“How dare you!” The tongue was broken, and blood splashed everywhere! Yun Feng’s fair face was stained with dark red, and Lan Yi’s body was also stained with red.
Now that the tongue was broken, the part that was tied to Lan Yi’s body naturally lost its strength.
Lan Yi spread his four wings.
“Master!” He flew over quickly and grabbed Yun Feng’s body with his sharp claws, pulling her off the barbs!


Blood oozed out of the wounds on Yun Feng’s body and fell to the ground from the sky.
Lan Yi couldn’t help but feel heartbroken when he saw this scene.
Qu Lanyi’s body immediately rushed over and the light elements directly covered the wounds on Yun Feng’s body.
His black eyes were full of heartache and dissatisfaction!

“What are you doing?” Qu Lanyi healed Yun Feng’s wounds with light elements and looked at the blood that kept flowing out anxiously.
Yun Feng was a bit pale because of the blood loss.
She shook her head at Qu Lanyi.
“I’m fine.
I’m just a bit injured.”

“Master!” Lan Yi also looked at her reproachfully.
Yun Feng glanced at the Magic Beast with its tongue cut off with her black eyes.
The Magic Beast was in a lot of pain at this moment.
The half of its tongue that fell on the ground suddenly jumped twice.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes fiercely!

“The wounds caused by Lan Yi are slowly disappearing!” Yun Feng glanced at the wounds caused by Lan Yi just then.
In the wind element attack, there were wounds of all sizes on the Magic Beast’s body, but now, these wounds had all disappeared inexplicably!

Seeing that, Qu Lanyi became gloomy.
“That tongue…”

The few of them looked over.
The tongue that was cut off jumped a few times and was picked up by the Magic Beast’s huge hand.
It was swallowed just like that.
Seeing this scene, a thought suddenly flashed through Yun Feng’s mind.
She glanced at Qu Lanyi.
“Is it…”

Qu Lanyi nodded solemnly.
“I detected traces of light elements in its body.
It has a strong self-healing ability! No wound can cause any fundamental damage to it unless it’s fatal!”

Lan Yi’s face darkened after hearing that, and so did Yun Feng.
Facing such a powerful Magic Beast that could heal itself, all their attacks would be useless if they weren’t fatal!

“It’s not easy to kill it with one attack,” Yun Feng whispered.
This Magic Beast was stronger than them.
There was no chance of killing it with one attack at all! So, their chance of winning was almost zero! If this battle continued to drag on, they would only face one result!

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“None of the elements is invincible.
Although the light element carries unbelievable healing abilities, the dark element is its sworn enemy.
It’s also the best way to restrain the self-healing ability,” said Qu Lanyi in a deep voice.
Yun Feng and Lan Yi both smiled wryly.
The dark element? Yan Che, who had the elements, wasn’t here! None of them here could use the dark element!

Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder suddenly roared a few times, as if it wanted to rush out.
Yun Feng suddenly grabbed Meatball’s body and looked at its sharp teeth that had already shown.
In the fierce battle just then, Meatball’s sharp teeth also caused quite a lot of damage to the Magic Beast.
The wounds caused by Meatball were very deep.
Even though these wounds were still there right now, they were still healing slowly.
As time passed, these wounds would disappear sooner or later!

What should they do right now?

“I’m going to kill you all!” roared the Magic Beast.
It slapped its long, barbed tail fiercely.
Qu Lanyi grabbed Yun Feng’s waist and quickly dodged with her.
Lan Yi flapped its wings and dodged too.
Without the attack speed of its tongue, the other attacks of the Magic Beast could obviously be predicted.

“This is our advantage right now.” Yun Feng said with a pale face as she glanced at the violent Magic Beast with her black eyes.
“Its tongue is temporarily broken.
It doesn’t have any speed to attack anymore.
This is our chance!”

Qu Lanyi frowned.
“What are you doing? Even if you attack it, it won’t be permanently damaged! Its self-healing ability is so powerful that it’s only consuming your mental strength!”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“It’s not a waste of energy.
I can’t kill it, but I can seriously injure it!”

Qu Lanyi was stunned.
Yun Feng had already pushed him away and replaced the longsword in her hand with a wand.
She waved it abruptly and the water element turned into chains that attacked the Magic Beast’s body! Seeing Yun Feng attack, Lan Yi certainly used the wind element to carry out another round of fierce bombardment.
Qu Lanyi held Yaoyao and looked at Yun Feng’s back.
Her slim back was so stubborn and persistent at this moment!

“Even if I can’t kill it, I must severely injure it…” Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but chuckle.
How stubborn was she? She didn’t admit defeat even in a desperate situation!

“Boom!” Yun Feng stopped in the air.
The chains formed by the water element constantly caused wounds on the Magic Beast’s body.
Under the attack of Lan Yi and Yun Feng, the Magic Beast, which had temporarily lost its tongue, could only be beaten up passively.
Even if it attacked, it would be dodged easily!

Yun Feng was waiting for the opportunity to release the fusion of elements!

Lan Yi and Qu Lanyi both knew what Yun Feng was thinking.
Facing such a powerful healing Magic Beast, they would only have a chance to escape if they used powerful moves to severely injure it!

The chaotic battle continued.
The roars of the Magic Beasts and the collision of elements kept echoing in this area.
The giant Magic Beast’s mouth didn’t open again, because its injured tongue was inside.
Yun Feng’s elemental attacks didn’t stop.
After fighting for a while, joy burst out of its orange eyes.
At the same time, a dazzling light flashed through Yun Feng’s black eyes!

The Magic Beast opened its mouth wide.
The tongue that was cut off by Yun Feng just then was already intact at this moment!

“All of you, die!” As the Magic Beast roared, the red tongue in its mouth had already swept towards Yun Feng.
What surprised the Magic Beast was that Yun Feng didn’t dodge, but came straight at its tongue!

What? The Magic Beast felt weird in its mind and even hesitated! What was this human doing? When Yun Feng got closer and closer, its orange eyes widened abruptly.
The Magic Beast looked at the glittering elemental ball in Yun Feng’s hand and clearly felt the destructive energy inside!

Yun Feng smiled as she suddenly raised the elemental ball in her hand and threw it into the Magic Beast’s mouth!

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