Yun Feng turned around.
There was still a pure black barrier behind her.
Looking from the Endless Ocean, the other side was a pure black world.
Yun Feng pondered carefully for a while and didn’t act rashly.
None of them did anything reckless.
They waited for a while and didn’t find anything unusual.

It seemed that the human aura on her body had indeed been erased.
Otherwise, Yun Feng believed that she would be warmly “welcomed” by the Endless Ocean after a while when she stepped into it.

“The Endless Ocean might be much larger than I imagined.
It might even be larger than the land.” Yun Feng walked forward and stepped on the ground.
Perhaps because she had reached such a level that she could ignore the resistance of the seawater, she could breathe normally here.


The few of them were in the wilderness.
Apart from the barren mountains, there was nothing else.
Yun Feng and the others flew off the ground and rushed forward quickly.
Yun Feng didn’t know where she was going along the way.
This vast sea was completely unknown to Yun Feng.
If she wanted to find the Spirit Gathering Grass, she must find the natives of the Endless Ocean.
Only by knowing them could she get out of here.

Yaoyao had always been in the form of a sea demon.
There was naturally no need to hide in the Endless Ocean anymore.
This was Yaoyao’s home, the place where she was born.
Yaoyao looked very happy.
Even though she was taken away from the Endless Ocean before she hatched, the sense of belonging in her body was still very strong.


As they moved forward, Yun Feng observed the world of the Endless Ocean carefully.
It was vast, extremely vast.
“Perhaps the East Continent and the West Continent together aren’t as large as this area,” said Qu Lanyi in a deep voice.
Both of them couldn’t help but look gloomy.
This meant that it wasn’t easy to find the Spirit Gathering Grass at all, and this place was much more complicated than on land! If they were careless, they might be involved in something.
If their human identity was exposed, it would be even worse.


“It seems that we have to be careful,” Yun Feng whispered.
Qu Lanyi nodded.
“More than that.
We have to be extremely careful.”

For half a day, Yun Feng and the others had been traveling through this barren mountain range, but there were gradually changes.
Yun Feng keenly discovered that there were traces of fighting somewhere in the mountain range, and it was extremely tragic.
If she was more careful, she could even find some broken bones!

Qu Lanyi also noticed this and looked serious.
“It seems that someone fought here.
It should be a border area, or there wouldn’t be so many traces of battle.”

“The battle was truly brutal,” mumbled Little Fire.
Meatball blinked its big eyes and looked down curiously.
The further they went, the more traces there were.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi gradually became solemn.
Suddenly, Yun Feng stopped.

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“What’s wrong?” Qu Lanyi stood next to her and asked in a low voice.
Little Fire and Lan Yi immediately looked around vigilantly.
Yaoyao also looked at her in confusion in Yun Feng’s arms.
Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly and suddenly descended to a height.
The others all followed.
Yun Feng glanced at a corner in front of her with her black eyes.
Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

They had a body that was half human and half fish, a blue fish tail and fins, and scales that could be vaguely seen on their skin.
Those three creatures looked like they were running crazily.
They were exactly the same as Yaoyao! They were members of the merfolk!

Yaoyao, who was in her arms, couldn’t help but feel stunned.
She stared at the three sea demons, who were running in a mess, with her big eyes.
Little Fire and Lan Yi also blinked a few times.
“I didn’t expect to meet them so soon.” Qu Lanyi said in a low voice, while Yun Feng looked a bit weird.

“Don’t you think they’re running in our direction? And… they’re coming for us!” Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
The others realized that she was right! The three male sea demons were indeed running in their direction and had already discovered them!

“Have we been seen through?” Qu Lanyi frowned, but Yun Feng didn’t reply for a long time.
Had she been seen through? That wasn’t impossible.
However, judging from the expressions of the three sea demons, it wasn’t the case at all.
They were clearly running for their lives!

As soon as this thought flashed through Yun Feng’s mind, it had already been verified! The ground suddenly shook violently.
The three rushing sea demons were even more panicked and ran towards Yun Feng desperately.
Yun Feng slowly narrowed her eyes and finally saw clearly.
These three sea demons were indeed being chased, and there were a lot of people chasing them!

A small mass of shadows followed the tremor on the ground.
There were five or six ferocious Magic Beasts of the Sea Clan behind the three sea demons and they all looked like they wanted to kill them.
They waved the weapons in their hands crazily and the three of them had to dodge in panic as they ran towards Yun Feng even faster.


Yun Feng put Yaoyao in Qu Lanyi’s arms.
Qu Lanyi was stunned.
Yun Feng had already jumped out.
Little Fire and Lan Yi immediately followed her.
Qu Lanyi held Yaoyao in his arms and looked at Yun Feng’s back.
He understood that this was indeed an opportunity.

The three sea demons that were running crazily finally came to Yun Feng.
They glanced at Yun Feng with a weird expression.
They were about to say something, but the pursuers behind them came.
The three of them immediately hid behind Yun Feng in fear.
Qu Lanyi looked at the three sea demons thoughtfully.

The five or six Magic Beasts of the Sea Clan that were chasing the merfolk were apparently stunned when they saw Yun Feng.
Then, a monstrous anger burnt in their eyes! “Human?!”

Yun Feng’s face darkened.
She had already concealed her human aura.
Why could these Magic Beasts still recognize that she was a human being at first glance? Was it because of this human’s appearance? Luckily, she didn’t enter the central area of the Endless Ocean without permission, or she would be exposed!


“We originally wanted to hunt those three, but we have something more important to do right now!” The hoarse voice of the Magic Beasts of the Sea Clan came, bringing with it an inexplicable noise that made people feel frustrated.
Five or six Magic Beasts of the Sea Clan picked up the weapons in their hands and pointed at Yun Feng at the same time.
An extremely hoarse roar came out.
“Humans who trespass on the Endless Ocean, die!”

Yun Feng’s black eyes suddenly darkened.
Lan Yi and Little Fire next to her had already moved in an instant.
The battle had already begun in a second.
Yun Feng counterattacked the attack coming at her head-on and said coldly, “Leave none of them alive!”

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