After coming to the Endless Ocean, the Sound Transmission Jade completely lost its effect.
The layer of pure black seawater cut off all contact with the human continent.
It was fine if she didn’t contact the outside world for half a year.
It wasn’t unusual for Yun Feng to disappear for a long time.
During this period of time, Yun Feng took some time to go to the tenth level of the Dragon Palace.
Xia Qing had been cultivating with her eyes closed.
Surrounded by the dense magic elements on the tenth level of the Dragon Palace, Xia Qing’s cultivation had been going very smoothly.


Yun Feng looked at the things her master left for her on the tenth level of the Dragon Palace carefully.
When Yun Feng came in back then, there were stone platforms on the tenth level with a lot of things on them.
As Yun Feng’s strength increased, the things she could use also increased.
Ever since her strength reached the Monarch Level, this was the first time Yun Feng came here to look at what her master left for her carefully.


Xia Qing cultivated quietly on the side.
Yun Feng alone walked to the side of these stone platforms.
The things her Commander Level master left behind were books, ores and Magic Beast Crystals.
When she was at the Monarch Level, her master left behind a Monarch Level wand.
Yun Feng had been using it until now.
As for the others, she didn’t look at them carefully back then, but this time was different.

After she reached the Monarch Level, the restrictions on three stone platforms were opened.
Yun Feng had already taken away the wand that was used to store the Monarch Level items.
One of the items on the other two platforms was a book, but it was much thinner.
There was also a storage ring that contained space.

Another storage ring? Yun Feng stepped forward and took the ring in her hand.
She immediately probed it with her mental strength.
When she saw the things inside the ring, Yun Feng was shocked! The space of the ring wasn’t big.
Compared to Yun Feng’s other storage containers, this one had the smallest capacity.
However, the things inside made Yun Feng click her tongue.
It was full of herbs! Right, they were all herbs!


The herbs that filled this space were almost comparable to the warehouse of the Pharmaceutical Institute.
Yun Feng glanced at them casually and was immediately a bit excited.
The herbs here were of a higher level than those in the warehouse of the Pharmaceutical Institute! Yun Feng had seen a few types of herbs before.
The warehouse of the Pharmaceutical Institute was full of high-level herbs! There were even some master-level herbs here!

Their quantity couldn’t compare to the Pharmaceutical Institute, but their species and quality were much higher!

Yun Feng put away the ring that was full of herbs and took the book that her master left behind.
After opening it, light flashed through Yun Feng’s eyes.
What was recorded in this book were all formulas! There were all kinds of formulas, but the lowest difficulty started from the advanced one-star level!

Yun Feng flipped through the pages one by one.
The more she read, the more respect and admiration she had for this Master she had never met.
Master was indeed an extraordinary person! He covered such a wide area! His achievements in the field of potions were also so high!


The potion formulas started from the advanced one-star.
There were master-level formulas and even grandmaster-level formulas! This was like a collection of formulas.
For pharmacists, it was worth a sky-high amount of money! Not to mention that ring full of rare herbs!

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Yun Feng continued reading.
The book was very thin and there were only twenty or so pages.
The first dozen pages all recorded the formula, but the last five or six pages were things that had nothing to do with the formula at all.
Those were the descriptions of the herbs! Yun Feng looked at the descriptions of the herbs in the book.
She had never seen many kinds of herbs before, but she had seen some of them before and knew very little about them.
A thought suddenly flashed through her mind.
Would her Master also know and record the Spirit Gathering Grass here in detail?

Yun Feng searched carefully.
The journal had a description of potions, but there was no record of herbs.
This was the real essence! Yun Feng searched carefully and finally found the detailed information of the Spirit Gathering Grass on the last page of the book!

Yun Feng glanced over and her eyes suddenly darkened.

The Spirit Gathering Grass was called the Spirit Gathering Grass because it looked very similar to grass.
In fact, it was called the Spirit Gathering Whiskers.
The Spirit Gathering Whiskers only grew on a certain Magic Beast in the Endless Ocean and the chance of them appearing was very small.

There was only one sentence about the Spirit Gathering Grass, but it made Yun Feng’s face completely gloomy.
Ever since she came out of the Dragon Palace, Yun Feng had been sitting there silently without saying anything.
The Spirit Gathering Grass wasn’t some kind of plant herb.
It was only called that because it looked like grass.
In fact, it was the whisker of some Magic Beast! The chances of such a Magic Beast appearing in the Endless Ocean were extremely low!


It wasn’t grass, but the whisker of a Magic Beast.
The difficulty didn’t just increase by one level.
It didn’t matter how many levels it increased for Yun Feng.
She wasn’t afraid even if he told her that she had to pluck a tiger’s beard! Regardless of what this Magic Beast was and how dangerous it was, it would take some effort to find such a Magic Beast.
Did Si Wen know that the Spirit Gathering Grass was actually a Magic Beast’s whisker and not grass?

Si Wen must know the inside story of the Spirit Gathering Grass, since he sent no word back in the last half year.
Otherwise, wouldn’t it be very easy to find a kind of grass? She wasn’t familiar with the Endless Ocean at all.
It was like looking for a needle in a haystack by herself.
She might as well let Si Wen search for it.
The new king of the merfolk, a native of the Endless Ocean, was much faster than her.

After learning the truth about the Spirit Gathering Grass, Yun Feng could only wait.
She was no stranger to dealing with Magic Beasts.
As a summoner, it was natural for her to deal with Magic Beasts.
Thinking of the formula left by her master and the precious herbs that filled her ring, Yun Feng smiled wryly.

Master had undoubtedly left these things for her so that she could become a talent in the field of potions.
The fact that Master could give her such a gift proved that he was also a big shot in the field of potions.
He was probably a grandmaster-level figure.
She was Master’s disciple.
No matter what, she couldn’t let her Master lose face.
Yun Feng, who originally didn’t have the mood to focus on research on potions, also had to calm down again now.
She was unique in the field of potions.
It seemed that she had to rush forward with all her strength.
She wouldn’t let her Master down if she had achievements.


Once she reached the Lord Level, she would be able to contact her master.
By then, she would be able to make her master happy.
Yun Feng chuckled as she took out the collection of formulas and studied it carefully.
Yun Feng had seen some of the formulas on it, but had never heard of some of them.
She was completely ignorant about pharmaceutics and didn’t understand how precious the formulas were at all, just like the formula of the Transformation Potion.
There was no record of the Transformation Potion formula in the book her master left behind, which was enough to show how rare the formula was.
The powerful transformation ability of the Transformation Potion itself also had remarkable effects.
Once it spread, it would cause an uproar.


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