Physical strength had always been a weakness of summoners and mages.
They would easily be killed by warriors, even though they had powerful abilities.
So, Yun Feng decided that she didn’t only have to become a summoner, she had to become a warrior as well.
She needed a strong body and an outstanding physique!

This was actually an unimaginable idea.
People could accept that a summoner was also a mage.
After all, the two of them belonged to the same category of mental strength.
However, if a summoner was also a warrior, everyone would probably have their eyes popped out.
And now, Yun Feng was about to make this astonishing idea come true!

“Don’t worry, brother.
I’ll not let you down.” Feng gave a smile and Yun Sheng also smiled.

After being forced to stay in bed for a few more days by her brother, Yun Feng could finally get out of bed and go outside to take in some fresh air.
Yun Feng looked around.
The mansion of the Yun family wasn’t large.
Although they were an old family that had a history of a thousand years, they were simple and unusual.
Maybe it was because the Yun family didn’t have a lot of members and a larger house would only make them more lonely.

Right now, the mansion of the Yun family was more like an ordinary home, perhaps just a little bigger than the house of a normal family.
Nobody could see that they were once a glorious family that stood at the top of the Karan Empire.

Yun Feng glanced over a closed door and her eyes darkened slightly.
That was the ancestral hall of the Yun family.
The tablets of generations of leaders of the family were enshrined there and there was also a picture of the summoner ancestor of the Yun family.
Yun Feng had now been reborn.
She had been brought into the ancestral hall once when she was small to do some kind of test.
She couldn’t remember what the ancestor looked like and what kind of style he had completely because of the fuzzy memory from a young age.

She really wanted to go into the ancestral hall again.

As she pondered, her father Yun Jing walked over from outside.
Since Yun Feng’s body got better, Yun Jing also looked more than two times better than he was a while back.
Seeing his daughter stand in front of him healthy, Yun Jing was thrilled.

“Father.” Yun Feng bowed to Yun Jing respectfully.
The Yun family was very strict in manners and they didn’t neglect etiquette at all.
Even though the Yun family wasn’t as powerful as they used to be, every member of the family still had arrogance in their hearts.

Yun Jing nodded and noticed that Yun Feng was looking at the ancestral hall just then.
Yun Jing thought for a while and said softly, “Feng, do you want to go to the ancestral hall?”

Yun Feng was startled and immediately felt relieved.
Her father was a level-5 warrior, so he could certainly notice where she was looking.
She then nodded.

Yun Jing didn’t say anything else.
He only moved his body slightly and walked towards the ancestral hall.
Yun Feng instantly followed him.

The classification of occupational levels in the Vast Continent was very simple.
Level 1 to level 9 were the most well-known levels.
Level 1 to level 3 were elementary levels, level 4 to level 6 were intermediate levels and level 7 to level 9 were advanced levels.
Those who could reach level 8 and level 9 were regarded as one of the best in the empire and they could look down on everyone else.

The level above level 9 was the Commander Level and not a lot of people knew about it.
There was an obvious difference in level between the powerhouses of this level and people of the normal levels, like a watershed.
There were essential differences in power between them.

The Commander Level wasn’t power an empire could have.
They were some mysterious forces that were beyond empires.
The Monarch Level was above the Commander Level and it was divided into three sub-levels, the elementary level, the intermediate level and the advanced level.
After reaching the Monarch Level, it would be extremely difficult to advance to the next level.
Those who could get to this level were all the best of the best.
They occupied important positions and wouldn’t often show up in people’s sight.

Above those at the Monarch Level were the even more unrealistic beings of the Lord Level, which was also divided into three sub-levels, the elementary level, the intermediate level and the advanced level.
These powerhouses were all like monsters in the eyes of people in the world without any exceptions.
Nobody had seen them fight and nobody could be certain that such powerhouses really existed.
When people at the Lord Level attacked, even an empire would immediately be burnt down, let alone a small country.

And what level was above the Lord Level? No one knew.
There hadn’t been anyone in the human race who had reached that point.
In tens of thousands of years of evolution, humans constantly speculated that maybe there would only be levels above the Lord Level among the Magic Beasts.
If those beasts truly appeared, it must be a disaster for humans.

The door of the ancestral hall was opened.
Some cold air escaped and Yun Feng couldn’t help but tighten her body with a very solemn look.
She followed Yun Jing inside the ancestral hall.
When Yun Feng slightly looked up, she saw the picture on the wall.
That smiling but arrogant man was the summoner ancestor!

“Kneel.” Yun Jing said as Yun Feng knelt on the floor with her knees with piety and inexplicable respect, facing the man in the picture and the leaders of the Yun family.

“Feng, do you know who these tablets represent?”

“Yes, the leaders of the Yun family over generations.”

Yun Jing nodded and looked at the picture with glitters in his black eyes.
“And do you know who the man in the picture is?”

Yun Feng nodded.
Yun Jing didn’t say anything else.
He just stood next to Yun Feng quietly and remained silent for a long time.
After that, he sighed softly with helplessness and exhaustion.
“After this ancestor, there hasn’t been any summoner in the Yun family anymore.
Is this the Yun family’s problem or is God teasing us?”

Yun Feng knelt there as she tightened her lips.
She only felt a fire burning fiercely in her heart.
A summoner, she must become a summoner!

Yun Jing slowly walked to the place where the tablets were put and he touched somewhere.
Yun Feng then heard the sound of a secret drawer.
After waiting for a bit when her father turned around again, there was a shimmering stone in his hand.

Yun Feng looked at the stone and felt the mental strength inside her body seemed to be attracted to the stone, as if the stone had some kind of suction force that pulled her mental strength out!

Yun Feng was shocked.
She immediately stabilized the mental strength in her body which was ready to move, and she stared at the weird stone as she started sweating slightly on her forehead.
What exactly was that stone?

Seeing that Yun Jing held the stone so solemnly, and that it was taken out from a secret drawer in this ancestral hall, it must be the most precious thing the Yun family had.
Yun Feng made a guess in her mind.
Yun Jing then spoke again as his eyes looked at the stone in his hand with endless hope.

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