The sound was blurry because of the bubble.
The more Yaoyao shouted, the colder Si Wen’s face became.
The merman that came in sped up.
Yun Feng looked at Yaoyao’s eyes and only felt that her heart was being torn apart.
That kid was calling her!

“What are you doing?” Si Wen shouted furiously and waved his hand.
A wave of energy had already smashed towards Yun Feng.
Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened and her body flashed keenly.
She dodged Si Wen’s attack and stood in front of the merman who was about to leave.
“Let go.”

“Your Majesty… Your Majesty…” The merman who was blocked trembled.
Si Wen had already stood up with a sullen look.
“Don’t push your luck!”

Yun Feng only turned her head slightly.
“Is this how you treat Yaoyao? Caging her here? If I knew how you treated her, I wouldn’t have given her to you no matter what!”

Si Wen narrowed his eyes fiercely and the strong demonic energy on his face instantly increased.
The translucent blue fins on his body emitted faint blue light.
“This is the family business of the merfolk.
You’re not allowed to interfere!”

Yun Feng suddenly smiled.
Her mental strength surged out of her body and directly turned into an invisible whip, slashing at the blue bubble that trapped Yaoyao.
When Si Wen saw this, anger flashed in his eyes.
“How dare you!” He waved his hand again and a beam of blue light cut Yun Feng’s mental strength whip apart fiercely!

The moment the two fierce forces collided, a powerful pressure was emitted.
That merman couldn’t withstand the pressure and immediately vomited blood and fainted.
The blue bubble that enveloped Yaoyao instantly returned to Si Wen’s side.
Yaoyao looked at Yun Feng and Si Wen with her big eyes, full of worry and panic.

“Yaoyao is indeed your family, but she’s also my friend! As long as this matter involves her, I’ll interfere!” Yun Feng said word by word with a determined expression.
Si Wen’s face was half black.
The two of them stared at each other for a while.
Si Wen glanced at Yaoyao.
After seeing the expression on her face, he seemed to be powerless and the powerful aura just then suddenly disappeared.

“Pa!” The blue bubble instantly shattered.
Yaoyao was delighted.
She flipped her body and pounced towards Yun Feng, jumping into Yun Feng’s arms with great force and hugging her tightly again.

Si Wen’s eyes were full of pain when he saw this scene.
Yaoyao twisted her little face and looked at Si Wen.
Her big eyes were also full of worry, but she didn’t want to let go of Yun Feng.
She looked at both sides of her little face in embarrassment.
Yun Feng touched Yaoyao’s ear fin and coaxed her softly, “I’m not going.
I’ll stay here.”

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Yaoyao stared at Yun Feng carefully for a while.
After confirming that she was telling the truth, she finally let go of her fishtail carefully and left Yun Feng’s arms carefully, returning to Si Wen’s side.
When Si Wen saw that Yaoyao was willing to come back voluntarily, his eyes glittered.
He held Yaoyao’s little body in his arms and looked at Yun Feng deeply.

“There’s something I need to tell you about the Spirit Gathering Grass.” Si Wen continued the topic just then.
Neither of them ignored Yaoyao.
“The Spirit Gathering Grass isn’t a plant.
It’s the whisker of some Magic Beast.” After saying that, Si Wen looked up at Yun Feng and found that she wasn’t surprised at all.
“You know about it?”

Yun Feng nodded.
“I know about that.”

Si Wen looked a bit complicated.
“This Magic Beast is called You Yan.
I searched for a long time and finally found out that the Spirit Gathering Grass is its whisker.
It’s quite a coincidence.
After searching everywhere, I found You Yan.”

“You Yan?” Yun Feng mumbled.
She was very unfamiliar with this name.
She wondered if her master had any records about such a Magic Beast.
She had to look it up carefully later.

“You Yan is elusive and good at hiding.
It has a very strange personality and doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long.
It’s said that there are only one or two You Yan and they live quite a long time.”

Yun Feng had a rough idea in her mind after hearing that.
With Si Wen’s explanation, she didn’t need to search anymore.

“The place where You Yan appears is called the Cheng Sea.
The Cheng Sea is the border area of the merfolk and… the border area between the merfolk and the other clans.” Si Wen’s face darkened when he said this.
Yun Feng thought of the traces of battle she found at the border area, which showed that the area of the Cheng Sea was full of danger.

“The merfolk have a ban.
No merfolk are allowed to get close to the Cheng Sea easily.
This time, I’ll send you to the edge of the Cheng Sea.
The rest is your business.”

Yun Feng nodded.
“When are we leaving?”

Si Wen thought for a moment.
The sooner he finished the matter, the sooner she would leave.
He could put aside other things for now.

Tomorrow? Very good.
Yun Feng had already been hiding here for nine months.
It would take a long time for her to enter the Cheng Sea to find You Yan, but she finally had a goal that could move forward.
It was better than waiting here.
After talking, Yun Feng was about to leave.
Yaoyao moved her body and was about to chase after Yun Feng.
Si Wen tightened his grip and held Yaoyao firmly in his arms again.
Yun Feng looked at Si Wen and said in a serious tone, “Even though Yaoyao is a member of the blue-finned and you’re Yaoyao’s father, you don’t have any right to restrict Yaoyao’s freedom.
If you treat Yaoyao like this again, I’ll do everything I can to get her back.”

Si Wen frowned tightly and looked at Yaoyao’s expectant expression in his arms.
A glint flashed through his dark blue eyes and he didn’t say anything else.
Yun Feng smiled at Yaoyao and turned around to leave.
Seeing that Yun Feng left, Yaoyao swung her fishtail and was about to chase after her.
This time, Si Wen didn’t stop her, but let Yaoyao chase after her.

“Xiao Feng!” Yaoyao wrapped her fishtail around Yun Feng’s waist and hugged her from behind.
Yun Feng stopped and turned Yaoyao from the back to the front.
She looked at her big blue eyes.
“I have something to do.
Yaoyao, just wait for me here, okay?”

Yaoyao looked at Yun Feng in confusion.
“You’ll… come back?”

Yun Feng nodded.
“Yes, so just wait here obediently, Yaoyao.”

Yaoyao nodded, as if she understood something and was immediately relieved.
“Alright!” Yaoyao’s little face became more and more beautiful.
Even her little body gradually lengthened.
Yun Feng’s eyes were full of gentleness.
Yaoyao returned to Si Wen happily.
“Xiao Feng is coming back!”

Yun Feng nodded.
She glanced at Yaoyao and walked out.
Si Wen looked at Yun Feng’s back as she left, deep in thought.

The next morning, Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi took the Transformation Potion again.
The three of them waited outside.
Si Wen would come early in the morning to take them to the Cheng Sea.
When Si Wen came, Yun Feng didn’t expect that he wouldn’t come alone this time.
The two elders and the two young people from the red-finned and the white-finned she met that day also came.

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