Yun Feng frowned, but didn’t say anything.
It wasn’t easy to have an interracial relationship.
Humans couldn’t enter the world of Magic Beasts after all.
“It’ll change,” said Yun Feng in a low voice.
Qu Lanyi smiled.
“I hurt Little Fire,” Yun Feng mumbled.
Qu Lanyi hugged her gently.
“You didn’t mean it.
It’ll understand.”

Yun Feng nodded.
“I’m worried about its injury.
I didn’t hold back.”

Qu Lanyi let go of Yun Feng.
“With the healing power of the water element, it should be fine.”

Yun Feng nodded and jumped into the sky.
With the contract she established with Little Fire, Yun Feng found it easily.
It was at a stream, the place where Xia Qing and Yun Luochen came during the day.
When Yun Feng arrived, Little Fire was in the form of a Magic Beast.
Its fiery red body was lying quietly by the stream with spots of dark light.

Yun Feng walked over gently and sat next to Little Fire.
There was a faint blue light flashing in her hand, covering Little Fire’s injured area.
Little Fire’s body trembled gently and it didn’t reject Yun Feng’s treatment.
It still lay there quietly.
Its pure black wolf eyes were reflected in the stream, glittering beautifully.

“Master, this is the place that girl often comes to.” Little Fire finally said with a slightly hoarse voice.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She healed it quietly and sensed the complicated emotions in Little Fire’s mind with the contract they established.

“She often comes here alone and cries alone.
She thinks I don’t know, but I do.” Little Fire looked at the calm water of the stream quietly.
“Master, you’re right.
I like that girl a lot.”

“I like to tease her.
I like to see her smile.
I like to see her stomp her feet in anger because of me.
I like to call her a stupid girl.
I like to call her dumb.
I like her to call me Brother Little Fire.” Little Fire said.
Yun Feng remained silent and only listened quietly.

“But I know that I’m a Magic Beast and I shouldn’t like humans.
The moment I fell in love with her, I knew that nothing would happen between us.”

Yun Feng slowly withdrew her hand.
The wounds on Little Fire’s body had already healed gradually.
Little Fire moved its body and leaned towards Yun Feng.
It laid its head next to Yun Feng and leaned its entire body against her.
Yun Feng touched Little Fire’s head with her hand.

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“Master, was what I said heartless enough this time? That girl… That girl should have already given up on me.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She touched Little Fire’s head with her hand and Little Fire lay next to Yun Feng quietly.
“So… she can smile again.
Smile like she used to.
Be as happy as she used to be.
She won’t cry anymore.
She won’t cry for me anymore…”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
She really wanted to say that human feelings wouldn’t be destroyed so easily.
No matter how Xia Qing smiled, she wouldn’t be like before, because without Little Fire, Xia Qing’s heart was missing a piece, forever.


“She will, she will…” A soft whisper drifted with the wind.
Yun Feng looked up at the night sky.
This night, Xia Qing wasn’t the only one who was sad.
The Fire Cloud Wolf next to her was the same.
Little Fire’s ears moved slightly and it slowly raised its head.
“Master, never cancel the contract with me.”

Yun Feng was startled.
She would give the Magic Beasts freedom in the end and wouldn’t restrain them forever, not even Little Fire, who had a master-servant contract.
Little Fire lowered its head and slowly closed its wolf eyes.
“Give me a reason why I can leave her forever.
I don’t want to see that girl sad or see that girl cry again.”


Yun Feng’s heart suddenly tightened.
In this slightly cold night, there were two stars that were destined to go further and further away.

The first-rank family, the Qiu family, could be said to be famous in the area of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
The Ancestral Forest Hall was a complicated place.
If a first-rank family didn’t have enough strength to support it, it would be dragged down sooner or later.
The position of a first-rank family was coveted by countless people, but the foundation of a first-rank family was strong.
It was impossible to shake it easily.
Compared to the changes of the second-rank and third-rank families, the first-rank families sat there steadily.
Even after a few centuries or even a few thousand years, they might not have changed.
As time passed, their foundation also became more and more unshakable.

The Qiu family could be considered the youngest family among the first-rank families.
They had only been in the position of a first-rank family for two to three hundred years.
The other first-rank families certainly had existed for an even longer time.
The heads of each family were truly smart and had dozens of generations of descendants.

When Qiu Yan and Qiu Shicai returned to the Qiu family, there was a heated discussion.
Qiu Yan’s face was gloomy and Qiu Shicai’s face was swollen like a pig’s head.
The leadership of the Qiu family were also discussing in private.
Only the few elders of the Qiu family knew about Qiu Yan and Qiu Shicai’s trip.
Nobody else knew about it, so nobody knew what happened.

Qiu Yan and Qiu Shicai came to the room of the leader of the Qiu family quickly without saying anything along the way.
After they returned home, they received a message from the leader and came to meet him directly.
When they walked into the room, they had already seen that the core elders of the Qiu family were all present.

Qiu Yan and Qiu Shicai’s father was the third son of the Qiu family.
He was a bit shocked to see his two sons come back like this, especially when Qiu Shicai embarrassed the third son of the Qiu family.
Qiu Shicai stood there with a swollen face and lowered his head in embarrassment.

Qiu Yan bowed to the leader of the Qiu family, who was sitting in the high seat, and to all the elders present.
The leader of the Qiu family waved his hand and looked at the two young people unhappily.
“How did it go?”

“I’ve already told the Yun family what the Qiu family wants, especially that summoner, Yun Feng.
I met her this time.” Once Qiu Yan said this, all the elders, including the leader of the Qiu family, looked very interested.
“You met that summoner?” The second son of the Qiu family said with excitement in his eyes.

Qiu Yan nodded.
I stayed in the Yun family for a month before she showed up.
She seemed to have returned in a hurry, as if she went somewhere.”

“Continue.” The leader of the Qiu family ordered Qiu Yan to continue.
“The Yun family’s attitude is very vague.
They didn’t accept the Qiu family’s kindness, but they didn’t reject it either.”

The elders all frowned and pondered.
The leader of the Qiu family sat in the main seat and pondered for a long time.
He looked at Qiu Yan.
“Have you found out Yun Feng’s strength?”

Qiu Yan glanced at Qiu Shicai.
“We should be able to confirm that she’s above the mid-stage of the Monarch Level.
She’s much stronger than me.
Shicai once attacked with a mid-stage Monarch Level talisman, but she blocked it easily.”

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