There was coldness in Si Wen’s eyes and his expression suddenly changed.
He immediately extended his arm and a blue bubble suddenly enveloped Yun Feng and Yaoyao in her arms.
This sudden change caught everyone off guard.
However, right at this moment, something happened!

A red tongue darted out of the Cheng Sea at an astonishing speed and length!

While everyone’s gaze was attracted, the red tongue ran out of the dark Cheng Sea fiercely and attacked Yaoyao in Yun Feng’s arms! The speed of the tongue was extremely fast, so fast that there was no time for her to react at all! Even though Si Wen moved in an instant, he was obviously a step too late!


The blue bubble was shattered by the force of the tongue.
It wrapped around Yaoyao’s body and stretched.
Yaoyao instantly flew out of Yun Feng’s arms and disappeared into the Cheng Sea!

“Yaoyao!” Yun Feng roared as her body had already flown out.
She couldn’t care about anything else.
She could only see Yaoyao, who was constantly retreating because of the tongue! Yun Feng followed her into the Cheng Sea.
Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi immediately changed their expressions and rushed in!

“Si Qing!” Si Wen roared.
He moved his fishtail and was about to rush in, but was stopped by Zi Xuan and Cang Yun! The two elders winked at Zi Leng and Cang Yu, and the two young people immediately followed!

“Get out of the way!” Si Wen roared.
His dark blue eyes were full of anger and his vertical pupils were burning with fury!

“Calm down! You’re the king of the merfolk right now!” said Cang Yun coldly.
Zi Xuan also said, “You can’t go in right now! With Zi Leng and Cang Yu following you, don’t worry!”

Si Wen finally calmed down.
Seeing that he had already calmed down, Zi Xuan and Cang Lin also retreated slowly.
“Don’t worry, King.
Zi Leng and Cang Yu will definitely find Si Qing and won’t let your bloodline be in any danger.”

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Si Wen stood there with a completely gloomy face.
After a while, he said coldly, “Send my order! Lock down all the places near the merfolk’s territory in the Cheng Sea!” Si Wen clenched his fists fiercely, with suppressed anger in his demonic eyes.
Thinking of Yun Feng rushing in, he somehow felt a bit relieved in his mind.
She wouldn’t let anything happen to Si Qing!

Yun Feng indeed wouldn’t let anything happen to Yaoyao, especially when Yaoyao was taken away in front of her.
She had to bring Yaoyao back unscathed no matter what!

“Yaoyao!” Yun Feng chased after Yaoyao, but the speed of that meat tongue was too fast.
Yun Feng had already lost sight of Yaoyao after chasing her for a distance in the Cheng Sea.
The number of people in the Cheng Sea along the way made Yun Feng’s vision extremely narrow.
In addition, the speed of the meat tongue was so fast that its trajectory was too twisted.
It was indeed impressive that Yun Feng could keep up with it for a distance.
The meat tongue wrapped around Yaoyao’s body and instantly disappeared into the depths of the Cheng Sea.

“Damn it!” Yun Feng completely lost sight of that tongue in her vision.
The Finger Spiritual Jade didn’t record the aura emitted by that tongue at all.
Everything turned into bubbles at a weird speed! The mental strength in Yun Feng’s body immediately surged out and spread out like a tide.
She knew that the area of the Cheng Sea was vast and that her mental strength couldn’t cover a large area at all, but even so, she would never give up finding Yaoyao!

“Calm down!” Qu Lanyi’s voice sounded in her ears.
Yun Feng suddenly opened her black eyes.
Qu Lanyi’s gaze made Yun Feng’s hot mind cool down.
Lan Yi followed behind her with worries in his mind.
“Master, do you want me to search…”

Yun Feng shook her head.
“The Cheng Sea is too vast and the terrain is complicated.
Besides, the trees here are so dense that you can’t see what’s inside at all from the sky!”

Lan Yi was immediately a bit frustrated.
Qu Lanyi looked around.
“What exactly is that tongue? Why does it only want Yaoyao?”

Yun Feng frowned and pondered.
She didn’t have any idea about these questions right now.
The most important thing right now was to find Yaoyao! Yaoyao and Yun Feng didn’t have any Magic Beast Contract.
If it was a contracted Magic Beast, Yun Feng wouldn’t have to be so anxious! Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder suddenly let out a few roars and its body arched in a certain direction, looking very vigilant.
Seeing Meatball like this, the few of them immediately looked somewhere vigilantly!

“Swish!” “Swish!”

Two figures came out of the dense forest in the Cheng Sea.
They were Zi Leng and Cang Yu! The two of them were stunned when they saw Yun Feng and the others.
“Where’s the King’s child? Have you found her?” Zi Leng looked at Yun Feng, while Cang Yu sneered.
“I think she’s most likely lost.”

Yun Feng’s face darkened and she didn’t say anything.
Zi Leng immediately roared after hearing that, “Then why are you still standing there? Go find her!”

“Since you’re here, it’ll be easier for us to find her.
Pick a direction and we’ll split up.” Yun Feng glanced at the two of them indifferently.
Zi Leng immediately didn’t say anything.
Cang Yu looked at Yun Feng and the others deeply, then turned around and left in one direction with Zi Leng.
After the two of them left, Qu Lanyi said, “I feel that something is wrong.”

“I think so too.” Yun Feng flipped her hand and the Finger Spiritual Jade appeared! Looking at the two glittering dots on it, Yun Feng sneered.
“I don’t know what the merfolk are up to.
If Yaoyao is used by them, we won’t let them go!”

“What do we do now? The Cheng Sea is vast.
We don’t know if Yaoyao’s life is safe.
It’s inappropriate to search just like that.” Qu Lanyi frowned and said.
Yun Feng suddenly thought of something.
Right! How could she have forgotten?

“Master, do you have a solution?” Lan Yi asked when he saw Yun Feng’s glittering eyes.
Yun Feng’s anxiety was gone.
The corners of her mouth curled up slowly.
A ball of blue water element was jumping in her hand at this moment.
The water element kept rolling in Yun Feng’s palm, expanding.
Yun Feng swept her finger gently and the water element spread out, covering all the areas around Yun Feng.
Under these areas covered by the water element, a transparent blue thread was faintly discernible!

Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi both looked at this scene in shock.
Yun Feng looked in the direction of the vague light blue thread and chased after it without hesitation.
Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi followed Yun Feng closely and kept going deeper under the guidance of the light blue thread.

“Did you forget that Yaoyao was hatched from my water element? There’s an inseparable connection between me and Yaoyao.
I can find her no matter where she is!”

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