At this moment, an earth-shattering news spread, which surprised Yun Feng and the others who had just arrived.
The new king of the merfolk had risen!

“A king? There’s a king above the three fins.”

“The rise of the new king is a time of chaos and trouble.” Yun Feng frowned.
It seemed that it wasn’t the right time to come.

There were certainly a lot of topics to talk about when the new king was on the throne.
Yun Feng sorted things out in the discussion and got the necessary information.
After the previous merfolk king retired, the three-finned merfolk started a long-term election.
And this new king finally stood out after many tests and trials and successfully rose to the throne.
This new king was from the blue-finned merfolk!

Yun Feng originally wanted to slow down the trip for the Spirit Gathering Grass.
There were a lot of things to do when the new king took over, and he was even from the blue-finned merfolk.
Her identity of the blue-finned was even more sensitive! She and Yaoyao had such obvious characteristics.
It didn’t matter to Yaoyao, but she was different.
Even though she had the Transformation Potion, she was still a human being after all! If this new king discovered her, it would be a bit troublesome.

However, Yun Feng didn’t expect that the merfolk had a special rule.
All the compatriots of the new king must go to celebrate! The three fins had a noble status and there weren’t many of them, so it wasn’t complicated.
This wasn’t supposed to be Yun Feng’s business, but it was different now.

With the obvious mark of the blue-finned, she had to go.
If she didn’t go, she would become the center of attention.
Besides, there was Yaoyao, a pure member of the blue-finned.
Even though Yaoyao had left the Endless Ocean when she was in the egg and was hatched by Yun Feng on land, Yaoyao’s nature couldn’t be changed.
She was a child of this sea.
The blood of the merfolk flowed in her body.

For various reasons, Yun Feng joined this tide of celebration with Yaoyao.
Many merfolk on the way congratulated Yun Feng, but Yun Feng could only respond with a smile.
The closer they got to the capital where the new king rose, the more nervous Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were.
Once they entered the capital, trouble might follow.

The few of them soon arrived at the city gate.
Yun Feng looked at the merfolk who came to celebrate and the guards at the gate.
They spent a lot of time on the road.
Only half of the twelve bottles of Transformation Potion were left in the blink of an eye.
Almost twenty days had passed.
The remaining potions were only enough for them to last for another three days.
They couldn’t find a chance to make potions on the way.
It seemed that they had to enter the capital first.


As soon as they entered the city gate, the guard immediately noticed Yun Feng and the others.
The blue fins was so obvious.
Besides, Yun Feng’s legs, which didn’t have a fishtail, had always been eye-catching.
“Blue-finned madam!” The guard shouted and immediately came to Yun Feng’s side.
His tone was respectful, but his eyes were full of confusion.

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Yun Feng stood still and the guard smiled.
“Madam, you’ve come a thousand miles to celebrate.
The king has given the order.
This way please.”

Yun Feng nodded and followed him.
The more she said, the more likely she would make a mistake.
She could only take things one step at a time.
She just didn’t expect to meet this new king so soon.
As she followed the guard all the way, she certainly couldn’t avoid many scrutinizing gazes on the way.
Yun Feng didn’t look sideways and was expressionless.
A sense of elegance came out of her face without any strangeness at all.
It was more suitable for her identity as a blue-finned.

They came to a very luxurious mansion in the high hall.
The guard led Yun Feng in.
As they walked forward, Yun Feng finally saw the other two factions, the red-finned and the white-finned.
They certainly had obvious signs.
The red-finned and the white-finned respectively had red and white fins.
The red-finned and the white-finned on her way looked at Yun Feng with different expressions and discussed in private.
Yun Feng’s arrival caused a lot of discussions, throwing a huge stone on the calm water.

They continued going deeper.
Before they reached the place, a voice had already come.
“How dare she come in without a fish tail? Is she trying to embarrass the king on purpose?”

Yun Feng frowned slightly and knew that trouble was coming.
The guard’s face froze and he immediately stopped.
After a while, a blue tail came gently.
The upper half of the tail was that of a graceful beauty and the lower half was that of a beautiful blue fish.
Her blue fins slowly fluttered with a hint of elegance.

“It’s you?” The beauty sized Yun Feng up with her charming eyes and finally grunted.
“Which family are you from? Do you need someone to teach you such a rule? Come in after you transform into a fish tail! How embarrassing!” After saying that, the beauty glanced at Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi with a hint of jealousy in her eyes.
“Don’t embarrass the king!” After saying that, she swayed her fish tail and entered again.

The guard stood there and didn’t say anything.
Yun Feng pretended that she didn’t hear anything.
She raised her foot and was about to walk in.
“Madam, look…” The guard quickly said.
Yun Feng glanced at him coldly and the guard immediately fell silent.
Yun Feng held Yaoyao and didn’t care if she was wagging her tail or not.
She stepped in with her long legs.
Qu Lanyi smiled.
He and Lan Yi couldn’t go in.
The guard indeed stopped them.

Yun Feng turned around and glanced at the two of them.
She sent a message with her eyes that everything was fine.
They could just wait for her outside.
Qu Lanyi’s eyes were full of gentleness.
He was indeed a bit unwilling in his mind.
Even though the merfolk were extremely beautiful, Yun Feng was the only one who could catch Qu Lanyi’s attention.

Yun Feng entered alone with Yaoyao in her arms.
The guard didn’t follow her into the place where the blue-finned people should be gathered.
As expected, Yun Feng saw the blue-finned people after walking for a while.
There weren’t many of them.
There were only a dozen or so gathered here.
Looking carefully, they were all from the younger generation.
There were men and women gathered and talking.
When Yun Feng walked in, everyone stopped talking and looked at Yun Feng and her legs.

“What’s wrong with you?” The beauty who scolded Yun Feng just then was enraged when she saw that Yun Feng still hadn’t gained a fishtail.
The other young people of the blue-finned were also very surprised.
They sized Yun Feng up from head to toe.
This was a completely unfamiliar face.
They had never seen her before!

“Sister, which… family are you from?” A gentle voice sounded.
A handsome young man with blue fins came over and smiled at Yun Feng, staring at her with astonishment in his eyes.
“Sister, don’t be naughty.
It’s better to get a fishtail.”

Yun Feng smiled back at him.
She also wanted to know why her legs couldn’t turn into a fishtail after taking the Transformation Potion.
Yaoyao’s expression in her arms suddenly became ferocious.
The young man was shocked.
“Little girl, we’re family.
We don’t have to be so distant.” The young man smiled at Yaoyao kindly, but Yaoyao didn’t appreciate it and still rejected him.

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