Cang Yu looked at Yun Feng with a complicated expression.
Her face was green and red.
A summoner had come to the Endless Sea, to the merfolk.
What exactly did she want? Did she want the merfolk to become her slaves? Not a chance!

There was viciousness in Cang Yu’s eyes.
Lan Yi sensitively noticed Cang Yu’s expression and immediately shouted furiously, “Don’t you dare touch my master!”

Yun Feng sneered.
“Cang Yu, put away your dirty thoughts.”

Cang Yu blushed.
“Everyone knows what you’re thinking!”

“Humph! Do you think the merfolk are the only water-element Magic Beasts?” Qu Lanyi glanced at Cang Yu in disdain.
If it weren’t for Yaoyao, Yun Feng wouldn’t have cared about his life at all! She wouldn’t have interfered with the merfolk’s business at all, and she wouldn’t have returned Yaoyao! How could she give back a Magic Beast she won?!

“Humans, you’re so stubborn! I’ll see what you’ll do when we get out!” said Cang Yu hatefully as he put away the viciousness in his mind.
This situation wasn’t suitable for him to make a move right now.
Even if he did, there were three of them and he wouldn’t be able to take advantage of them at all.
Besides, the owner of that unknown aura was too dangerous.
If anything happened, he might really die here, just like that fool, Zi Leng!


Thinking of Zi Leng’s death, Cang Yu even gloated a bit.
The Red Fin, the White Fin and the Blue Fin all disliked each other.
Zi Leng was an elite of the Red Fin clan, the leader of the younger generation! How would Zi Xuan react if he knew that Zi Leng died in the Endless Sea? If Zi Leng died, how many of the younger generation of the Red Fin family would be his match? Even though Si Wen became the new king, everything was still unknown!


Thinking of this, the corners of Cang Yu’s mouth curled up slightly and he looked at Yun Feng deeply.
Perhaps this was also an opportunity.

The group of them quickly rushed towards the periphery of the Cheng Sea.
The dense forest kept flashing past them.
Cang Yu wasn’t distracted anymore and focused on running for his life.
When he glanced at Yaoyao in Yun Feng’s arms, he couldn’t help but feel shocked.
What exactly was the relationship between this human and Si Wen’s child?

Yaoyao’s appearance was exactly the same as that of the blue-finned merfolk.
If Yaoyao was Yun Feng and Si Wen’s child, then their forms would also be different.
Yaoyao’s pure blue-finned merman form naturally cut off Cang Yu’s other guess.

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Yun Feng looked at the road in the Cheng Sea in front of her with a gloomy look.
She slowly spread out her mental strength and the weird aura behind her kept following her slowly.
This made Yun Feng very anxious.
At worst, she would fight again.
At worst, she wouldn’t follow him anymore.
She followed him slowly like this, so she didn’t dare to stop and could only run forward desperately.

Yun Feng didn’t plan to use the Transformation Potion again.
If Cang Yu saw through her identity, there was no need for her to hide anymore.
As long as Cang Yu got out, the merfolk would know clearly.
It was better to show it openly than to hide it.
As for the attitude of the merfolk, they wouldn’t do anything to her for Yaoyao’s sake.

How would Yun Feng not know what Cang Yu was thinking? It was already a problem for him to get out alive.
If he wanted to use her, she could only let him fail completely.

The group of people in the Cheng Sea ran crazily for a few days without sleep and finally got closer to the outermost area of the Cheng Sea.
Yun Feng and the others had already rushed into the area near the territory of the merfolk, so Si Wen had already ordered a blockade.
All the elders and young elites of the Red Fin, the White Fin and the Blue Fin were gathered outside of the Cheng Sea.
The three great factions were all looking at the Endless Sea nervously.
Si Wen’s mind was already in a mess.
Those people had already been inside for several days, but there was still no news.
Even Zi Leng and Cang Yu didn’t send any news!

As the king of the merfolk, Si Wen could only suppress all the emotions in his heart.
He stood there with a gloomy face and stared straight at the Cheng Sea, not looking away for a second.
The elders and young people of the blue-finned merfolk watched anxiously and discussed in private.

The elders and younger generation of the Red Fin and the White Fin were also gathered here.
This time, it was Zi Leng and Cang Yu who went in.
Seeing that there was no news of the two of them for a few days, Zi Xuan and Cang Lin immediately looked awful.
The reason why they were asked to go in back then was naturally just for show.
They weren’t really asked to find the king’s child.
Zi Leng and Cang Lin thought the two of them understood their thoughts, but they didn’t expect that they would never come out after going in.

The red-finned Zi Xuan’s face was completely black, but Cang Lin’s face was a bit better.
Zi Leng was impulsive and competitive, while Cang Yu was calm and generous.
When Cang Lin saw that Zi Xuan’s face was completely black, he couldn’t help but feel happy in his mind.
Zi Xuan had been silent these days.
As time passed, his face became darker and darker.
Finally, one day, a piece of news made Zi Xuan unable to hold it in anymore and he was immediately enraged!

Zi Leng was dead!

Looking at the jade pendant in his hand that had already lost the light of the soul, coldness that was getting colder and colder surged in the bottom of Zi Xuan’s eyes and slowly covered his entire face.
Everyone of the red-finned faction was in shock, while Zi Xuan exerted his strength and the jade pendant in his hand shattered into pieces!

Zi Leng was dead.
The genius that the red-finned clan was so proud of died in the Cheng Sea just like that!

When the clansmen of the white-finned and the blue-finned knew about it, they were also extremely shocked.
Si Wen’s pupils shrank fiercely.
Zi Leng was dead! This news was truly a destructive blow to the red-finned! Si Wen went over and comforted him.
Zi Xuan didn’t say anything with a cold face.
Cang Lin also walked over, but as soon as he walked over, Zi Xuan suddenly attacked!

“What are you doing?” Cang Lin narrowly avoided Zi Xuan’s attack and immediately roared in anger.
The members of the Red Fin and the White Fin were stunned again when they saw this!

“What did I do? Cang Ran! It was Cang Yu who caused Zi Leng’s death!”

What he said shocked everyone! Cang Lin immediately looked extremely awful and even twisted.
“Zi Xuan! I think you’re stupid! What does Zi Leng’s death have to do with the White Fin Clan?”

“Don’t try to get away! Zi Leng entered the Cheng Sea with Cang Yu! How could Zi Leng die inside with his ability? It must be related to Cang Yu!”

“Zi Xuan! Don’t slander him! It’s his own business that he’s dead! Don’t blame everything on others!”

Si Wen watched the two of them argue coldly as the thoughts in his mind surged again and again.
At this moment, Zi Xuan was already enraged and insisted that this matter was related to the white-finned.
Cang Lin was also enraged.
Seeing that the two of them were about to fight, Si Wen said indifferently, “Even though Zi Leng went in with Cang Yu, it doesn’t mean that the two of them would keep moving together.”

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