“You really want to enter? You want to hunt Magic Beasts? Don’t blame me for not reminding you.
How many powerhouses have entered the Endless Ocean and died inside? Many of them were famous figures, but they couldn’t come out! Young people are quite bold!”

Little Fire gritted its teeth hard.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything, while Qu Lanyi raised his eyebrows and didn’t say anything.
Lan Yi said, “Do you mean that the Endless Ocean rejects humans, but not Magic Beasts?”

The old man glanced at Lan Yi with a weird expression, as if he had said something weird.
“How would I know? No Magic Beasts have ever gone in! If you can get a Magic Beast, try throwing it in!”

Little Fire and Lan Yi both froze.
Yun Feng said, “Sir, if you don’t mind, can you let us stay for a day? We’ll leave tomorrow morning.”

“Humph! You’d better leave as soon as possible tomorrow! Young people nowadays don’t know how strong they are.
Do they really think they can go anywhere they want in this world? I wonder…” After Yun Feng and the others left, the old man was still nagging in the room.
Little Fire was so angry that it was about to spew fire.
“Shut up!”

Yun Feng stroked Little Fire’s head comfortingly and asked them to rest in the room arranged by the old man.
Yun Feng came to this place called the shore alone.
The clear seawater splashed on the surface of the sea.
The village was very vigilant against these strangers.
Yun Feng stood here and nobody dared to approach at all.
They all looked at her from afar.

Yun Feng observed carefully for a while and looked at the sea that almost intersected with the horizon.
Her body suddenly flashed up and jumped into the sky, disappearing from the sky in the blink of an eye.
The villagers looking at Yun Feng in the distance were all shocked.
They looked at the place where Yun Feng disappeared in a daze and couldn’t come back to themselves for a long time.

The surface of the Endless Ocean rippled as the wind blew.
Fish could even be seen flashing in the water occasionally on the surface of the sea called the shore area.
Yun Feng could certainly see the surface of the sea outside of the shore area clearly from the high sky.
After seeing the surface of the sea in front of her eyes, she couldn’t help but feel shocked even though she knew about it from the old man in advance.

The area a hundred meters away was indeed as the old man said.
It was as if a boundary had been forcibly drawn.
The seawater changed from clear blue to pure black, like two colors that couldn’t be reconciled.
However, they were so close to each other that they separated into two different worlds.

Even though Yun Feng was in the sky, she didn’t rush to the top of the black area.
She slowly descended and stood half a meter above the water, constantly approaching the black area until she stopped at the edge.
Less than half a meter in front of Yun Feng was completely black and dense seawater.

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Yun Feng sensed carefully and her mental strength slowly extended along this half-meter.
When it touched the black sea, it didn’t receive any obstruction and didn’t alarm anything in the black sea.
Yun Feng carefully let her mental strength enter, but she was frustrated to find that she couldn’t detect anything at all.
The blackness didn’t just divide two worlds, but also added a layer of protection to this mysterious and vast sea.

Even though Yun Feng was at the mid-stage of the Monarch Level at this moment, she couldn’t detect anything in the black sea at all.
She withdrew her mental strength and stared at it for a while.
Only by entering the black sea herself would she know what was inside.
However, everyone knew that humans weren’t welcome in the Endless Ocean.
It was also recorded in her master’s notes that the Endless Ocean wasn’t just not welcome.
It could also be proved from the old man’s mouth that it had already reached an extreme level of rejection and disgust.


If a human stepped into the Endless Ocean, the entire Endless Ocean would probably be stirred the moment they stepped in.
With the disgust the Endless Ocean had for humans, they definitely wouldn’t let humans walk out of here alive.
This was also why so many human powerhouses never came out after entering the Endless Ocean.

Yun Feng thought of Yaoyao’s speed of advancement.
In just one year, Yaoyao had already jumped to the Commander Level.
Yun Feng was proud of her speed.
If the evolution speed of the sea demons was like Yaoyao’s, the Magic Beasts living in the Endless Ocean wouldn’t be weak at all.
Perhaps the Monarch Level was already common here, and there should be many at the Lord Level! Thinking of this possibility made Yun Feng feel extremely troubled.
Even though she could try to win against a Lord with her current strength, she wasn’t confident that she could face the entire Endless Ocean!


Or should I find a way to hide my human aura… How can I get rid of my human identity and enter the Endless Ocean?


Only Magic Beasts could emit the unique aura of Magic Beasts.
Unless there was the blood or genes of Magic Beasts in the bodies of humans, it was possible for them to emit the aura of Magic Beasts.
Yun Feng suddenly thought of her sullen father.
Her father had the blood of Golden Dragons in his body.
It could be said that strictly speaking, her sullen father was no longer a pure human being!


Yun Feng immediately gave up the idea.
Even if Uncle Flirtatious was willing to give her the Golden Dragon Blood, she couldn’t accept it with such a reason.
Thinking of Ao Jin, Yun Feng remembered that when she was about to leave the East Continent, he went back to the Dragons and said that he would come to the West Continent to find her after finishing his business.
However, so much time had passed and Ao Jin still hadn’t appeared.
Perhaps he was busy with the Dragons.


After Yun Feng went back and told Qu Lanyi, Little Fire and Lan Yi about her worries, they all frowned and pondered.
If they wanted to enter the Endless Ocean, she had to hide her human aura first, or it would cause a lot of trouble.
They might face the anger of the Endless Ocean towards humans as soon as they entered the Endless Ocean.

“Master, is there any way to cover you with the aura of our Magic Beasts?” Lan Yi pondered for a while, but Yun Feng shook her head.
“The aura of Magic Beasts is unique.
Even if you can cover me with this aura for a while, it’s not a good idea.”

“Then what should we do?” Little Fire mumbled in frustration.
“I can just kill my way out.
Whoever dares to stand in our way will die!”


Yun Feng shook her head again.
Qu Lanyi also looked serious.
“You should restrain your bad temper before you enter the Endless Ocean.
The races in the Endless Ocean aren’t easy to deal with.
Their temper isn’t any better than yours.”

“It would be great if that transvestite was here.” Qu Lanyi touched his chin carefully with his finger.
Yun Feng understood.
“Are you talking about Yan Che? The dark elements can also be used to hide auras?”

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