Chapter 80: Admission Exam (1)

If there was some impressive genius born in Park City, this place might be given unprecedented attention in the royal family of the Karan Empire because of the birth of this genius!

People in Park City were all joyfully looking forward to a genius that came from nowhere, who could push Park City to a higher position.
Kids that were here for the magic exam were also extremely excited.
After all, they were the focus of the magic exam.
If they could pass the exam successfully, a brilliant path of life would be awaiting them!

The starting time of the admission exam was ten o’clock in the morning.
It was just around eight right now, but the venue had gradually been filled with people.
There was also a clamor of voices around Liberty Square.
People were talking about the exam this time with a loud voice and were also discussing whether it was possible that someone astonishing would appear.

Of course, Murong Ran was someone that people in Park City must talk about.
This Young Lady of the Murong family, the boss of Park City, this outstanding girl who had become a level-3 mage at the age of 12, was the candidate that citizens in Park City thought highly of.

“In my opinion, the top candidate of this admission exam must be the Young Lady of the Murong family.”

“Hm, I agree.
Even though the Young Lady of the Murong family isn’t very nice, she’s pretty strong.”

Some people couldn’t help but press their lips and smile when they heard that.
They all agreed in their minds.
Although Murong Ran wasn’t a nice person, her strength was indeed there.
She wasn’t just a doll.
This was something a little desirable.

“But you can’t guarantee there won’t be any accidents.”

“What accidents can happen? She’s a 12-year-old level-3 mage and she still can’t get first place with such strength? Who else can be stronger than that?”

“Tut-tut, you’ll never know.
Man proposes, God disposes.
A genius may come out of nowhere.”

“Right, right, have you heard about the Yun family and the Lin family in Chunfeng Town?”

The others nodded after hearing that.
The Yun family took over the Lin family in Chunfeng Town.
This incident spread through gossip somewhere.
Everyone who heard the news couldn’t help but tremble!

“I heard that the two children of the Yun family also came to Park City for the exam this time!”

“Really? The Yun family became stronger all of a sudden.
Do you think they have any trump cards? Perhaps they truly have a genius?

“I don’t know if they have a genius or not, but since they’re here, I’m sure they’ll have a pretty good performance.”

“You mean someone from the Yun family might be this genius that comes out of nowhere?

Some people pursed their lips and doubted, some were skeptical and some remained silent.
“If it’s true, there will definitely be a tendency for the rise of the Yun family… The declined Yun family, tut-tut, they’re indeed an unpredictable large family.”

The others also nodded with thoughts in their minds.
The superior Yun family had such a rich background and also the birth of that legendary summoner, which made ordinary people kind of fearful of the Yun family.

Time passed silently in the heated discussion.
It would be ten o’clock in a minute.
A few people walked over from the side of Liberty Square.
They were all wearing the same clothes, but of different colors.
These few people were staff members sent to Park City by Masang School of Magic to assist with the admission exam.
They were all mages and the colors on their clothes represented the type of elemental force they belonged to.

There was a commotion among the crowd of people.
All the examiners and inspectors were here! The few of them whispered in the isolated area of Liberty Square and some people were preparing something.
It looked like the admission exam was about to begin.

After a while, some young men appeared in the square one after another and walked past the entrance orderly.
After their identity was verified, they were allowed to enter the isolated area.

At this moment, Yun Feng and Yun Sheng also arrived at the exam venue, Liberty Square.
When Yun Feng gazed at the transparent barriers, she paused for a while.
Her black eyes glittered slightly.
Level-6 magical elemental barriers?

She looked at the few mages wearing clothes of different colors inside the transparent barriers with her black eyes.
Yun Feng already knew that one of them was a level-6 mage, while the remaining ones were also quite powerful.
They were all at around level 5.
Yun Feng didn’t use too much of her mental strength.
She was also at the final stage of level 6.
If she used too much of her mental strength to detect them, she would catch the attention of the level-6 mage.

Retrieving her mental strength, Yun Feng pulled her brother, Yun Sheng, to the entrance of the transparent barriers.
A beam of cold light swept past.
Yun Feng looked up slightly and saw Murong Ran, who had already gone inside.
She was sneering right now.
Yun Feng directly looked away and ignored her completely.

Murong Ran froze for a second and the anger in her heart rose again.
However, thinking that Yun Sheng wouldn’t be able to pass the exam today, Murong Ran sneered once again.

Yun Sheng passed the identity verification and was allowed to enter.
Before he went inside, Yun Feng held her brother’s hands and found that his hands were covered with sweat.
She couldn’t help but show a sweet smile.

“Brother, relax.
You’ll pass successfully.
I believe in you!” Yun Feng then added in her mind that she would eliminate any possible things that stood in her brother’s way!

Yun Sheng nodded.
Even though he was still a bit nervous, he had become much more courageous than he used to be.
After saying goodbye to Yun Feng, Yun Sheng went inside, while Yun Feng stood outside of the transparent barrier as her black eyes kept following her brother, Yun Sheng.

Soon, it was ten o’clock.
All the children who signed up for the exam had arrived.
After checking their information, one of those people wearing clothes of different colors cleared his throat and looked at the crowds of people outside the barriers.
Those people immediately quieted down.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re delighted to be here in Park City again.
It’s good to be back in a city that’s full of hope! The admission exam of Masang School of Magic has always upheld the principle of equitability, openness and fairness.
I’m sure everyone can see that! Without further ado, the rules will be the same as last year.
Candidates between 12 to 18 years old have to lift a level-1 magic stone with their mental strength, while those between 18 to 25 have to lift a level-2 magic stone with their mental strength.
I hope these children get good results and I sincerely hope that we’ll see the appearance of a genius this time!”

Once he finished talking, enthusiastic cheers and applause immediately burst out of the crowd of people.
Yun Feng saw that her brother was standing in front of a table with a few stones on it.
According to the rules the man mentioned just then, those stones contained magic.
Lifting them with mental strength would be a test of the candidates’ compatibility with their elements!

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