Her father and brother would certainly take care of the weapons of the Yun Army on the East Continent, and she would have to take care of it on the West Continent.
Twenty-five Commander Level weapons were a huge number.
Yun Feng did have a few Monarch Level weapons, but only a few.
She asked Yun Tianfan.
She couldn’t buy such a large scale of weapons in Jushui Town, so she had to buy them in a big city.

Yun Feng immediately set off with Qu Lanyi and came to a city not far away from Jushui Town.
They came to the most advanced weapon store in the city.
The Commander Level weapons had to be custom-made in advance.
Twenty-five of them wasn’t a small number and they couldn’t be taken out immediately.
When the store owner learned that Yun Feng needed twenty-five Commander Level weapons, he couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised.
Yun Feng was using an anonymous name.
She couldn’t push the Yun family to the cusp of the storm at this moment.


After waiting patiently for a month, the twenty-five Commander Level weapons were finally handed to Yun Feng.
The reward Yun Feng paid certainly wasn’t gold coins.
Weapons above the Commander Level were all traded with ores.
Yun Feng paid twenty-five high-level ores for the twenty-five Commander Level weapons.
The store owner even asked Yun Feng enthusiastically if she needed Monarch Level weapons.
If Yun Feng needed them, he would have a way to get them.
Yun Feng shook her head with a smile and declined.

After putting away the twenty-five weapons, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi immediately left.
Naturally, someone followed them, but Yun Feng’s speed made these people return empty-handed.
The spies sent by the store certainly didn’t find anything.
The news that an anonymous person bought twenty-five Commander Level weapons immediately spread.
They didn’t know this person’s name.
They only knew that she was a young and beautiful girl with a handsome man.

The second-rank families and the first-rank families were immediately a bit restless.
Apart from the Qiu family, no one else thought that this was done by a third-rank family.
The Qiu family wondered why Yun Feng bought so many Commander Level weapons at once.
Qiu Yan and Qiu Shicai didn’t know much about it.
After all, they didn’t know about the existence of the Yun Army.

After Yun Feng returned to Jushui Town, she distributed the weapons and told the soldiers of the Yun Army not to show off their power and their strength.
The soldiers of the Yun Army agreed in unison.
They had been influenced by the Yun family for so many years and they also understood how low-profile the Yun family was.
They would do whatever their Young Lady wanted!

As early as on the East Continent, the warriors of the Yun Army each had a small storage container.
The space wasn’t big, but they could put away the weapons and items they needed usually.
The twenty-five warriors put away all their weapons.
They certainly knew that they couldn’t expose their strength until the critical moment, so they certainly couldn’t show their weapons.

The Qiu family also sent someone to investigate the Yun family in secret.
The existence of the Yun Army certainly couldn’t be hidden.
The result of the investigation was that the Yun family had an additional guard with an average strength of about level 7.
The batch of weapons Yun Feng bought were completely gone.
The warriors were still holding weapons with holes.

The Qiu family couldn’t help but feel a bit confused again.
What was the Yun family doing? Even the Qiu family was a bit suspicious.
Was it not Yun Feng who bought those weapons back then? Was it someone else?

After everything was ready, Yun Feng had to start on a new journey.
There were less than four years until Mu Canghai’s resurrection.
Even though the matter of the Fusion Fluid had already been settled, the other thing she needed, the Spirit Gathering Grass, was far away in the Endless Ocean.
It was impossible to predict what she would encounter in the Endless Ocean.
Yun Feng even felt that the remaining time was a bit insufficient.

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After talking to Yun Tianfan, Yun Feng prepared to set off for the Endless Ocean.
The Endless Ocean was a vast and Endless Ocean.
At Yun Feng’s level, there was nothing she couldn’t do.
Even if she was in the sea, it was no different from being on land.
However, Xia Qing was different.
She had just entered the Commander Level and couldn’t breathe freely at the bottom of the sea at all.
After knowing that Yun Feng was going to the Endless Ocean next, Xia Qing said that she wanted to enter the Dragon Palace to cultivate again.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She couldn’t bring Xia Qing with her this time.
She might as well put her on the tenth level of the Dragon Palace to speed up her cultivation.


Xia Qing entered the Dragon Palace.
Yun Luochen originally wanted to ask her to stay in Jushui Town, but he didn’t say it out loud.
After Xia Qing entered the Dragon Palace, Yun Luochen also worked hard and cultivated harder than usual, which made Yun Tianfan extremely happy.
After all, Yun Luochen was a direct descendant of the Yun family on the West Continent.
He would have to support the West Continent in the future and he couldn’t always rely on Yun Feng.


Everything had been planned.
In the morning, when the sun had just risen in Jushui Town, Yun Feng had already walked out of the yard.
Qu Lanyi certainly stayed with Yun Feng on the trip to the Endless Ocean.
Little Fire and Lan Yi could also stay with Yun Feng because of the arrival of the Yun Army.
Both of them were a bit happy.
After all, the most exciting thing was to take adventures with their master!


Lan Yi stood in front of Yun Feng.
Yun Feng smiled at Lan Yi as a ball of green light slowly enveloped Lan Yi.
The next second, a huge griffin appeared in the yard.
Luckily, the yard was big enough, or Lan Yi’s body would have directly knocked down the house.

Yun Feng jumped onto Lan Yi’s back, and Qu Lanyi followed her.
The griffin slowly spread its wings, and the blue patterns on its wings appeared again.
It flapped its wings hard, and rose to the sky!

“Roar…” Little Fire let out a wolf howl and its body had already turned into the form of a Magic Beast.
It jumped up and chased after Yun Feng.
Meatball cried on Yun Feng’s shoulder and its body jumped straight to sit on Little Fire’s head.
It was obvious that it was very happy.

The two Magic Beasts left faint red and green trails in the air and slowly disappeared from the sky of Jushui Town.

Above the heavy clouds, Meatball let out loud sounds from time to time.
Yun Feng was sitting on Lan Yi’s back and reading the notes left by her master to find a description of the Endless Ocean.
Qu Lanyi sat next to Yun Feng and looked at the notes that Yun Feng flipped through page by page.
He clicked his tongue secretly.
“Your master is too knowledgeable.
I only took a quick look.
This notebook involves a lot of things.”

Yun Feng smiled.
Her master’s notes could be said to be a treasure vault.
She could even find potion formulas on it.
It seemed that her master might have made quite a lot of achievements in the field of potions.
There were also some descriptions of Magic Beasts and some extremely hidden species in the notes.
Even though it was just a few words, it was enough to show that her master had a rich background.

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