Monarch Level, and Qu Lanyi happened to have reached this level as well.
As her contracted Magic Beast, Lan Yi’s strength was certainly comparable to hers, but Qu Lanyi’s wasn’t.
However, his strength was always on the same level as hers, as if… he could compress his strength freely.

Qu Lanyi’s face stiffened.
“Fengfeng, do you think I deliberately suppressed my strength to match yours?”

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Yun Feng was silent for a few seconds and didn’t say anything.
Qu Lanyi touched his forehead with his hand.
“I’m talented, but I’m always inferior to Fengfeng.
If I don’t work hard, I’ll be left far behind by you.
I can’t allow that to happen.”

Yun Feng was stunned.
Was she wrong? “Really? I still think something is wrong.”

Qu Lanyi raised the corners of his mouth.
“You’re thinking too much.
If that’s the case, why would I let you get hurt?”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She turned around slightly and her ears were a bit red.
“Don’t call yourself my husband.”

Qu Lanyi’s lips curled with a hint of satisfaction.
“My wife, are you… shy?”

Yun Feng glared at Qu Lanyi in embarrassment.
Qu Lanyi smiled happily.
Meatball pointed its butt at Qu Lanyi in disdain and scolded in its mind, “Nana, nana, nana!” Yaoyao’s fish tail wrapped around Yun Feng’s waist and patted slowly.
She looked at Qu Lanyi with curiosity on her beautiful face.
Lan Yi coughed helplessly, which eased Yun Feng’s embarrassment.

“Master, should we go out now or wait a while longer?”

Speaking of the main topic, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi both became serious.
Yaoyao raised her little face and looked at Yun Feng.
As long as Yun Feng was fine, as long as Yun Feng was here, she would follow her anywhere.
Meatball also turned around and glanced at Qu Lanyi in disdain with its big eyes.
It sat on Yun Feng’s shoulder and waited for Yun Feng to make a decision quietly.

“It’s been two years.
I wonder if those two old guys have given up.”

Yun Feng sneered.
“Zi Xuan must have given up.
Even though Zi Leng’s death was a blow to him, he obviously didn’t care as much as Cang Lin did.
That old guy, Cang Lin, still hasn’t given up yet.”

“How do you know?” Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng in confusion.
Yun Feng’s face was cold.
“I’ve suppressed most of the aura in my body.
Cang Lin has this aura in my body, so he should know that I’m still alive and well.
He just doesn’t know where I am, or he would’ve found me even if he had to turn the place upside down.”

Killing intent flashed in Qu Lanyi’s eyes.
“That old man seems to have lived for too long.”

“He thinks that I killed Cang Yu with my own hands.
It’s natural for him to kill me quickly.
However, he seems to be obsessed with me, which makes me a bit uncomfortable.” Yun Feng thought carefully about Cang Lin’s killing intent towards her and felt that something was wrong.

“No matter what it is, he has to pay the price.” Lan Yi gritted his teeth and said.
He would definitely teach that old man a lesson for hurting his master!

Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile when she heard that.
Lan Yi was stunned.
Yun Feng looked at him with a smile.
“Little Fire roared and insisted on coming out.
If we let it out, it’ll be lively.” Lan Yi also smiled.
Qu Lanyi raised the corners of his mouth.
“We should let it out and mess things up.”

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