The dense forest in the Cheng Sea formed a magnificent ocean.
The density was so high that there were a lot of obstacles when passing through it.
The Cheng Sea was quite complicated.
If Yun Feng didn’t have this special connection with the water element between her and Yaoyao, she wouldn’t have been able to find her at all!

The water element around Yun Feng slowly spread.
Even though Yun Feng’s mental strength was huge, it only covered a small range around her.
She didn’t know what danger she would encounter in the Clear Sea.
If her mental strength was exhausted and she couldn’t save Yaoyao, she would also die here!

As for the Spirit Gathering Grass, Yun Feng didn’t have time to care about that right now! She had to make plans after Yaoyao returned safely!

Yun Feng kept moving forward as she followed the faint blue element.
This blue element was very faint.
If she didn’t look carefully, she wouldn’t be able to notice it at all.
Yun Feng followed the guidance of this blue element and walked in the complicated and changing terrain of the Cheng Sea.
Along the way, Yun Feng truly felt that the area of the Cheng Sea was vast and dangerous! Right now, Yun Feng was a bit worried about how they could successfully return after finding Yaoyao.

Two dots kept flashing on the Finger Spiritual Jade in her hand.
Yun Feng paid close attention to the Finger Spiritual Jade as she moved forward.
Zi Leng and Cang Yu didn’t let Yun Feng be at ease.
Yun Feng looked at the two dots that kept moving forward with a cold expression.

“How are they doing?” asked Qu Lanyi, who was observing the terrain closely with a complicated look.

“They’re moving forward.
They seem to be moving very fast.” Yun Feng looked at the two dots far away from her.
The two of them were moving faster than her and their direction was almost the same.
Yun Feng looked at the blue thread in front of her that was still extending into the Cheng Sea with coldness in her black eyes.

“Where exactly has Yaoyao been taken to? Look at this thread.
It’s still extending further!” Lan Yi frowned and looked at this thread.
His blue eyes looked at the endless forest in front of him worriedly.
They couldn’t see the road ahead at all and could only follow this thread.
The deeper they went into the Cheng Sea, the more intuitively uncomfortable Lan Yi’s Magic Beast became.

“No matter where Yaoyao is taken to, even if it’s a place that I can’t enter, I must break in!” Yun Feng whispered as she ran forward quickly.
Qu Lanyi smiled helplessly and followed her.
Lan Yi only felt a trace of warmth in his heart.
If he encountered such a dangerous situation one day, his master would probably come after him too.

Yaoyao was swept away by that tongue and disappeared into the depths of the Cheng Sea.
Yun Feng kept going deeper and deeper with her unique method.
It took her a full ten days.
During this period of time, she and Qu Lanyi didn’t have the time to eat the Transformation Potion.
It was more convenient for them to move in their original form.
The human aura of the two of them had already been wiped out.
They were also in the Cheng Sea and wouldn’t be in danger of being exposed at all.

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In the ten days, Yun Feng had been following that light blue thread.
There seemed to be no end to the thread.
Such an endless chase could easily make people lose their patience, but Yun Feng was different.
As long as she had a firm belief, she would keep moving!

The Finger Spiritual Jade showed that Zi Leng and Cang Yu didn’t give up either.
The two of them changed their direction halfway and seemed to have found nothing.
The two of them were on a different path from Yun Feng, which saved Yun Feng a lot of trouble.
Even though there were also strange movements in the Cheng Sea along the way, they didn’t attack Yun Feng and the others.
The deeper they went into the Cheng Sea, Yun Feng felt like she had come to the depths of the Foggy Forest.
Lan Yi and Meatball looked serious and tense, and Qu Lanyi also observed the surroundings keenly.

“A lot of eyes are watching us along the way.” Qu Lanyi lowered his face and whispered.
Yun Feng glanced to the sides with her black eyes.
There were some auras lurking in the dense forest.
They had already entered the depths of the Cheng Sea.
The deeper they went, the easier it was to cause a commotion!

At this moment, the lurking aura suddenly became chaotic.
A sound came from the dense forest.
In a blink, three black shadows jumped out of the forest!

Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi quickly attacked.
They unleashed the momentum of the final stage of the Monarch Level without holding back at all.
The light element, the wind element and Yun Feng’s water element all attacked the three black shadows!

“Pa!” “Pa!” “Pa!”

The bodies of the three Magic Beasts fell on the ground.
They were no longer alive after the attack just then.
Coldness burst out of Yun Feng’s face.
She didn’t show mercy at all in the attack just then.
In this Cheng Sea that was full of danger, she would be the one who died if she showed mercy!

The three late-stage Monarch Level experts traveled together.
Even if they were in the Cheng Sea, nobody would provoke them easily.
The three beasts just then became the best examples.
The slightly chaotic aura instantly stopped.
Yun Feng smiled coldly as her body flashed and moved forward again.

“We can enjoy peace for a while.” Qu Lanyi chuckled, but didn’t retract the light elements in his hand at all.
With a cold face, Lan Yi suddenly unfolded the wings on his back.
They weren’t wings anymore! The ferocious griffin tattoo on the wings was also vividly shown.
A roar came from Meatball’s body on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Its cute expression was gone, and it bared its sharp teeth ferociously.

When she moved forward again, no Magic Beasts dared to provoke her anymore.
Yun Feng followed the guidance of the blue thread and moved forward quickly.
She only wished that she could go a bit faster, or burn this forest to silence!

“Master!” Lan Yi shouted in a low voice.
Yun Feng suddenly stopped.
Qu Lanyi stood next to her with a frown.
The forest in front of the three of them wasn’t as dense as before, and it was strangely quiet around.
The faint thread of water element in front of them suddenly cut off and floated slowly.

“This should be it.” Yun Feng glanced around with her black eyes.
“This should be its nest, or it wouldn’t be so quiet.”

Magic Beasts all had their own territory.
The higher the level of the Magic Beast, the more stubborn it was about its territory.
Just like Yu Xiu, which Yun Feng had killed before, Yu Xiu’s territory was also as quiet as it was right now.
The low-level Magic Beasts all left this place voluntarily and didn’t dare to approach recklessly.

“This Magic Beast is quite smart.
There’s a layer of restrictions it set up here,” said Qu Lanyi casually as he looked ahead with his black eyes.
“I wonder if you and I can break it with our strength.”

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