“What do you want?” Si Wen said slowly after thinking for a while.

“Spirit Gathering Grass.”

“Spirit Gathering Grass? What do you want it for?” Si Wen looked up at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng chuckled with a hint of loneliness and helplessness on her face.
“What do I want it for? Of course, I need to do what I have to.” Yun Feng didn’t tell him anything, so Si Wen didn’t ask anymore.
Both of them were talking in riddles.


“There’s no Spirit Gathering Grass here,” said Si Wen indifferently.
“I’ll give you a chance to live for her sake.
Leave the Endless Ocean quickly!”

Yun Feng chuckled after hearing this and looked at Si Wen with coldness in her black eyes.
Si Wen glanced over and was slightly shocked.
She wasn’t afraid at all!

“I’ve always been someone who doesn’t give up until I achieve my goal.
Since there’s no Spirit Gathering Grass here, I’ll go somewhere else in the Endless Ocean to look for it.
I’ll never leave until I find the Spirit Gathering Grass!” Yun Feng looked into Si Wen’s eyes.
Her aura wasn’t inferior to that of the merfolk king at all.
She was Yun Feng, a born queen!


“Are you reminding me not to show you mercy?” Si Wen narrowed his eyes with coldness in them.
Yun Feng smiled again and slowly got up.
“I have no intention of getting involved in the matter of the Endless Ocean.
I’m only looking for what I want.
If you insist on stopping me, I don’t have to be polite.”

Si Wen didn’t say anything else.
This new leader of the merfolk wasn’t afraid of Yun Feng.
The situation in the merfolk’s territory was complicated right now, and the Endless Ocean was even more so.
If a human appeared in the merfolk’s territory and wasn’t killed, the merfolk would become the target of everyone! The foundation of the new leader certainly wouldn’t be stable.
There were too many things he needed to do.
Si Wen sized Yun Feng up again.
If what she said was true, there wouldn’t be much harm.
However, this Spirit Gathering Grass…


Si Wen smiled lightly.
Yaoyao looked at the two of them curiously with a slightly worried look.
She gently struggled out of Si Wen’s arms and wanted to go into Yun Feng’s arms, but Si Wen didn’t let go and trapped Yaoyao in his arms.
“If what you said is true, I can help you this time.
You must leave after getting the Spirit Gathering Grass!”

“Of course,” replied Yun Feng as her eyes drifted to Yaoyao.
Yaoyao looked at Yun Feng with her big blue eyes and wanted to go to her arms.
Yun Feng’s heart suddenly sank.
“Yaoyao… Is she…”

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Si Wen remained silent for a few seconds expressionlessly and carried Yaoyao in front of him.
The two of them looked at each other with their eyes.
Yaoyao looked at Si Wen curiously and Si Wen looked at Yaoyao carefully.


Yun Feng nodded and didn’t say anything else.
Si Wen wasn’t lying.
Yaoyao’s facial features were indeed a bit similar to Si Wen’s.
This was the first time Si Wen and Yaoyao met, but Yaoyao acted unusually friendly.
Si Wen was the same.
Yun Feng knew that this was the power of blood.
No matter how far away they were, people with the same bloodline would find each other.


“I’ll ask around about the Spirit Gathering Grass.
Stay here for now and don’t go out.”

“Sure.” She should find some time to make some transformation potions.
It was good to stay in the palace of the merfolk king and avoid a lot of trouble.
With him asking around about the Spirit Gathering Grass, it would save Yun Feng a lot of effort.
Si Wen was so enthusiastic because he wanted Yun Feng to leave as soon as possible.
After all, the appearance of humans in the Endless Ocean was like a time bomb.


“You can go out now.” Si Wen didn’t look at Yun Feng.
His eyes were only glued to Yaoyao.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything and turned around to leave.
When she walked to the edge of the space blockade, Yaoyao, who was in Si Wen’s arms, suddenly raised her head and was about to chase after Yun Feng.

“Where are you going?” Si Wen quickly carried Yaoyao back.
Yaoyao was anxious.
She twisted her body and kept flapping her tail as she looked at Yun Feng with her big eyes.
“Xiao Feng.” Yaoyao called out to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng stood there and didn’t move.
Thick mental strength surged out abruptly, as if she was venting something, hitting the barrier of space fiercely.
This fierce attack made Si Wen look at her in shock.

The spatial barrier shattered.
Yun Feng slowly turned around and looked into Yaoyao’s big blue eyes with a warm smile in her black eyes.
“Yaoyao, I’ll go first.” Yun Feng said as she turned around and left.
Yaoyao was truly anxious.
She hit Si Wen’s arm hard with her fish tail and her originally gorgeous little face also became ferocious.

“Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng!” Yaoyao shouted at Yun Feng, but Yun Feng had already disappeared.
Si Wen held Yaoyao firmly and looked in the direction where Yun Feng left thoughtfully.
Finally, Yaoyao stopped moving and finally quieted down.
She only stared at the place where Yun Feng left with her big eyes for a long time.

Si Wen turned Yaoyao’s little head around and looked at her gently with his blue eyes.
There was a world of difference from the coldness he used on others just then.
“Yaoyao, is that your name?”

Yaoyao nodded unconsciously and looked at Si Wen with her big blue eyes.
“Xiao Feng… Does she not want me anymore?” What Yaoyao said made Si Wen startled and a glint of anger flashed through his eyes.
He didn’t know how that human got the egg of the blue-finned merfolk.
Perhaps she used some unscrupulous means.
He wouldn’t punish her for this crime because Yaoyao came back safely.


“You don’t have to live with humans in the future.
You’re a blue-finned mermaid.
This will be your race from now on.
I’ll be your only family.” Si Wen looked at Yaoyao.
Yaoyao’s eyes were full of confusion.
She didn’t understand.
She only knew that Yun Feng hatched her.
She only knew that the first person she saw when she opened her eyes was Xiao Feng.
It was her water element that made her born.
She only knew that she liked Xiao Feng.

“Yaoyao, you and I will be together forever in the future.
We’ll never be separated again.
Nobody can take you away.” Si Wen said fiercely.
Yaoyao nodded in confusion.
Si Wen finally smiled and held Yaoyao in his arms.
The two of them had similar blue fish tails and their light blue fins touched.
Yaoyao turned her head and looked outside.
A name slowly floated in her mind: Xiao Feng.

After that, Yun Feng stayed in the new king’s territory.
Her identity was very interesting.
Si Wen didn’t say anything, but Yun Feng’s identity was spread out clearly.
The red-finned and the white-finned left quickly after being asked to be humiliated, but Yun Feng’s identity made Qu Lanyi furious on the spot.

Qu Lanyi finally calmed down after Yun Feng’s brief explanation and Lan Yi’s objection.
However, he looked awful.
Of course, he didn’t look good.
During the encounter with Yan Ming, Yun Feng inexplicably became his fiancée that time.
And now, she was the mother of someone else’s child!

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