“Strange? Didn’t you see the killing intent in his eyes? That’s not fake.” Qu Lanyi’s tone was cold.
Meatball nodded.
It had never agreed with Qu Lanyi like this.
After hearing what Lan Yi said, Yun Feng bent down in pain and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Master!” Lan Yi was shocked.
Yaoyao rushed out from behind Yun Feng in panic.
Qu Lanyi grabbed Yun Feng’s wrist.
“That old guy did this.”

“Cang Lin?” said Lan Yi through gritted teeth.
Qu Lanyi nodded.
“That old guy sent some kind of aura of the merfolk directly into Fengfeng’s body through an attack.
How can a human body withstand the aura of a Magic Beast?” Qu Lanyi said angrily.
“Light elements can’t resolve the aura of these Magic Beasts! Unless…”

“Let me!” Yaoyao swung her fishtail and rushed to Yun Feng.
She looked at Qu Lanyi with her blue eyes.
“Give my blood to Xiao Feng.”

“Yaoyao!” Lan Yi couldn’t help but feel shocked when he heard what Yaoyao said.
Yaoyao was still in her infancy right now.
The aura of Cang Lin was so powerful that her blood couldn’t suppress it at all.
If she could suppress it, the amount of blood needed wouldn’t be small either.
This might very likely endanger Yaoyao’s life!

“No!” Yun Feng’s cheeks were covered in sweat.
Cang Lin’s aura was rampaging in her body.
Her mental strength couldn’t do anything about this aura at all.
She could only let it run wild.
Yun Feng’s body was like a raging river.
Cold sweat also flowed down.
Her lips had already turned purple from her biting.
She looked at Yaoyao with her clear black eyes and said very clearly, “No!”

“Xiao Feng!” Yaoyao was anxious.
Her tail wrapped around Yun Feng’s body and her blue aura covered Yun Feng’s body.
Yun Feng felt a bit better.
She straightened her body and touched Yaoyao’s ear fin.
“This is just a small problem.
It’s nothing.”

Qu Lanyi pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.
“If only that guy were here…”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
Lan Yi was a bit confused.
“That guy?”

Qu Lanyi looked at Lan Yi and then at Yun Feng.
“I mean, Ao Jin, the Golden Dragon.
The blood of a Golden Dragon isn’t something that Cang Lin can compare to.
As long as Fengfeng has the blood of a Golden Dragon in her body, that old guy’s aura will only be trash!”

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Yun Feng chuckled.
“I don’t know where Uncle Jin.
There are always other ways.”

Qu Lanyi looked at the blue aura covering Yun Feng’s body and observed Yun Feng’s face carefully.
“Yaoyao’s aura can help you for the time being.
You’re seriously injured right now.
If you weren’t injured, you would’ve been able to suppress his aura.”

Yaoyao couldn’t help but feel very happy when she heard that she could help Yun Feng.
Yun Feng touched Yaoyao’s ear fin again and sat down with her eyes closed.
Yaoyao’s fishtail was still wrapped around her waist, not daring to leave her at all.
Meatball jumped off Yun Feng’s shoulder obediently and raised its little head to look at Yun Feng.

Yun Feng closed her black eyes and sat here calmly, starting to heal her injuries slowly.
What she needed right now was time.
The reason why the aura of the old man inside her body could cause trouble was because her strength was also injured.
When her injuries were completely healed, the old man’s aura could more or less be suppressed.
At that time, he wouldn’t be too much of a hindrance to her.
By then, she would slowly find a solution.

Qu Lanyi’s light elements kept working in Yun Feng’s body, helping her recover faster.
Lan Yi and Qu Lanyi also sat down and cultivated with their eyes closed.
Qu Lanyi had consumed a lot of mental strength along the way, so she certainly needed time to recover.
Lan Yi’s back also needed to be healed.
This was the time for everyone to focus on healing.

Yaoyao’s fishtail was wrapped around Yun Feng’s waist and her entire body was nestled in Yun Feng’s arms.
The blue aura slowly enveloped Yun Feng and herself.
Yun Feng and Yaoyao seemed to be in a huge blue egg.
Yaoyao also closed her eyes slowly, as if she was sleeping soundly in Yun Feng’s arms.

Meatball saw that everyone had closed their eyes and was quiet.
It looked around with its little head and approached Yun Feng with its fluffy body.
It curled up next to Yun Feng and yawned lazily.
It also fell asleep.
On the first level of the Dragon Palace, the three figures closed their eyes quietly.
The Dragon Palace returned to silence again.

Compared to the silence in the Dragon Palace, the merfolk were in a completely opposite situation.
Yun Feng’s sudden disappearance shocked everyone.
After searching for her for a long time, Cang Lin and Zi Xuan finally gave up and reported the complete situation to Si Wen.
The battle with Yun Feng was briefly reported by Cang Lin.
After all, as an elder of the white-finned, Cang Lin also wanted his face and dignity.

Si Wen didn’t say anything after hearing that.
The merfolk’s search had already begun.
Under the supervision of Zi Xuan and Cang Lin, the Red Fin and the White Fin were also actively and strictly searching.
They didn’t let go of any corner of this area, but they didn’t find anything in the end.
Yun Feng seemed to have suddenly disappeared from the world, leaving no trace at all.

Naturally, Cang Lin couldn’t give up after receiving such an outcome.
Zi Xuan originally thought that Yun Feng had already escaped and Si Wen also thought so.
He planned to change the direction of his search, but Cang Lin was unusually persistent and firmly believed that Yun Feng must still be hiding here.

Si Wen patiently searched for a while longer.
Two years had passed.
The merfolk had mobilized everyone to search for two years, but they still couldn’t find any news.
Cang Lin wanted to say something else, but Si Wen had already ordered with a cold face that the search wouldn’t continue.
He maintained the bounty order back then and chased after Yun Feng in the territory of the merfolk in the Endless Sea.

Cang Lin couldn’t say anything else.
He could only grit his teeth.
Nobody knew that when the merfolk were searching recklessly, a dragon-shaped jade pendant was slowly moving and rolling on the terrain in the sea.
It kept changing its color according to the surrounding environment and integrating into the surrounding scenery.
The merfolk searched the dragon-shaped jade pendant again and again, but they completely ignored it in the end.

The dragon-shaped jade pendant was also taken away from its original position step by step along with the flowing sand and gravel.
It moved slowly in this area.
The size of the dragon-shaped jade pendant was very small and inconspicuous.
Sometimes, it wasn’t even as big as a stone.
After moving slowly for a while, a strong wind suddenly came and messed up the messy stones on the ground.
The dragon-shaped jade pendant was also swept into the wind along with these messy stones.
As the wind moved quickly, it was swept into a very small hole that was very hidden.
If it weren’t for the rise of the wind, these stones wouldn’t have been able to detect it if they had any spirituality.
The dragon-shaped jade pendant was swept into the stone hole along with these stones and a larger stone was also swept up.
After the dragon-shaped jade pendant entered, it was suddenly stuck in the stone hole.
The wind was broken and the stones and the dragon-shaped jade pendant that were swept into the stone hole fell down one after another.
However, they didn’t fall on the ground, but into a bottomless abyss!

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