Yun Feng nodded.
She wasn’t angry at all when You Yan described her as shameless.
Meatball, on the other hand, glared at You Yan a bit unhappily.
Its little body suddenly bumped into You Yan before it was ready!


The invisible restriction shattered under the fierce collision of Meatball.
You Yan also took this opportunity to escape the restraints of the wall.
Its slender body stretched agilely in the air and it looked at Yun Feng with a weird light in its eyes.
Yun Feng suddenly felt uneasy.

“Shameless human, do you think I’ll let you go after you get my whisker?” You Yan roared as its slender body turned around and its tail slapped the wall fiercely.
Yun Feng’s black eyes suddenly darkened as the extremely furious roar of a Magic Beast sounded in the distance!

“You…” Yun Feng looked at You Yan’s gloating face.
“This is our deal.
I saved you, so you should pay the price!”

You Yan snorted.
“Shameless! Human, let’s see how you escape! Hahahaha!” You Yan laughed loudly and its body turned into a semi-transparent shape.
Then, she rushed out at a weird speed and disappeared!

Yun Feng also rushed out of the cave at the highest speed with Yaoyao, who was still unconscious in her arms.
She ran out along that slender path.
Yun Feng wasn’t slow, but You Yan had already disappeared completely!

“Which one between us is truly shameless?” Yun Feng gritted her teeth and said.
She didn’t expect it to be so petty as to hit her when she was down!

She quickly rushed out of the deep hole with Yaoyao in her arms.
As soon as Yun Feng rushed out, she saw Lan Yi and Qu Lanyi rushing over from elsewhere.
The two of them looked very gloomy.
“Let’s go! I don’t know what’s going on.
That Magic Beast must’ve been alarmed!” Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw Yaoyao in Yun Feng’s arms.
Yun Feng immediately nodded and the three of them quickly rushed out!

“Why is it alarmed? Is there a mechanism where Yaoyao is?” Qu Lanyi asked in confusion.
His mind was spinning quickly.
What were the chances of them successfully getting out?

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Yun Feng held Yaoyao tightly as the water element continued to enter her body.
Speaking of this, Yun Feng gritted her teeth and said, “I met a truly shameless guy.”

Lan Yi and Qu Lanyi were both stunned and didn’t ask anymore.
The most important thing right now was to rush out before that Magic Beast returned! As long as they left this place, it wouldn’t be difficult to get rid of this Magic Beast with the complicated terrain of the Cheng Sea!

“It’s rushing here.
It’s too fast.” Yun Feng sensed that an inexplicable suppressed aura was rushing towards this area fiercely.
Lan Yi and Meatball became more and more gloomy.
The three of them ran towards the place they came from.
“Master, we’re here!” Lan Yi looked at the invisible barrier in front of him.
Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder suddenly jumped up and its white body rushed towards the barrier fiercely!

“Bang!” Meatball hit the barrier.
Yun Feng heard the roar of the Magic Beast again, but this time, it wasn’t far away.
It was… in front of them!

“Meatball!” Yun Feng shouted as Meatball’s body flipped agilely in the air and returned to Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Its body let out a furious roar and the fur all over its body was about to stand on end.
Yun Feng and the others looked at the huge Magic Beast in front of them solemnly.
It had finally returned!

The enormous body of the Magic Beast stepped into the restriction.
The black scales all over its body were glittering.
Its lower body, which was similar to that of a snake, was covered with sharp scales.
There were glitters on those spikes and its upper body had the head of a lizard.
Its front limbs turned into two hands with sharp nails as it stared at Yun Feng and the others with its orange eyes.

“How bold of you! How dare you break into my territory and let You Yan go!” The Magic Beast roared furiously with a hissing sound.
It slapped the ground mercilessly.
Qu Lanyi, Yun Feng and Lan Yi immediately jumped away.
The stones and soil on the ground suddenly flew up and a few cracks appeared!

Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi all looked gloomy.
In that moment, their mental strength had already fought with the Magic Beast.
This Magic Beast was stronger than them.
It was very likely at the Lord Level!

Yun Feng glanced at the several intersecting cracks on the ground with her black eyes.
Stones and soil flew everywhere.
The Magic Beast lifted its giant palm from the ground.
There was a hint of viciousness in its orange-yellow eyes as it looked at the three humans who escaped its attack without any injuries.
It was extremely furious!

“Whoever breaks into the Endless Sea, whoever breaks into my territory, dies!” The giant lizard suddenly raised its head and roared.
Its long red tongue darted out of its mouth towards Yun Feng!

Yun Feng held Yaoyao in her arms tightly and exerted her strength to jump up.
That long red tongue instantly changed its direction in the air, tangling behind Yun Feng!

“Swish!” A beam of green light flashed.
The Magic Beast’s long red tongue was slightly blocked and it missed the best opportunity to catch Yun Feng.
The Magic Beast looked at Lan Yi, who suddenly rushed out, with its orange-yellow eyes and roared furiously.
Lan Yi’s blue eyes were slightly cold as he spread his four wings abruptly.
The griffin patterns on his wings were also completely shown in front of the Magic Beast at this moment! The griffin patterns on his wings were extremely ferocious and emitted a frightening power.
Lan Yi’s body suddenly rose to the sky and his wings gathered green light, attacking the Magic Beast instantly!

“Wind Arrow Rain!” Lan Yi roared.
The wind elements turned into arrows that filled the sky and gathered above the Magic Beast’s head, forming a small green sky.
The Magic Beast raised its giant lizard-like head and wanted to dodge.
Lan Yi flapped its wings abruptly and the arrows that filled the sky shot towards the Magic Beast fiercely, hitting it without hesitation!

The wind element fell fiercely and countless arrows fell from the sky, enveloping the entire body of the Magic Beast.
The remaining arrows landed on the ground and caused countless cracks again! Yun Feng looked at Lan Yi in the sky with a smile in her eyes.
Lan Yi usually did support work in battles, but as a griffin, his attack power was actually quite high!

The dust in the sky dispersed.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but frown when they saw the black shadow that was still standing there.
Its long red tongue swept towards Lan Yi through the layers of dust.
Lan Yi’s blue eyes glittered and his body flashed to the side quickly.
The long red tongue had already missed!

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