Lan Yi smiled, and so did Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi burst into laughter, and so did Meatball.
Little Fire blushed and remained silent, as if it was embarrassed.
Its wolf ears popped out.
Yun Feng squeezed Little Fire’s ears, and Meatball jumped on her shoulder, before Little Fire entered the Ring of Contract.

“Indeed, this is difficult Brother Fire.” Lan Yi put on a knowing smile on his handsome face.

“I wonder if the effect of this potion will be different for different people,” mumbled Qu Lanyi.
Yun Feng looked at the small bottle of potion in front of her.
“You’ll know after drinking it.”

“That’s true.
Facts speak louder than words.” Qu Lanyi raised his head and took a sip.
Lan Yi and Yun Feng were the same.
The three of them drank the Transformation Potion and waited for the effect quietly.
The effect of the Transformation Potion was obvious.
Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi’s appearances changed drastically.
Yaoyao, who was in Yun Feng’s arms, looked at them curiously.
For the first time, her body took the initiative to leave Yun Feng’s arms.
Her blue fish tail kept swimming and she span around Lan Yi and Qu Lanyi, looking more and more happy.

After a while, Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi had already transformed into merfolk.
Although they were half human and half fish like the three men just then, with fins and visible scales on their skin, they both had handsome faces and looked even more handsome.

Yaoyao seemed extremely happy.
“Same, same.” She said happily as she looked at Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi’s appearances with her big blue eyes, full of joy.
Qu Lanyi touched her ears with her hand and found that they had already turned into fins.
“This potion is indeed extraordinary.”

Lan Yi also looked at his appearance in surprise, but the fish tail on his lower body made him a bit uncomfortable.
“Master, you…” Lan Yi raised his head and looked at Yun Feng, but suddenly fell silent.
Qu Lanyi glanced over with a hint of passion in his eyes.

The girl didn’t turn into a half-tail state.
Yun Feng’s legs were still human, but there were faint shiny blue scales on her skin, like patterns that were specially engraved, which accentuated her fair and smooth skin.


A pair of translucent blue fins had already appeared on her arms, which were extremely similar to Yaoyao’s.
Her ears had also turned into fins.
That originally beautiful little face was gradually covered with a kind of charm.
Demonic energy spread and her eyes were still clear, but they looked charming.
Unlike Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi, and even Yaoyao, a pair of translucent blue fins also appeared on Yun Feng’s shoulder and fluttered slowly, like a pair of wings.


“I didn’t gain a fishtail?” Yun Feng looked at her legs and then looked at Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi’s fishtails, frowning.
Lan Yi chuckled.
“Master, you don’t need a fishtail.”

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Yaoyao pounced over intimately and was even happier than before.
Her little body burrowed into Yun Feng’s arms and her fishtail wrapped around Yun Feng’s waist.
Her face leaned towards Yun Feng’s cheek and her little hand even touched the fins on the back of Yun Feng’s shoulder, as if she liked them very much and couldn’t put them down.

“Let’s wait for the medicine to run out of effect and get inside in human form.” Qu Lanyi moved to Yun Feng’s side.
His black eyes seemed to be hiding scorching emotions.
Yun Feng’s face inexplicably flushed.
Lan Yi turned his face to the other side and pretended to look at the scenery, while Meatball opened its mouth and bit her without hesitation.
Qu Lanyi suddenly moved his body away and saw that Yun Feng’s face was red.
A scorching light flashed through his eyes again.

“Xiao Feng,” said Yaoyao.
She wiped the fin on the back of Yun Feng’s shoulder with her hand and smiled sweetly.
She put her arm around Yun Feng’s neck and pressed her face against it.
“I like you.” Yaoyao smiled happily and rubbed against her even more intimately.
Yun Feng was stunned as she hugged Yaoyao in her arms a bit tighter.
“I like Yaoyao too.”

Qu Lanyi’s heart ached when he saw how harmonious the two of them were.
Yun Feng’s appearance as a sea demon was beyond his expectation.
He didn’t even want a second male to see Yun Feng’s current appearance.
Qu Lanyi shook his head helplessly and barely suppressed the strange emotions that kept surging in his heart.


“Three days.
Let’s go.” Yun Feng hugged Yaoyao and glanced at Meatball on her shoulder.
Meatball probably didn’t need to drink this potion.
Even if it did, there probably wouldn’t be any merfolk who looked like this.

Qu Lanyi calmed himself down and nodded.
They immediately rushed forward.
This was the border area, which meant that they weren’t far from the merfolk’s territory.

The underwater world of the Endless Ocean was similar to that on land.
There were mountains, wastelands and even forests here.
If it weren’t for the fins on her body, Yun Feng really wouldn’t believe that she was in the underwater world.
The few of them seemed to have passed another invisible barrier along the way.
Yun Feng frowned slightly as the feeling of being scanned surged again.
If she was right, they had already entered the territory of the merfolk.
Due to the effect of the Transformation Potion, they were also emitting the aura of the merfolk, so they certainly weren’t rejected and discovered.

They soon arrived at a small village not far away.
Yun Feng was delighted in her mind.
It was the best thing to meet the natives.
She had to find out more about the situation here by beating around the bush.
As they got closer to the small village, Yun Feng saw the natives of the Endless Ocean.
Most of the residents were merfolk, because they were all half-human and half-fish.
There were also other members of the Sea Clan who lived together and looked harmonious.

Yun Feng and the others were certainly strangers, especially Yun Feng whose legs hadn’t turned into fish form, which attracted a lot of attention.
The villagers were all very surprised to see Yun Feng and the others.
“You…” A young man said in surprise and sized them up in shock.
When he saw Yaoyao in Yun Feng’s arms, his expression changed drastically!

“That’s…” The young man’s shocked look puzzled Yun Feng.
Before Yun Feng could ask the young man, he turned around and ran back to the village.
“Village leader! Village leader! The blue-finned are here!”

The blue-finned? Yun Feng subconsciously looked at Yaoyao’s fins.
Yaoyao’s fins were blue, and so was hers.
Qu Lanyi’s and Lan Yi’s fins weren’t.
While Yun Feng was thinking, an old man who was frowning rushed over.
A large number of villagers followed him, and their eyes were all glued to the strangers who suddenly came.

The village leader sized her up from head to toe.
When he saw Yun Feng’s legs, he immediately raised his head and looked at Yun Feng’s face in surprise.
After staring at her carefully for a while, he confirmed something.
The village leader smiled and said with an unexpectedly respectful tone, “To what do we owe this pleasure, blue-finned?”


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