Thinking of this, Qu Lanyi’s black eyes darkened.
“Lan Yi! There’s no time to escape! Find a place to hide first!”

Yun Feng moved her lips and wanted to say something, but there was another surge in her body, which made it difficult for her to suppress the aura in her mind.
The fierce aura invaded her body through the intersection of the power just then.
Yun Feng clearly felt that the power was causing trouble in her body!

Lan Yi didn’t say anything, but its body had already turned around and changed its direction.
It had wanted to do this for a long time.
Rather than stumbling forward in the pursuit of the merfolk, it was better to find a place to settle down first and wait for its master to recover!

The green light suddenly changed its direction and rushed down, disappearing into an endless forest.
A few seconds after Lan Yi disappeared, a group of merfolk had already followed him.
They were all holding weapons and had powerful energy waves on the surface of their bodies.
After seeing the empty sky, the merfolk were all puzzled.

“Did that human really escape?” Someone guessed, but was immediately opposed.

“That’s impossible! There’s still a long distance between here and the edge of the Endless Sea.
No matter how fast that human is, he can’t escape just like that.”

All the merfolk glanced at the forest under their feet.
A thought flashed through the minds of all the merfolk.
“Lock down this area! Don’t let go of even the smallest Magic Beast! Go back and report to the king, Zi Xuan and Lord Cang Lin! That human must be hiding here!”

Some merfolk immediately moved back, and the other merfolk immediately sealed the vast area under their feet completely.
Even a small shrimp or a crab couldn’t get out of here! After a while, Si Wen, Cang Lin and Zi Xuan all rushed over.
Si Wen looked at the area with a gloomy face.
Zi Xuan and Cang Lin didn’t look good either, especially Cang Lin.
He held his chest with one hand and his face was much paler.
When he faced Qu Lanyi just then, Cang Lin didn’t get much advantage.
Even though he was injured, he still followed them reluctantly.

“She hid here?” Zi Xuan looked down with a gloomy face and gritted his teeth.

“It was quite a coincidence… Your Majesty, what do you think we should do?” Cang Lin held his chest and looked at Si Wen with a pale face.
Zi Xuan was the same.
This area could be said to be special for the merfolk.
A secret of the merfolk was buried here.
While Yun Feng was running, she turned around and hid here, which made them feel a bit tricky.

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Si Wen was also surprised in his mind.
How could she hide here? After a long time of silence, Si Wen finally said, “Let all the merfolk enter in batches and keep narrowing the area.”

Both Zi Xuan and Canglan nodded.
“Let’s take this opportunity to explore again.” Si Wen turned around and looked at Zi Xuan, who was talking.
Zi Xuan immediately shut up and didn’t say anything else.
Canglan coughed.
“Your Majesty, I want to explore it myself.”

Si Wen frowned after hearing that.
“You’re already injured.
You can’t.”

Cang Lin shook his head.
“I can’t vent my anger until I kill that human!”


Si Wen looked at Cang Lin thoughtfully.
Looking at the wound he was holding and his pale face, he remembered that the person he fought with just then was the handsome human next to Yun Feng.
It turned out that the people around her were all well hidden.
No wonder she could sneak into the merfolk so fearlessly.

“If you insist, let Uncle Zi Xuan accompany you,” said Si Wen indifferently.
After a moment of shock, Zi Xuan also nodded.
Thinking of the secret buried in this area, the enthusiasm in Zi Xuan’s heart couldn’t help but boil a little.
If the king gave him this opportunity, why didn’t he want it?

Cang Lin’s eyes glittered and he didn’t refuse.
Zi Xuan and Cang Lin also joined the search.
Si Wen looked down at the forest under his feet from the sky.
Zi Xuan and Cang Lin joined again.
Whether or not you can escape alive depends on your ability.
Si Wen finally remembered that he hadn’t asked the human’s name.
What a failure.
How would he find Si Qing in the future?


While the merfolk were searching this area wantonly, Lan Yi rushed down fiercely and didn’t dare to stop.
He flapped his huge wings a few times abruptly and rushed into the deepest part of the forest.
This trip alarmed many Magic Beasts living in this area.
Lan Yi’s fierceness burst out all over his body and the Magic Beasts living here didn’t dare to move.
Only then did Lan Yi rush all the way inside without anything happening.
He only stopped reluctantly when he rushed to a place that he thought was safe.

This was a small empty land.
Three sides were surrounded by steep mountains and the other side was covered tightly by the forest.
The merfolk wouldn’t be able to find it in a short period of time.
They could buy some time.

When Lan Yi landed with difficulty, it could only transform into human form halfway so that this small area wouldn’t be destroyed by its huge body.
Seeing that, Qu Lanyi immediately held Yun Feng in his arms.
Yaoyao was held in Lan Yi’s arms quickly, while Meatball jumped onto Lan Yi’s body and looked at the pale Yun Feng with its big eyes.

The few of them landed in this small area.
Yun Feng coughed fiercely and smiled in self-mockery.
“I’m now a liability too, am I not?”

Qu Lanyi gritted his teeth.
The light elements constantly eased the injuries in Yun Feng’s body.
“You’ve caused a lot of trouble by rushing forward recklessly.
It’s best if you have some self-awareness!”

Yun Feng chuckled.
As soon as Yaoyao landed, she struggled out of Lan Yi’s arms and jumped to Yun Feng’s side.
“Xiao Feng, it’s my fault…” Yaoyao blamed herself.
If she hadn’t rushed out in a hurry, Yun Feng wouldn’t have had to take Cang Lin’s attack forcefully to protect her! She wouldn’t be like this right now!

Yun Feng shook her head and sat up immediately.
Her chest was surging again, but she held back the corners of her mouth and smiled at Yaoyao.
“I’m fine.
I’m really fine.
Don’t come out at such a dangerous moment next time, okay?”

Yaoyao nodded hard with tears in her eyes.
Yun Feng coughed a few times and slowly closed her eyes.
She felt that the injuries in her body were forcibly healed under Qu Lanyi’s desperate transfer of light elements.
However, the power of Cang Lin was still in her body and running wild.

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