Qu Lanyi’s blood-red eyes were full of monstrous killing intent.
The powerful force also rushed into his body through his arm.
His blood-red eyes darkened slightly and the corners of Qu Lanyi’s mouth curled up in disdain.
As expected of the Great Elder of the White Fin.
He was quite capable to be able to hurt him.

However, Qu Lanyi didn’t expect Cang Lin’s next move.
He thought that as long as he blocked Cang Lin’s attack, this old guy would completely give up.
He didn’t expect him to still not give up and throw out another attack!


The Earth Shield was shattered by the attack.
The attack from Cang Lin was suppressed by Qu Lanyi, but there was still fifty to sixty percent of its power.
Seeing that the Earth Shield was shattered, Yun Feng immediately unleashed her mental strength to resist the attack!

“Ugh!” Yun Feng turned her body to the side and protected Yaoyao in her arms.
Her mental strength was torn apart by Cang Lin’s power fiercely.
Meatball screamed and wanted to jump out of Yun Feng’s hand, but Yun Feng held it firmly and didn’t let it move.
Meatball didn’t want to open its mouth to bite Yun Feng.
It just kept struggling!

“Master!” Lan Yi didn’t hesitate anymore.
He flapped his wings and rushed out like an arrow.
Qu Lanyi also jumped onto Lan Yi’s back.
His attack chased after Lan Yi and hit Yun Feng’s body the next moment!

“You want to escape unscathed? Impossible!” said Cang Lin viciously.
He held his chest with his hand and looked a bit awful.
Thinking of Qu Lanyi, who he fought with just then, he couldn’t help but feel a bit cold in his mind.
That human young man… Who exactly was he?

Si Wen walked over with a terrifyingly gloomy face.
Cang Lin suddenly knelt in front of Si Wen.
Zi Xuan was shocked again when he saw this scene.
Cang Lin was kneeling!

“Your Majesty, I won’t stop until I kill that human!”

Zi Xuan also frowned when he heard that.
This time, he and Cang Lin attacked.
Even if he missed at the last moment, it was the truth.
It was better to unite with Cang Lin from the beginning.
Zi Xuan also knelt down.
Si Wen raised his eyebrows high.

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“Your Majesty, I’ve made the same decision.
Besides, that human is holding your child hostage!”

A glint of darkness flashed in Cang Lin’s eyes.
“The king’s child is in the hands of that human.
We can’t let that human escape from the Endless Sea!”

Si Wen stood there.
The commotion this time made many members of the merfolk rush over.
Many people saw what happened just then.
Everyone believed that Yaoyao was taken away by Yun Feng! Si Wen slowly clenched his fists and said word by word, “Give the order to hunt down that human.
Don’t let her escape from the Endless Sea!”

After saying this, Si Wen could only sigh softly in his mind.
Take care of yourself.
This is all I can do for you.
Si Qing… I’ll leave her in your care.


A beam of green light flashed across the sky in the sea.
It was so fast that nobody could see it clearly.
Yun Feng fell on Lan Yi’s back with a pale face.
Even though Cang Lin’s attack wasn’t very powerful, fifty to sixty percent of the force hit Yun Feng’s body.
Yun Feng only felt an indescribable pain.

“Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng!” Yaoyao was so anxious that she was about to cry.
She shouted Yun Feng’s name in panic.
Meatball finally crawled out of Yun Feng’s loosened hand and pounced on Yun Feng’s cheek.
There was no telling if anger or worry was written in its big eyes.

“She’ll be fine!” Qu Lanyi suddenly shouted in a low voice.
His pure red eyes had already turned black and light elements entered Yun Feng’s body endlessly.
Sensing the serious injuries in her body, his face couldn’t help but turn completely black.
What a Cang Lin.
He should have finished off this old guy! He dared to hurt Yun Feng!

Yun Feng struggled to stand up with a pale face and smiled at Qu Lanyi.
“I’m fine.”

Qu Lanyi really didn’t know what to do with her.
“Are you alright? Why don’t you have the strength to talk?”

“Master, I’ll try my best to get out of the Endless Sea!” Lan Yi sped up again, and couldn’t wait to fly out.
Yun Feng’s chest surged, and she vomited blood.
Qu Lanyi’s eyes became even darker, and all the light elements surged into Yun Feng’s body.

“Your mental strength…” Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit angry when she saw Qu Lanyi inject light elements without caring about his life.
Qu Lanyi looked at her coldly.
“You’re the most important thing right now.
My mental strength is nothing.
Even if it’s exhausted, it’s nothing!”

Yun Feng moved her lips and wanted to say something, but Lan Yi suddenly turned around.
Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng both looked gloomy.
“Master, the merfolk are here!”

“Human, don’t even think about escaping from the Endless Sea!” With a shout, four or five merfolk had already stood in front of Lan Yi and stared at Yun Feng on Lan Yi’s back with a fierce expression.
A hint of viciousness flashed through Lan Yi’s eagle eyes as he flapped his wings fiercely.
A strong wind with water ripples surged fiercely and suddenly dispersed the row of merfolk in front of him! Lan Yi took this opportunity to rush out!

“Don’t even think about running!” The merfolk behind him shouted angrily.
Lan Yi sped up and rushed to the outermost area of the Endless Sea.
The area of the merfolk was so vast that Lan Yi couldn’t get out at such a high speed.

Faster, faster! Lan Yi looked ahead and flapped his wings hard.
His entire body turned into a beam of green light, flashing through the sky above the territory of the merfolk.
However, the merfolk had already issued the kill order.
They were enraged!

“Hm!” Such rapid traveling and the merfolk that came out from time to time made Lan Yi’s trajectory change quite rapidly.
It was very zigzagging.
There were even a few times when it made a sharp turn and was floating in the air.
Yun Feng was already severely injured.
Even though she had Qu Lanyi, it was even worse when she was running.
Yun Feng’s situation was even worse and Lan Yi couldn’t help but become anxious.

“Nana!” Meatball screamed as tears welled up in Yaoyao’s big eyes.
Qu Lanyi gritted his teeth and infused light elements into Yun Feng’s body.
Cang Lin’s attack was even more tricky than he thought.
Yun Feng was quite strong herself.
She had already become like this after receiving only fifty to sixty percent of the force.
That old guy, Cang Lin, must have done something in secret! Thinking of this, Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but feel anxious in his mind.
He could only find a quiet place to examine Yun Feng’s injuries.
At this moment, he could only support her body with light elements.
If there were any changes, he wouldn’t be able to detect it at all.

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