“Master, I’ll explain to them! You attacked just then to save that merman! You didn’t kill him at all!”

Yun Feng snorted.
Qu Lanyi looked at the angry merfolk coldly.
“What’s the use of explaining? They don’t want to hear or know the truth at all.
It’s useless.
Don’t waste your time.”

Yun Feng glanced at Si Wen, who had been silent, and Si Wen also looked at her.
Their eyes met in the air.
Si Wen’s eyes were deep, and so was Yun Feng’s.

Si Wen slowly walked over.
The elders of the blue-finned couldn’t help but shout worriedly.
Si Wen waved his hand, asking everyone to follow him.
Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi stood in front of Yun Feng firmly.
When Si Wen walked over, Yun Feng walked out and handed the unconscious Yaoyao in her arms to Si Wen without saying anything.
When Si Wen saw the water element covering Yaoyao’s body, his eyes darkened again.

“You’re a summoner?” said Si Wen in a deep voice as he glanced at Lan Yi.
Yun Feng curled her lips.
“Yes, I’m a summoner.”

Si Wen also smiled.
Seeing his smile, Qu Lanyi’s handsome face was covered in a layer of coldness.
“You’re the king of the merfolk? Are you as stupid as those idiots?”

Si Wen’s face darkened.
He glanced at Qu Lanyi indifferently and didn’t answer.
He then looked at Yun Feng.
“The red and white finned have already become united.
They’ve already developed resentment towards you.
Don’t resist.
You won’t have a chance of winning if Zi Xuan and Cang Lin join forces.”

Yun Feng looked at Si Wen in surprise.
Si Wen had already turned around at this moment.
Qu Lanyi looked at him thoughtfully and thought about what he said carefully.
He felt that it made sense.
Right now, it wasn’t just the problem of Yun Feng’s human identity being exposed.
There was also the death of Zi Leng and Cang Yu.
The red and white finned were all blamed on Yun Feng.
It was useless to explain.


Even though Yun Feng had the ability to deal with a powerhouse, it didn’t mean that she had the ability to deal with a race.
She was still in the territory of this race!

“Lock up these humans first.
About Zi Leng and Cang Yu, even though the possibility of humans taking action is very high, we can’t rule out other possibilities.
If other races secretly attack the merfolk, the situation will be even more serious! I’ll certainly investigate clearly and give the red-finned and the white-finned an explanation.
Then, I’ll certainly do things according to the rules of the Endless Sea.
The merfolk won’t let any human go!”

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Neither Zi Xuan nor Cang Lin said anything.
Although the people of the red-finned and the white-finned were still dissatisfied, they could only accept it.
After all, it was an order from the king of the merfolk.
Yun Feng didn’t resist at all, and Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi didn’t do anything either.
The three of them were taken away by the blue-finned.
The people of the Red Fin and the White Fin couldn’t help but gnash their teeth angrily.
“Let her live a little longer!”

Yun Feng was imprisoned, and the matter was temporarily resolved.
The people of the Red Fin and the White Fin certainly didn’t want to stay here anymore.
The death of Zi Leng and Cang Yu was a blow to these two factions.
The Red Fin and the White Fin respectively sent a few people to stay here and pay attention to Yun Feng.
The other elders and the younger generation returned to the clan.
The white-finned was a bit luckier than the Red Fin.
After all, Cang Yu had a dead body, while Zi Leng had nothing.


The merfolk discussed among themselves.
A human had snuck into the Endless Sea and even snuck into the merfolk without being discovered.
What was more terrifying was that this human was a summoner! The man with wings on his back next to her was clearly a Magic Beast! The young man of the blue-finned immediately remembered that this human was holding the King’s child back then.
Perhaps this human was bold enough to take the King’s child away and the King was obviously bewitched by her mermaid aura!

All the speculations spread like wildfire.
In addition, the elites of the Red Fin and the White Fin died miserably just like that, which added a few more uncertainties to the unstable situation of the merfolk.
What made the merfolk curious was, why didn’t the king order to kill this human immediately?

Some guessed that it was meant to find out how humans pretended to be merfolk, and some guessed that he wanted to ask her why Yaoyao was kidnapped and taken away from the Endless Sea.
What was Si Wen thinking? Why didn’t he deal with Yun Feng quickly? The elders of the Blue Fin was also puzzled, but nobody dared to ask.

Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi had only stayed in the merfolk’s prison for three days.
Just because Si Wen didn’t do anything didn’t mean that the others could stay patient.
Zi Xuan and Cang Lin came back three days after they returned to the clan.
Seeing them, Si Wen understood what they were going to say.

“Uncle Zi Xuan, Uncle Cang Lin,” said Si Wen casually.
Both Zi Xuan and Cang Lin didn’t look good.
The three of them arrived at a secret place.
Zi Xuan couldn’t help but ask, “Why isn’t that human dead? She killed two elites of the merfolk!”

Si Wen’s eyebrows moved slightly and he didn’t say anything.
Cang Lin’s tone was even calmer, but his expression wasn’t good.
“Zi Leng’s death might have nothing to do with her, but she was the one who killed Cang Yu in front of everyone.
She’s a human being.
If she trespasses into the Endless Sea, she’ll die.
The King doesn’t want the other members of the Sea Clan to use this as an excuse to cause trouble for the merfolk, right?”

Si Wen sat there and nodded.
“Uncle Cang Lin is right.
We should indeed do that.”

Both Zi Xuan and Cang Lin were delighted after hearing that.
Zi Xuan couldn’t wait to kill Yun Feng with his own hands to vent the hatred in his mind! “Then, please…”

“Your Majesty!” A voice suddenly came from outside.
Si Wen was startled.
Zi Xuan and Cang Lin couldn’t help but look cold.
“How dare you! We’re talking to His Majesty and you dare to disturb us!”

As soon as Zi Xuan said that, a figure had already rushed in.
The blue scales all over his body were glittering and her demonic face was so similar to Si Wen’s.
Zi Xuan and Cang Lin were stunned.
Wasn’t this the King’s child, Si Qing?

Si Wen held Yaoyao in his arms.
Yaoyao’s body had already grown a bit.
She wasn’t as young as before, as if she had suddenly matured at some point.

“Si Qing, you’re awake!” Si Wen looked at Yaoyao in his arms in surprise.
Yaoyao raised her little face.
That young face didn’t look mature because of her body.
She looked at Si Wen with her blue eyes.
“Don’t kill her.
Don’t kill her!”

Zi Xuan and Cang Lin were immediately enraged!

Si Wen looked nervous.
“Si Qing, go back first.
You don’t have to plead for mercy on this matter.”

Yaoyao’s eyes gradually became wet after hearing that.
She stared at Si Wen firmly.

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