Chapter 78: The Array of Life

Yun Feng slowly suppressed the surging thoughts in her mind.
She told herself to chill and be calm.
She still wasn’t qualified to have contact with such high-level things right now.
She must try her best to do everything she could do at this moment to make herself stronger!

Calming herself, Yun Feng started to feel curious about these people who came for the application and she slowly spread her mental strength.
After a little exploration, she already had a brief idea of the strength of those who were here to sign up.
Yun Feng was now at the final stage of level 6.
She still hadn’t found anyone comparable to her in Park City up till now.
Even the leader of the Murong family was at the mid-stage of level 6, so nobody discovered Yun Feng’s exploration with her mental strength.

Only around twenty kids were here for the application and they were usually at level 1 or level 2.
There wasn’t anyone at level 3.
Yun Feng thought about Murong Ran.
With Murong Ran’s age and her strength as a level-3 mage, she must have signed up as well.

Since Murong Ran was going to the magic school Yun Sheng was going to, she certainly had to go too.
If Murong Ran dared to say something to insult Yun Sheng and the Yun family again, she would beat her up, no matter how many Murong families she had behind her!

After waiting for another period of time, the queue in front of them was finally shortened.
And a while later, it was Yun Sheng’s turn to sign up.
Looking at the entirely white and transparent crystal on the table, Yun Feng and Yun Sheng both looked at the person responsible for application in curiosity.

“Put your hand on it.”

Yun Sheng put his hand on it obediently.
The color of the transparent crystal immediately changed and gradually turned into a pure sky blue color.
When the application officer saw that, he nodded and put a tick next to Yun Sheng’s name.

Yun Feng immediately understood after seeing that.
This crystal was for testing whether he had elemental force or not.
If he didn’t have elemental force, he would certainly not be able to be admitted to the magic school.

The first selection began during the application.
The admission officer then glanced at Yun Feng.
“Do you want to sign up too? But you don’t seem to be old enough.
Are you twelve?”

Yun Feng shook her head.
She was just nine years old.
The person responsible for recruiting students glanced at Yun Feng carefully and suddenly smiled at her.
“Come back three years later, little girl.”

Yun Feng only smiled and left with her brother, who had successfully signed up.
Three years was enough for her to hone herself.
Three years later, she would come to find her brother.
Yun Feng gave a sweet smile at Yun Sheng and Yun Sheng also smiled back at Yun Feng.
The two of them walked forward while holding hands.
Yun Feng gazed at the sky with her black eyes.
Tomorrow was the day of the exam, so the Murong family must also be busy right now.

The reputation and status of the Murong family in Park City were both at the position of a boss.
Even the City Lord of Park City had to show courtesy to the leader of the Murong family, Murong Shuli, not only because Murong Shuli had strength at the peak of level 6 close to level 7 or because he had control of almost three quarters of the economy of Park City, but because the Murong family had an important partner, the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group.

Political power came from the barrel of a gun.
Only by controlling the armed forces could one obtain supreme authority.
Just like the City Lord of Park City, he was the government official appointed by the royal family of the Karan Empire, but everyone knew in their minds who the real boss was in Park City.
The City Lord was just superior on the outside and the Murong family didn’t want this position of vanity either.
They didn’t care who was in that position.
As long as that person didn’t threaten the Murong family’s interests, why should they care?

Together with the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, a mercenary group notorious for their cruel and bloody slaughters which take any mission and didn’t care about the bottom line of morality at all, the Murong family was like a tiger with wings, even though the two parties were in a relationship of mutual use where no one owed anyone.

I fought for you and you protected me.
They didn’t owe each other anything and took what they needed.
The boss position of the Murong family in Park City could be said to be as steady as a rock.
Who would dare to provoke someone that even the City Lord of Park City had to respect?

If there were people who were so ignorant, the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group would let them know the consequences of offending the Murong family.
So, the Murong family could be said to have great power in Park City and nobody dared to provoke them.

Murong Ran was one of the few outstanding members of this generation of the Murong family.
Her brother, Murong Yuntian, was the one who had the most expectations from the seniors of the Murong family.
Even though it was indeed not easy for Murong Ran to reach the level of a level-3 mage at the age of 12, the road of mages was much harder than that of warriors and it was also limited.
She only ranked second.

In Murong Ran’s mind, she truly never put anyone in her generation in her eyes, except for her brother, Murong Yuntian.
With the prestige and power of the Murong family in Park City, who would dare to offend her, this Young Lady of the Murong family? Everyone couldn’t wait to butter her up and dared not disrespect her at all.

In the Murong family, everyone pampered her like a myriad of stars around the moon.
In Park City, everyone respected her, and nodded and bowed to her.
Murong Ran’s ridiculous self-esteem that kept growing day by day didn’t allow anyone to provoke her or insult her, not even the slightest humiliation!

However, she slapped her face.
When she went to Chunfeng Town, Yun Feng from the Yun family, the declined family, gave her the taste of humiliation the first time.
Level-3 magic couldn’t do anything to her, this level-3 power that she and the Murong family were proud of was so vulnerable in front of Yun Feng!

Together with the overbearing words from Yun Feng of the Yun family, Murong Ran, who always maintained a lofty attitude, experienced the taste of being humiliated once again.
Going home with fire in her stomach, Murong Ran certainly complained, but the leader of the Murong family, Murong Shuli, only smiled gently and didn’t take it seriously.
After all, the declined Yun family from a small town didn’t deserve the attention of the Murong family.

So, this incident also ended with nothing.
Murong Ran thought her grandpa, Murong Shuli, would step up for her.
She had never thought he would just put it behind him.
What surprised her was that Yun Feng came to Park City and the two of them happened to run into each other by coincidence.

What Murong Ran didn’t expect was that, the third time, this was the third time she was humiliated by the same person!

This time, Murong Ran had to say something to give Yun Feng a lesson and take revenge on the Yun family! When this furious Young Lady of the Murong family returned home, she ran straight to her grandpa’s room, regardless of who was inside and what they were talking about, and she didn’t care if anyone was stopping her.
When she pushed the door open fiercely, she yelled at that majestic old man inside with red eyes, “Grandpa!”

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