Chapter 79: The Interference of the Murong Family

When Murong Shuli saw Murong Ran rush in like this recklessly, his expression changed slightly and he was a bit upset at the bottom of his heart.
There was another person in the room.
That man had a ferocious scar on his face from his right eye to his jaw, giving that face a fierce aura.

When Murong Ran recklessly pushed the door open and ran in, a dim light flashed through the eyes of the man with a scar.
Those bloodshot eyes stayed on Murong Ran and sized her up a few times.

“Tut-tut, I can’t believe Master Murong has such a beautiful granddaughter.
Congratulations!” The man with a scar laughed weirdly.
Even though he was talking to Murong Shuli, his eyes kept looking at Murong Ran.
When Murong Ran saw this man with a scar, her face immediately turned a little pale.
Her savage temperament seemed to have come across a huge problem.
She didn’t even dare to breathe and hid straight behind Murong Shuli.

“Deputy Head, I’m flattered.
I still have some family matters to deal with today.
Please excuse me.” Murong Shuli smiled politely at the man with a scar.
His words carried his intention to ask that man to leave.

A glint of viciousness flashed through the eyes of the man with the scar and he then raised the corners of his mouth.

“Master Murong, if you have family affairs to deal with, I’ll go first.
Miss Murong, goodbye.” The man with a scar smiled at Murong Ran with a ferocious look.
Murong Ran gasped and her body couldn’t help but get closer to her grandpa.

The man with a scar chuckled and didn’t say anything else.
He left after saying goodbye to Murong Shuli.
When Murong Ran saw the man with the scar walk out, she finally came out from behind Murong Shuli with a disgusted look.

“Who’s that ugly man? His gaze really makes me sick…”

Murong Shuli’s expression changed immediately and he shouted at Murong Ran, “How dare you still keep gabbing? Who said you can come in like this? Huh?!”

Murong Ran pouted, feeling wronged.
Her grandpa had never scolded her so harshly before, so a trace of sorrow surged in her heart.
“Grandpa, your granddaughter was insulted by someone and you’re still rebuking me like this…”

Seeing Murong Ran’s teary look, Murong Shuli couldn’t help but soften his heart.
That man just then wasn’t a good person.
Who wasn’t vicious and cruel in the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group? If that man had any feelings for Murong Ran, it would be a huge problem for the Murong family.

Murong Shuli thought again.
Even if he did, the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group wouldn’t want to destroy their relationship with the Murong family completely either.
After all, they had to rely on the Murong family, this big tree.

“You, when can you change your temperament… Who picked on you? Tell grandpa.” Murong Shuli calmed his emotions, looking kind.
When Murong Ran saw that, she was instantly happy in her mind.
She quickly told Murong Shuli what Yun Feng and Yun Sheng did to her in the weapon store today.
Of course, this Young Lady tried her best to twist the truth and exaggerate the story.
In the end, it completely sounded like Yun Feng was the one who caused trouble, while she was innocent.

When Murong Shuli heard that, he frowned slightly as he glanced at Murong Ran with his bright eyes.
Murong Ran lowered her head with a guilty conscience.
Murong Shuli certainly knew that the truth could be completely the opposite.
With Murong Ran’s temperament, who would take the initiative to provoke her? And yet, even though he knew his granddaughter provoked other people first, he still had to help her.
He certainly had to take sides with his own family.

“The Yun family again.
I’ve never thought there would be a day when the Yun family becomes lucky.”

The Murong family had certainly heard that the Yun family took over things from the Lin family in Chunfeng Town and they were indeed astonished.
The down-and-out Yun family got back their own family business.
How could people not be surprised? The Murong family even had an engagement arrangement with the Yun family before.

“Grandpa, even if the Yun family has become lucky, they’re still mud that can’t stand up.
And yet, such a Yun family dares to bully me and humiliate the Murong family.
Grandpa, you must get justice for me!”

Murong Ran was quite smart.
Yun Feng was only up against her alone, but she dragged the entire Murong family in.
How would Murong Shuli not know what Murong Ran was thinking? However, he couldn’t just let other people insult his granddaughter, even if Murong Ran was wrong.

“How do you want me to take revenge for you? Tell me.”

After hearing that, Murong Ran’s eyes brightened.
She spent a long time coming up with this plan.
“The brother and sister of the Yun family came to Park City to sign up for the admission exam of Masang School of Magic.
If I want to take revenge on her, I’ll have to start from her loved ones.
Only then can I give her the heaviest blow.
Grandpa, am I right?”

Murong Ran looked at Murong Shuli with a proud look.
Murong Shuli chuckled softly.
“You’re right, Xiao Ran.
If you want to take revenge on someone, you must give that person the greatest blow.
Her weaknesses will be the parts we have to hit.
Even though it’s almost impossible for us to rig the admission exam, it’s not that we can’t do it.
As long as we do it well, we can make that boy of the Yun family fail the exam.”

Murong Ran was immediately delighted when she heard this, as if she had imagined how sad Yun Feng would be if Yun Sheng couldn’t pass the exam.
An evil smile appeared on her gorgeous little face.
Yun Feng, your brother won’t pass the exam.
Let’s see how crazy you’ll get!


The silk-like fog was gradually torn by the fierce, dazzling sunlight.
It was a new day, a different morning in Park City, this second-rate city of the Karan Empire.

Liberty Square in Park City had always been a good place for citizens to relax and play, but today, the periphery of Liberty Square was surrounded and isolated by transparent barriers.
The square that was usually livening up at night had begun to be flooded with crowds of people once the sun rose.

It seemed that people in Park City had been waiting for this day to come.
In less than an hour after the sun rose, more than a hundred people had already started gathering outside Liberty Square, except for the area surrounded by transparent barriers.

People were moving inside gradually.
Everyone’s face seemed to be filled with a different kind of enthusiasm.
Their eyes all gazed at the isolated central area of Liberty Square with an inexplicable excitement and anticipation.

Today was a big day that happened every year in Park City.
It was comparable to the most joyful festival.
Today was the day the admission exam of Masang School of Magic was officially held!

Even though there were ten recruitment venues of Masang School of Magic in the Karan Empire and the one in Park City didn’t have the most attention, today was still a special day for people in Park City, because they could see a lot of future mages here on this day.
Today, they could witness the magnificent magic exam with their own eyes.
This was undoubtedly exciting and delightful for areas where mages rarely appeared like the East Continent.

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