The Magic Beast looked at Lan Yi, who dodged its tongue, and roared furiously.
Its tongue danced in the air at an extremely high speed.
Its tongue was fast, but Lan Yi’s speed was comparable! The griffins of the wind element were famous for their speed!

Yun Feng held the unconscious Yaoyao tightly in her arms.
She didn’t dare to stop the water element at all.
Putting Yaoyao into the bracelet was the best solution right now.
However, Yaoyao was unconscious.
Yun Feng didn’t dare to make a decision on her own.
She could only keep sending the water element into Yaoyao’s body like this.
In the current situation, Yun Feng’s combat strength would be greatly reduced with the unconscious Yaoyao!

Qu Lanyi observed the giant Magic Beast closely on the side.
While the Magic Beast was distracted by Lan Yi, he quickly rushed to Yun Feng.
“Did you notice it?”

Yun Feng nodded and looked at the tongue and body movements of the Magic Beast with her black eyes.
“Its tongue is extremely fast, almost as fast as Lan Yi’s, but its body moves quite slowly!”

Qu Lanyi nodded.
“The three of us easily dodged the attack just then.
Its current attack only depends on that tongue.
Once the tongue is cut off, it’ll lose the weapon it’s most proud of! We have a lot of chances of winning!”

Yun Feng wasn’t surprised to hear that.
There was a hint of seriousness in her eyes.
“You feel it too, don’t you?”

Qu Lanyi nodded.
“I don’t know the details of this Magic Beast at all.
It’s very likely to be a Lord Level Magic Beast.”

“As long as we cut off the tongue, it’ll be like cutting off one of its arms!” said Yun Feng in a deep voice.
The water element completely enveloped Yaoyao’s body and she handed the unconscious Yaoyao to Qu Lanyi.
Qu Lanyi was startled as he took Yaoyao.
“Of course, I’ll cut off the tongue.” There was a smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.
Qu Lanyi smiled and protected Yaoyao in his arms.
“Alright, I’ll definitely take good care of Yaoyao.”


Yun Feng nodded.
At this moment, she didn’t need a spear to charge for her.
She needed a shield that could put her mind at ease!

Yun Feng jumped and joined the battle!

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“Master!” Lan Yi couldn’t help but feel a bit worried when he saw Yun Feng in the sky.
Yun Feng immediately said, “Lan Yi, listen carefully.
You’re responsible for distracting this Magic Beast.
Don’t worry about anything else.
Leave it to me!”

“But Master!” Lan Yi wanted to say something, but Yun Feng stopped him.
“Don’t you believe in your master? When have I not won? Even if this Magic Beast is at the Lord Level, I can still win! Even if I can’t win, I can definitely protect you!”

Lan Yi’s heart trembled fiercely as an indescribable feeling surged in his mind.
Magic Beasts and summoners were partners.
Most summoners would use Magic Beasts as a shield when they were in danger.
However, which summoner would be like Yun Feng, protecting their Magic Beasts?

“I’ll be Master’s shield! I’ll protect Master! Leave it to me!” Lan Yi’s voice came.
Yun Feng chuckled.
Right, at this moment, it wasn’t who was protecting whom, but everybody protecting each other!

“I’ll leave it to you.” Yun Feng whispered softly, as if she was giving Lan Yi endless power.
A loud eagle cry cut through the sky of this underwater world.
A ball of green light enveloped Lan Yi’s body and a huge griffin appeared!

“A Griffin?!” The Magic Beast couldn’t help but feel a bit shocked when it saw Lan Yi’s original body.
Then, it seemed to understand something.
“So, a summoner sneaked into the Endless Sea?” The pair of orange eyes became more vicious.
“As a Magic Beast, you became someone else’s tool.
I won’t let you live!” The Magic Beast raised its tongue again.
This time, its snake-like long tail also moved.
The barbs on it glittered!

Qu Lanyi carried the unconscious Yaoyao and carefully retreated out of the circle.
He paid close attention to the Magic Beast’s every move.
What he had to do wasn’t only to protect Yaoyao, but also to be Yun Feng’s eyes!

The speed of the griffin’s original body was completely released.
The speed of the Magic Beast’s tongue also seemed to be maximized.
The griffin’s body drew dark lines in the air, attracting the Magic Beast’s attention firmly.
Its long red tongue kept attacking Lan Yi.
Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
“Lan Yi, now!”

Lan Yi’s body suddenly stopped in the sky.
In just one moment, it seemed to have hesitated for a second.
During this second, the red tongue had already reached forward and wrapped around Lan Yi’s body!

“Hahahaha, die!” The Magic Beast’s tongue wrapped around Lan Yi’s body.
Even though the griffin was huge, its tongue was infinitely long and rolled Lan Yi’s body a few times! At this moment, Yun Feng jumped up from the back of the Magic Beast and flipped her hand, taking out the Monarch Level longsword.
The longsword let out a real buzzing sound.
Yun Feng stared at the red tongue with her black eyes and the longsword in her hand had already gathered power, slashing fiercely!

“Damn it!” The Magic Beast was extremely vigilant.
Even though its attention was attracted by Lan Yi, it could keenly notice when the danger came.
The Magic Beast sensed Yun Feng’s movements and raised its long tail full of thorns fiercely, pressing towards Yun Feng’s body!

Yun Feng held the longsword in her hand tightly and didn’t dodge! She knew that she only had one chance.
Looking at the barbs that were getting closer and closer to her body, Yun Feng gritted her teeth and slashed the longsword in her hand at the tongue! At the same time, the barbs instantly stabbed into her body!



The Magic Beast’s painful roar came.
Yun Feng’s longsword had already slashed the tongue horizontally.
Lan Yi’s griffin claws also scratched the surface of the Magic Beast at the same time.
Yun Feng didn’t seem to notice the pain on her body.
The barbs had already entered her body and blood was slowly flowing down the barbs.
Lan Yi called out anxiously and Qu Lanyi’s voice came loudly.
Yun Feng didn’t seem to hear it.
There was only that red tongue in her eyes.
She was going to cut it off!

“Damn you, human!” The Beast roared.
The pain on its tongue made its barbs pierce deeper.
It didn’t believe that it couldn’t stab this human to death! Yun Feng narrowed her eyes slightly.
The Monarch Level longsword that gathered all her strength couldn’t cut off this tongue once.
If it didn’t work once, she would try again!

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened.
Water elements instantly spread out of her palm and flowed along the Monarch Level sword.
“Condense!” Yun Feng suddenly shouted.
The flowing blue water elements instantly froze and the hard icicles stabbed deep into the red tongue.
The tongue that was full of wounds suddenly broke under this fierce attack!

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